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Rabee Mustafa Kadam

Projects Manager, Architect


Innovative, profit-oriented Project Manager with demonstrated success in increasing revenues, market share and earnings, achieving cost reductions and improving client satisfaction in customer-facing operations and large diverse organizations. Adept at analyzing the competitive landscape, conducting research and attaining continual profits through focused, strategic workflow, sta ing and business process analyses. Exemplary change agent with the ability to analyze issues, devise continuous process improvements and incorporate business process initiatives to increase e iciency, streamline operations and decrease aggregate expenses with limited resources. Consistently identifies and accelerates strategic measures to strengthen performance with sustained operational results. Forges long-lasting client and business partner relationships to mutually benefit all parties.


* Architecture & Interior Design.                                                                          

* Projects Studies.

* Projects & Products Development.

* Business Development.

* Budget Management .* Strategic Planning/Analysis.

* Personnel Development.

* Vendor/Financial Management.

* Profit Maximization.

* Cost Control/Reduction.

* Program Management.

* Team Leadership.

* Process Improvements.

* Change Management.

* Relationship Building.


Supervision of various projects (Engineering design, Construction, Curtains, and Floors) of  26 million  Saudi Riyal during the three years of work.
Reduce the cost of implementing projects through the Permanent Observer of the cost, and work to diversify the sources of materials.
Work to increase the quality of the implementation of projects through the development of action plans and implementation of ways.
The development of the engineering office through the rehabilitation of the office of the most important government agencies (MODON, Riyadh Municipality ...)

Professional Experience

Jan 2013May 2016

Projects Manager

Mazaya AlMonfez ( Traiding, Construction, Engineering Office )

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

Engineering Office         ( Work With MODON, Riyadh Municipality, Privet Projects) 

                                             ( Relationship Building with our customer)

                                             ( Plans for increase projects )

                                             ( Totals projects  4 000 000 SR)

                                             ( Staff : 5 Engineering, 3 Cad Operators )

Traiding branch            ( High Management for Curtains factory and Store )

                                            ( Make Plans for curtains factory project, Cost & Quality control for

                                              Product, Products & Projects Development )

                                              ( Total Projects 17 000 000 SR )

Construction Branch    ( Work with special projects ORs rooms ISU ..... )

                                              ( Purchase management,  Cost & Quality Control)

                                              ( Senior Management of the Projects ) 

                                               ( Total Projects 5 000 000 SR )

Sep 2011Dec 2012


Mazaya AlMonafez Engineering office.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Architecture Design, work with MODON, Riyadh Municipality, Privet projects.

Highlight projects

* AlHayat Jazan Hospital.

Apr 2008Aug 2011

Architect, Interior Design

Modern Vision ( Privet Office )

Homs, Syria

* 6 Privet Villas.

* Privet Hotel In Homs.

* Interior design for various projects.

Apr 2009Dec 2010

Architect Design

Afak Engineering consultant Office

Homs, Syria

Working with the Municipality of Homs for more 200 Projects with 40000 SQ/M.


Sep 2014Nov 2015

Master of Business Administration

Arab British Academy for Higher Education, London, UK

Master of Business Administration

Oct 2002Mar 2008


AlBa'ath university, Homs, Syria

Architecture Deisgn


Some Of my design, and projects managements Works.


Projects Managment 

Projects Studies, Costs,  Projects Budget, Technical studies for projects ... EXT


Engineering Drawing Program

English Language 



Graphic Program

Microsoft Office

Word, EXCEL, Power Point