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Que Chi Quang 關桂枝

  • 台灣 臺北市11114陽明山 士林區華崗路26巷1號2樓
  • (+86) 970073542

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Sep 2013Jun 2015

新聞系 研究所(課程以英語授課)

Sep 2007Jun 2011


胡志明市 鴻龐國際大學


Oct 2014Dec 2014

國際銷售和營銷 (實習)

  • 了解LED知識
  • 如何閱讀目錄和數據表
  • 如何/在哪裡尋找和接近客戶
  • 如何寫信/來電接近客戶
May 2014Nov 2014


  • 尋找新的主題
  • 採訪,寫作和編輯文章/新聞
  • 新聞翻譯(英語,越南語,普通話)
  • 錄音新聞
  • 報紙排版
May 2013Jul 2013

編輯 (全職)

Nam Huong Communication& Investment Corporation 在胡志明市
  • 負責越南美食網站的內容和圖像給在越南高階層婦女和商人)
  • 編輯,翻譯和寫作在越南的美食,餐廳新聞
Jul 2012Feb 2013

編輯 (全職)

Thien Phong Media LimitedCompany 在胡志明市 
  • 負責娛樂節目(越南,亞洲 - 中國和韓國,歐洲和美國)
  • 搜索和選擇國外的文章翻譯
  • 管理檢查編輯組人員的文章
Dec 2011Dec 2012

編輯 (兼職)

The Gioi Gia Dinh Magazine 在胡志明市  
  • 翻譯和編輯娛樂新聞 和寫作每週十二生肖的內容
Jun 2012Sep 2012

編輯 (兼職)

OVUONG Company Limited 在胡志明市 
  • 編輯寫作旅遊網站的內容
  • 搜索編輯寫作旅遊食品和飲料,節日,不同民族的文化領域
Nov 2011Jun 2012

編輯 (全職)

Networld Media &Entertainment Company 在胡志明市 
  • 搜索,翻譯和編輯娛樂新聞
  • 管理"Stars and Teen World" 娛樂柱在 
  • 管理檢查編輯組人員的文章


  • 母語:粵語 (廣東話),越南話
  • 其他語言:英文 中文 韓文
  • 讀 


  • 2015年4月 – 2014年 5月: “一起愛台灣” 台灣大學社工系活動
  • 2015年4月: 參加與舉辦“文化大學國際文化節2015(越南文化)
  • 2014年10月: 参加 “友善台灣” 五週年成果展 (副總統出席)
  • 2014年8月: 参加國際會議 韓國首爾的“管理和社會科學學術會議”
  • 2014年7月:NTU- VN 飛越服務團志工 - 台灣大學 
  • 2013年: 参加 “友善台灣” 境外學生接待家庭專案計畫


  • 2013年:臺灣政府獎學金勝利者

  • 2011年:胡志明市五優大學生


2012年:VTM 越南青年雜誌 一文 兩頁的“如何成為一名偶像”


  • 寫作
  • 媒體研究
  • 創意行銷
  • 公共關係
  • 社會與文化活動

Please Introduce Yourself

My name is Quang Que Chi. My parents are origin Cantonese. I was born and grown up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I started my college from 2007 to 2011 in Hong Bang International University with major in International Relations.

 After graduated from college, I started working in media area as an editor for almost two years. I was responsible for collecting, translating and editing news/article as well as managing the content and work of collaborators.

 In 2013, I won Taiwan Government Scholarship for Master Program in two years. I studied Master Program in Journalism on September 2013 and graduated on June 2015. For improving my language abilities and working experiences in Taiwan, I took an internship in Taiwan News (Global News for New Immigrants) that I got a chance to be trained as an editor and reporter for seven months. I did various kind of things related to media such as editing, translating, interviewing and recording during the internship period.

 In addition, I also got chance to take an internship in International Sales and Marketing which totally brought me to a new world of knowledge different from media and journalism. Two-months internship in Aeon Lighting Technology, Taipei taught me a lot things such as how/where to look for customers, how to write development letter, how to do or say during a lighting show, etc. I believed that these two-month experiences, which provide me various kinds of knowledge about doing business and how to contact with clients, would help me a lot in the future once I have became a leader in a media company.

 I not only took chance to do internship in order to have more understanding about Taiwan working industry but also participated in many social activities such as Taiwan Host Family Program in 2013 and 2014 organized by Taiwan Education Ministry, Vietnam Cultural Camp in 2014 organized by National Taiwan University, “EC – I –Taiw一起愛台灣” organized by National Taiwan University, International Culture Week in 2015 organized by Chinese Culture University.

 In 2014, I was honored to meet Taiwan Vice President and the Head of Education Ministry when I attended Taiwan Host Family Program Five Years Celebration. At the same year, I felt so proud of myself when I could see and listen to Taiwan President’s speech in person. From that moment, I told myself that someday I would be on the stage and received award from them for my excellent working and contribution to the society.

 In the future, I still want to keep working in media area. My dream job is that I can do help people and influence people in positive way through my job. Media is the most influent tool in the world which can bring people’s life up to down and vice versa. I want to take advance of its influence to make good contribution to the human society. For me, It’s a meaningful life that I’m heading for in the future without any regrets.