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Châu Phú Quí

Senior .NET Developer


Looking for a position as a software engineer and work in a professional environment.


  • Highly skilled IT professional with more than 6 years experiences including application development, implementation, deployment, internal and customer support
  • Cooperative and able to perform within a team-oriented atmosphere
  • Teamwork: Learn to organize work and collaborative work with many people
  • Advanced English communication
  • Good presentation skills
  • Be able to solve problem quickly, high self-conscious
  • Ability to high pressure
  • Diligent and eager to learn, easy to adapt to new environments
  • Good logical thinking
  • Good communication: Appearance-looking, seriously, listen and speak at the right time
  • Ability to search for information on the Internet possible
  • Good at English skills (TOEIC 700) and working at a company which is using English fully.

Technical Skills

  • Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, My SQL
  • Programming Languages: C#, Xaml, Linq, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, PL/SQL
  • Programming Tools: Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, NetBeans, Dreamweaver
  • App server / Middleware: Microsoft IIS, Apache
  • Configuration Management tools: VSS, SVN, JIRA, TFS, GIT
  • Browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Edge
  • OOAD/OOP: Object Oriented Analysis (OOA), Object Oriented Design (OOD), Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Work History

Nov 2017Now

Senior Software Developer

Amaris Vietnam

Join and handle the important internal apps about ERP called ARP (Amaris Resource Planning) of one of the biggest consulting company in the world.

Jan 2016Oct 2017

Senior Software Developer

Somotsoft Vietnam

Join and handle the important sections of the big outsourcing project of company for the company FMSystems of the US

Nov 2015Jan 2016

Senior Software Developer

Harvey Nash Vietnam

Attend Bootcamp Program for Senior Developer and join a training project "HVN Training Online"

Jun 2014Oct 2015

Senior .NET Web Developer


Control and develope WEB function, enhancing performance, support

May 2011Jun 2014

.NET Developer

FPT Telecom
  • Communicate with partners/customers for getting requirements.
  • Organize and assign the tasks to workgroup.
  • Analyze requirements/issues.
  • Design database, making Prototype and writing technical documentation for database systems.
  • Coding with languages C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Linq, PL/SQL... and Unit test.
  • Writing Store Procedures, …
  • Writing Service provide information for other websites in FPT’s system via WCF.
  • Check the consistency and accuracy of data.
  • Backup/restore Database.
  • Check, review the assigned work of the members, synthesis and reporting.
  • Support activities, monitoring database system and troubleshoot the database problem.
  • Research new technology.

Technologies Using

  • .Net Framework 4.6.2
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Jquery
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • Ajax
  • LinQ to SQL
  • API
  • SQL Server 2016
  • Bootstrap
  • GIT
  • TFS


APM2 (Amaris Project Management version 2):


     . I am the AO (application owner of this project). This is one of the most important internal application of Amaris which is used to manage the working time of the consultants who are working on the projects and calculate their cost. This application also calls the APIs from other applications of Amaris to get the common data of the consultants such as: Cost per hour (taken from the MIR application), Working days of a specific consutant (taken from TimeSheet application), ...

    . Team size: 4 PO - 1PM -  3 DEVs (and developing more DEVs) - 1QC  

    . Technologies Used: C#, MVC, API, Javascript, Jquery, TFS, GIT, SQL 2016 ..

TRM (Treasury Management):


     . This is the biggest internal application of Amaris which is used to manage the cash between the companies of Amaris or the banks which have relationship with Amaris. 

    . Team size: 1 PO - 1PM -  3 DEVs - 1QC  

    . Technologies Used: C#, MVC, Jquery, TFS, GIT, SQL 2016 ..




     .This is the biggest outsourcing project of our company for the customer company in US. There are many modules in this project and I am handling important features in it. 

    . Team Size: about 40 for the big team and 5 for each small team.

    . Technologies Used: VB.NET, C#, Jquery, TFS,Telerik, SQL ... 

HVN Training Online: 


     .This is an internal project of Bootcamp Training Program of Harvey Nash for new SSE. We will use Harvey Nash common library and new technologies we know to apply to the project. Our mentor will review our code to consider if we applied SOLID, DRY OR KISS to achieve the project.

    . Team Size: 6 (including a SCRUM MASTER)

    . Technologies Used: C#, MVC 5, Entity Framework Code First, SignalR, BootStraps, Jquery, SVN, HVN common library

Equipment Portal:


      . Project’s product is a Website for Customers of Company manage, buy/sale,
rent Equipment, … . Support multi languages, connect to external device.
      . Team Size: 6

      . Technologies Used: C#, MVC5, SignalR, AngularJS, API, PostgreSQL, Ajax, bootstraps, Jquery, GIT

FrtInside :

  Customer: FPTRetail
      . Websites internal management of FPT Retail, including features such as
      · Managing employees
      · Check employees in/out
      · Arrange shift for employee sale
      · Calculate incentive for sales, salary for employees
      · Managing organizational hierarchy
      · Internal requirements

  Customer: Internal
     Websites internal management about studying and examinations for the employees of FPT Corp, including features such as :
        · Managing Lecturers, Subjects, Documents, Exams, …
        · Import/Export Exams, Documents …
        · Calculate the scores and show the results.
        · Globalization (adding English language to the Project).
        · Internal requirements

FTEL SCM – Supply Chain Management (Version 1) :
  Customer: Internal
    Managing Items (produced/supplied by FPT) to provide for Departments in FPT Telecom Company
        · Managing Items, Vendors, Branches, Stores, Inventories …
        · Users of system are gotten from another database of FPT through a service.
        · Approval Order Requests and Stock out Requests including many steps before provide items for departments or personal.
        · Approval Delivery Plans and Allocations after an Order Request or Stock out Request  was approved

        . Internal requirements


FTEL SCM – Supply Chain Management (Version 2) :
  Customer: Internal
        . Like version 1 but using MVC5 for improvement and the interfaces are more beautiful

        . More Internal requirements


Some small researching projects in Android and iOS, calling an MVC API from the Clouds




VATC (VietNam - American Training College)

I was studying here to improve my English Skills although I had been very good at English before. At here, I got a TOEIC Degree with a very high score (700). The degree is out of date now but my English knowledge seems to be unlimited


Software Engineer

Faculty of Information Technology - University of Natural Sciences

A very good and famous University about Information Technology in Ho Chi Minh City


HDSE (High Diploma of Software Engineer)

FPT Aptech Academy

I was studying this school while studying the third year at University of Natural Sciences. I want to improve my practical programming skills in real world. It is also the reason why I have been working at FPT Telecom up to now, a very good working environment to me.