Eric Wilson

Your company's future asset

Work experience

Work experience


Oct 2014 - Present
Black Mountain Web Design
Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Logo Design

Director and Founder

Nov 2014 - Present
Fresh Water for All INC
Changing the future


Apr 2012 - Sep 2014
Search optimization, lead generation, client relations, business consulting, advertising consulting


Jan 2012 - Dec 2013
RockyTopToo LLC
Marketing, promotion, advertiser relations, customer support, wheel-re-inventor, networking with other businesses



Business Technology

Nov 2002 - May 2003
LBJ Job Corps
I went to trade school when I was 17 and received my GED and a certification in Business Technology and Culinary Arts




I've always had to do things with a very low budget, and part of the reason I'm good at it is because I thrive on learning new skills so I have to spend less to get a job done.

Graphic Design

I learned long ago it was cheaper to learn how to make awesome graphics than it is to pay someone else to do it. I make my own ad graphics, logos, and more.


I'm decent at HTML and CSS, and I can generally manage simple edits in PHP and find solutions for small problems in Javascript. Fortunately it's not hard to find pre made frameworks when I need something more see Networking skill.

Content Writing

Once I wrote more than 50 unique 500+ word articles about towels for a client who was selling them. If that's not impressive, I don't know what is.


I am great at finding just the right places to put just the right ads to make sure I get the most ROI possible.


I am excellent at networking with others in related fields. I've always thought it's not about what skills you have it's about what skills you can bring together.


When it comes to promoting anything in the search engines I am a rockstar. 100% manual, no software and no violating Google's terms I take no shortcuts to ensure rankings as well as stability of those rankings.

About Me

I have for the most part not had a formal education, but I greatly make up for that with adaptability and experience. I started out working online because due to back issues I couldn't keep up with restaurant work and manual labor. I need to earn money, I saw how much goes through the airwaves every day, and since I've dedicated my efforts to learning every skill I can to reach my goals. If there is any requirement you have that I don't already have experience in rest assured that I will quickly learn the skill and if it's a listed requirement and I've sent you this resume I've most likely already started researching it.

I'm a team player or when necessary I can work solo, I've very flexible and look forward to becoming an asset to your company.