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For the past 20 years, I have been involved with a variety of software development projects as a technical resource. I have worked with most software development methodologies as well as developer workflows. I emphasize attention to design and architecture in all software development projects.  Regardless of scope or stake holder I believe the same attention to detail and quality should always apply, after all, software design and development is a reflection of the people who work on it. 


Software Languages

C#, Java, VB.NET, Objective-C, C++ (Managed/Unmanaged)

Web Technologies

ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET Web Forms, .NET Web Services (ASMX), Javascript, HTML, CSS

Database Development Frameworks

EntityFramework, NHibernate, Hibernate, NPOCO

Database Technologies

SQL Queries, SQL Stored Procedures, MS SQL SSIS Packages, MS SQL Reporting Services

Development Environments

Microsoft Visual Studio, IntelliJ, MS SQL Server Management Studio, Eclipse

Work experience

Aug 2014Present

Software Consultant

Light Jab
  • BenchWatch
    • Designed and developed a REST service to handle data synchronization requests between two applications (.NET Web API 2, C#, Entity Framework)
    • Designed and developed a background service to perform the actual data synchronization between the two application (Azure WebJob, C#, Entity Framework)
    • Utilized Azure Storage Queue for reliable message delivery to the WebJob
  • San Antonio Visitors and Convention Bureau
    • Implemented a responsive website using Kentico CMS (GRUNT, LESS, jQuery, require.js)
    • Integrated the website with the client’s back office system to synchronize data from the back-office system to the website (C#, MS SQL, SSI Package)
    • Created a REST API layer onto the CMS to access CMS content on the front-end  presentation layer (.NET Web API, C#, NPOCO)
    • Developed CMS scheduled tasks to perform data synchronization from third party application’s REST APIs, aRes and Trip Advisor to the website (C#)
  • 3M
    • Development Lead of 3M’s website application used for partner advertisement expense reimbursement (ASP.NET MVC 4, C#, Entity Framework, MS SQL)
    • Modernized the web application from .NET 1.1 to 4.6.1
    • Modernized the web application from straight SQL database calls to Entity Framework 6
    • Modernized the web application from ASP.NET Web Forms to ASP.NET MVC 5
  • Fractilia
    • Created a roadmap for refactoring the MetroLER product from a monolithic application into a modularized application based on separation of concerns
    • Developed a license generation tool for the MetroLER product (WinForms, C#)
    • Integrated the license validation into the MetroLER product (WinForms, VB.NET)
Jul 2011Jul 2014

.NET Web Application Developer (Consultant)

  • Implement a sales enablement web application for a client
    • Agile based development
    • Front end implementation using ASP.NET MVC 3
    • Business layer implementation using Fluent NHibernate and C# 4.0
    • Using MS SQL Server 2008 as the persistence server
  • Perform customization of Kentico CMS ( for Adaptdev's clients
    • Kentico CMS is a .NET based CMS system
    • Functional customization was implemented using custom web parts (User Controls)
    • Front end customization implemented using Master Pages, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Maintenance a legacy web application for a client
    • Application was written in C# 2.0
    • Database access using straight SQL command calls using C#
Apr 2009Jul 2011

.NET Web Application Developer (Consultant)

  • Design and implementation of a custom Content Management System (CMS) that serves 80 sites
    • Front-end administrative interface was built using ASP.NET, C# (4.0), and a Telerik third party suite
    • Business tier was built using C# (4.0)
    • Data Access was built using NHibernate and C# (4.0)
    • MS SQL Server 2008 used for persistence
  • Back-end developer for an iPhone/iPad application (iOS 3.0)
    • Parsed an XML feed used to drive the application
    • Used local storage to capture application preferences
    • Used local storage to configure the application
    • Strictly worked on the Model side of the MVC paradigm (Xcode)
  • Architectural design and implementation of a client portal site
    • Front-end administrative interface was built using ASP.NET, C# (4.0), and a Telerik third party suite
    • Front-end client interface was built using ASP.NET MVC 3 and C# (4.0)
    • Business tier were accessed via SOAP web services implemented using C# (4.0/.asmx)
    • MS SQL Server 2008 used for persistence
Mar 2009Apr 2009

.NET Web Application Developer (Consultant)

