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Verbal and Written Communication
Highly experienced and confident public speaker and presenter, especially for technical/policy/strategy presentations using PowerPoint.   Audiences have included the former Prime Minister of Pakistan (Mr Shaukat Aziz) , CEOS and Presidents of multinationals and major banks (including the Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan), and many other senior government figures in various countries. Writing is a favoured skill and written reports are of an exceptionally high standard, produced to whichever format (style, font, layout) is required and delivered on time. Samples of writing are available on request, also see section on Publications below.
Documentation and Report Publishing
Every project has involved a variety of  documentation and reporting skills. Highly computer literate (PC and Mac/ all softwares).
Economic and Financial Analysis
As Project Economist on various Asian Development Bank loan design projects (Project Preparation Technical Assistance - PPTA) used a full range of formal analytical techniques for cost-benefit assessment, including estimating NPV, Financial and Economic IRRs. Also used COSTAB software for developing loan financing plans. Also uses value chain and marketing costs and margins analysis as a basis for understanding industrial activity.
Strategic and Corporate Planning
As Regional Technical Services Manager (Asia) for Cargill Technical Services, was closely involved with Asia region business development for Cargill Asia-Pacific. Undertook a major corporate strategy planning exercise for market entry to Vietnam that led to the development of businesses in feed milling, coffee processing and rice exporting. As consultant to the Asian Development Bank was involved as Project Economist in designing and testing the feasibility of a number of large-scale loans (up to US$40 million) in various countries (Uzbekistan, Laos, Pakistan). As Senior Advisor to the Competitiveness Support Fund in Pakistan has advised the Ministry of Finance on all aspects of economic growth policy and competitiveness, also assisted with the design of a $400 million agriculture development programme for USAID.
Project Management
Since 1980 managed or has been involved in the management of 40 documented international projects both public and private sector.  A selected number of these projects is described below and a full list can be provided on request.  Since 2003 built an innovative food processing line in Fujian Province, China, led a team of experts implementing business advisory services in the grains industry in Uzbekistan (for ADB) and managed a Technical Assistance team for the Competitiveness Support Fund in Pakistan. 
Team and Business Management, Coaching and Mentoring
Held senior management, team leader, executive and advisory positions in small enterprises, large multi-national companies, donor agencies (e.g., Asian Development Bank) and public-private partnership (PPP) institutions such as The Competitiveness Support Fund. Coaching and mentoring junior staff is a particular obsession as is team building.


Donald R. Mickelwait

Mr. Mickelwait is Founder and former CEO of one of the largest US-based consulting companies, Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI). He is now CEO and Owner of Experience International, Inc., a company specializing in rural development with which I have worked closely as an economist for a number of years.

His contact email is available on request.

Hans Woldring

Mr. Hans Woldring is an official at the Asian Development Bank who has been a colleague on a number of different activities related to agriculture and agribusiness in Pakistan since 2007. This work included an evaluation of a major ADB-funded agribusiness development and diversification project and in assessing the need for grains storage facilities.

Contact email available on request

Usman Ahmed Khan

Mr. Usman Ahmed Khan was a close colleague during the initial stages of developing the Competitiveness Support Fund in Pakistan in 2007.  His role as Matching Grants Manager was a key element in the successful establishment of the Fund.

Contact email available on request

Shane Patrick Tarr PhD

Dr. Shane Tarr has been a close colleague  since 1996 when he was the Senior Social Scientist for a project in Cambodia undertaken by Cargill Technical Services. He was a colleague and the Senior Gender in Development Specialist in Laos for a project with BCEOM and Experience International. He was a colleague on a grains project in Uzbekistan (2000-01) and In 2007 he worked with the Competitiveness Support Fund on women's role in the economy.

Contact email available on request.


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Food Security


Innovation and Technology


Work and family (a large and widespread one!), health and fitness, writing (technical and for enjoyment), reading (mainly biography, history and psychology, philosophy - often Schopenhauer), travel and fine red wine.

I write a travel blog at

 Fitness (physical and mental) is a major preoccupation.  I am a martial artist: RyoBuKai Karate - Second Dan and a certified instructor and T'ai Chi. I trained with at Konishi Sensei's dojo in Japan and in Yang form T'ai Chi at Hainan University in China with Professor Madam Lu.  I am a keen weightlifter and and amateur body-builder; I write a blog aimed at the Baby Boom Generation (the over 50s) at:


To provideinnovativeandhighly professional strategy planning, due diligence and project management services to the agriculture, agribusiness and food industries throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Career Profile

Geoffrey Quartermaine Bastin is an Oxford University-educated economist whohas worked in the agriculture and food related industries in more than 30 countries. These have included conflict and post-conflict countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, Pakistan and Serbia.

