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Located in Manchester, UK, Quintessential Finance Group is a financial services firm that focuses heavily on technology. The firm offers numerous brands that provide services to consumers and businesses. Brands include my insurance, Pinnacle Money, My Debt and Purple Payday. Quintessential Finance Group also includes Pingtree, a UK-based lead generation firm that specilaises in the buoyant payday loans sector, and Claims Angel, a company that helps clients reclaim compensation for payment protection insurance. Other companies include My Debt, My Finance, My Insurance, and Claims People. Quintessential Finance Group offers a variety of products and services, preferring to use the Internet, where they provide online loan search capabilities, credit management products, debt consolidation, and price comparison assistance. Some of the firm’s most popular products are personal and secured loans. In light of the financial crisis, many banks in the UK are not lending money. Quintessential Finance Group focuses on finding loans for those individuals and organizations that have been denied by their banks or other lenders. In serving clients, the firm utilizes one of the largest lender panels in the United Kingdom and more than 40 years of combined financial experience. In addition to connecting clients with loans, Quintessential Finance Group offers debt help and consolidation services. Targeting individuals in the UK, the group offers to help clients take control of their financial situations through consolidation and virtual management. The group tries to help all clients but can also refer them to specialists if they need additional assistance. To learn more, visit