  • Expanded on a custom application that imported third party data into a client database
  • Application FTP'd into third party site to retrieve XML base data files (C#)
  • Retrieved XML file data was parsed, cleaned, and prepared for database insertion (C#)
  • LINQ to SQL was used to insert the data into the client database for web site access (C#)
Nov 2007Feb 2009

Enterprise .NET Web Application Developer (Consultant)

T3 | The Think Tank
  • Provided a technical perspective during client "pitch" presentations
  • Provided web based marketing solutions in a senior development/architect role to T3 clients including web site redesigns (Multi-Platform - Public Facing)
  • Designed and implemented a 3-tier ASP.NET web application with an MSSQL 2005 backend for project managing employee's time allocations (ASP.NET/C# .NET 2.0/MS SQL - Company Internal)
  • Provided various development solutions to tie internal company computer systems together to improve overall company workflow (MSSQL SSIS, API development, C#, .NET Web Services, and Java - Company Internal)
  • Planned, deployed, and customized an internal online collaboration/social networking system (Jive Clearspace 2.5.x
Jun 2007Nov 2007

.NET Web Application Developer (Consultant)

Colonial Bank
  • Held an advisory and mentoring role on the Association Services Web Development Team
  • Conducted .NET performance profiling and provided recommendations of optimizations for the WebVault web application (ASP.NET/VB.NET/C#)
  • Incorporated the use of Microsoft Reporting Services in the WebVault web application using a .NET Web Service data source (XML)
  • Implemented a .NET Web Service to serve as an interface to a MSSQL 2005 Server hosted database in order to achieve an abstraction and decoupling layer to the WebVault data sources (Future server load balancing planned)

Java/.NET Web Application Developer (Contract)

Cybertrader, Inc.
  • Enhanced and supported the Java Applet based online trading Streaming Tool with supporting ASP.NET pages (Java/ASP.NET)
  • Enhanced and supported the Java Applet based Interactive Stock Chart application with supporting ASP.NET pages (Java/ASP.NET)
  • Enhanced and supported the CyberTrader Trade Portal .NET web service
  • Debugged streaming data from synchronous and asynchronous socket server connections which provides data to both Streaming Tool and Interactive Chart Applets

.NET Software Developer

Quadralay Corporation
  • Designed and implemented a C# based Adobe FrameMaker Adapter to support the core WebWorks products
  • Integrated legacy libraries into the updated .NET code base using mixed mode Managed and Unmanaged C++
  • Migrated a legacy software licensing algorithm to a .NET assembly to be used by the updated product architecture
  • Worked on the redesign and shipping (on budget and on schedule) of the three major WebWorks product lines to a .NET code base (1.1 and 2.0)
  • Worked with the Marketing, Sales, and Support teams to define and develop feature requirements for all product line redesigns
  • Worked in a development team of four software developers where an atmosphere of open discussion on development design was encouraged then agreed upon for implementation
  • Worked closely with Build and QA groups to help deliver high quality and easy to use WebWorks products

Java Software Developer

Metrowerks/Motorola SPS
  • Member of a team that designed and developed a collaborative software solution for the Metrowerks IDE (Collabpak)
  • Integrated third party version control systems (VCS) into the Collabpak (CVS & ClearCase)
  • Integrated Rational ClearQuest (CM System) into the Collabpak software
  • Utilized Jabber XML instant messaging protocol for systems integration of the Collabpak
  • Utilized XML Schema based files for data storage and exchange in the Collabpak
  • Installed and administered VCS, CM, and IM servers for the project

Build Engineer

Metrowerks/Motorola SPS
  • Scripted the build process for 30 core CodeWarrior tool components (Perl)
  • Debugged broken software builds (C/C++)
  • Interfaced with numerous product groups and managers to develop product release timelines
  • Performed Concurrent Versions System (CVS) administration duties for the CodeWarrior IDE and Debugger teams
  • Coordinated with over 20 QA and development groups for weekly Beta releases
  • Responsible for reproducible builds of all core Metrowerks software components

Test Engineer

Motorola SPS
  • Hardware and software development of programs to test die on a silicon wafer (Pascal Based)
  • Hardware and software support of UNIX based Testers (Advantest 3323/24/26 & Teradyne A580)
  • Manufacturing maintenance of die produced in the wafer fabrication area (MC 68HC05/08)
  • Lead several team projects focusing on streamlining the wafer testing process
  • Introduction of new product lines to the wafer test (Probe) area
  • Secondary UNIX administrator for the wafer test area (UNIX scripting)