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Work experience

Qc Engineer

China National Petrolium-Iran)-Huwazeh, Iran QC ENGINEER(Surface facility Department) Responsibilities: Provide quality engineering management and advisory services from FEED(Front End Engineering Design), EPCC(Engineering, procurement, Construction, Commissioning) till handover period. Build up the quality management system and keep surface project to meet the quality policy, objective, plan, procedure, etc. Develop the project quality management policy, plan and procedure. Ensure to fulfill the above items in the whole audit system. Responsible for integrally establishing and implementing the surface project quality management system as described in project quality policy, objective, plan, procedure and audit plan, etc. Ensure that Project Supervision Service(PSS) quality management procedure and objectives are incorporated into all contracts. Evaluate the quality management performance and attend bid evaluation. Audit EPCC quality management system for effectiveness and monitor its operation status, check at regular time to identify whether or not EPCC engineering and procurement documents comply with the relevant regulations, standards, specifications and contract requirements. Make quality audit to works conducted by PSS, EPCC, licensors and other suppliers according to the quality audit plan. Oversee job performance of Quality Control Inspectors from PSS and EPCC contractors according to the project inspection requirements. Review and check QA/QC documents submitted by PSS and other contractors. Set up and maintain an integrated quality system for Surface Facility Project. Ensure technical quality in high integrated level required for the safe and long term operation of Surface Facility through all stages..




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