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Work experience



Host Family

I babysit my host family's babies. One is 4 years old and another one is 2 years old.

I'm the youngest child in my whole family, it was the first time to live with babies. Sometimes they make me mad, but they are still cute :))



Miracle of Book ; library's name

My middle school and high school in Korea require a lot of volunteer works.

So I decided to work in Library because I love to be surrounded by books.



Exchange Year

Columbia City High School

Learning how to speak, write, listen English.

Experienced American Culture


Top 10

Bugae Girls High School

I met really good teachers at my high school. I was in love with my teachers. To get their attention, I tried to have super good grade and it worked. They started to love me. :)


Top 30

Gusan Middle School

I decided to be an exchange student to experience what my sister experienced.

So I started to study hard on my 8th grade