HIs career has included:

  • Project manager and economist/ investment planner with the world’s largest diversified food business (Cargill)
  • Consultant to The World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, USAID and other international development agencies
  • Senior Advisor and Chief Technical Manager with a 'first-of-its kind in Asia' competitiveness fund linking innovation to finance and other competitiveness and economic growth-related projects including a small grants/business incubator programme.
  • Senior Adviser to a $360 million USAID "soft" counterinsurgency program in Kandahar, Afghanistan

His experience covers public and private sectors as an economist, strategist/planner and as a project manager in over 40 documented individual projects. 

Selected Professional Experience

These are illustrative of the more recent projects undertaken. A full, complete detailed list of more than 40 projects undertaken since 1980 to 2010 is available on request

Senior Advisor, Global Business, International Relief & Development (IRD), Worldwide, April 2010 – March 2011 (ongoing). Reporting to the CEO of this $1 billion company ( ), responsible for (a) developing new programs and (b) operational trouble-shooting of all projects but focused mainly on agriculture and rural projects. Currently (from May 2010) with the AVIPA+ project ($360 million) aimed at stabilization (counterinsurgency) in Afghanistan.

Senior Technical Specialist, International Relief & Development (IRD), Yemen and Georgia, January – March 2010.Research background for a $125 million Community Livelihoods Project encompassing 8 districts in Yemen and similar research for a rural support project in 3 areas of Georgia.

Team Leader/Technical Specialist, International Relief & Development (IRD) (October-November 2009), Serbia. Internal review of USAID's Economic Growth Program targeted to pisitioning IRD for future development activities in Serbia. The work includes consideration and review of all EG activities in 4 distinct projects including Competitiveness, Agribusiness, and Municipal Economic Growth Activities.

Team Leader/Chief Technical Advisor, Sindh Development Fund – Government of Sindh – via CSF, Pakistan, (April 2009 – October 2009). The vision of the fund is to transform agricultural and agribusiness investment in rural Sindh. The mission is to maximize competitive advantage, to promote investment and create sustainable jobs. The goal of the Fund is to generate up to US$300 million of new investment and 1 million new jobs. It works in all sectors including fisheries, livestock/dairy and horticulture. The operational windows of the Fund are small enterprise grants, credit guarantees and interest subsidies, TA and infrastructure.

Program Design Economist/Acting Team Leader – USAID – via CSF, Pakistan, January 2009 – April 2009. Working with a team of planners and economists (from USAID and contractors) to design the $400 million (target funding) Empowerment Pakistan: Agriculture program (EPAG). The program has four elements: dairy development, horticulture development, food security and agricultural policy. The program aims at counter-terrorism (civil pacification and stabilization), poverty alleviation and women in development.

Senior Advisor/, Competitiveness Support Fund (CSF), Pakistan (November 2008 – October 2009). Change of Terms of Reference to include development of a $500 million VC Fund aimed at leveraging foreign investment in innovation. This position is combined with existing duties – see below.

Senior Advisor/TA and Matching Grants Manager, Competitiveness Support Fund (CSF), Pakistan.(May 2007– November 2008).CSF is a joint initiative of the USAID and the Government of Pakistan (Ministry of Finance). The aim of CSF is to improve the competitiveness of the Pakistan economy at a global level (benchmarked against World Economic Forum criteria and using methods described by Professor Michael Porter). The CS Fund intervenes at industry level with matching grants, technical assistance and capital of ventures and incubators. Undertook 20 distinct listed project tangible activities for CTS.

Food and Fisheries Consultant, Competitiveness Support Fund.(November 2006–April 2007).A study of the competitiveness of the overall food processing industry has made recommendations particularly about “biotech” (GM) crops, food safety and standards (e.g., the introduction of HACCP inspections) and the overall upgrading of the quality of food products. This was a comprehensive study including value chain analysis and the quantification of possible impacts from policy changes.

Team Leader and Planning Specialist,ADB TA No 4217-UZB, Furthering Reforms in the Grain Sector Project, Uzbekistan.(March 2006–February 2007).This was a continuation and component of the Grains Productivity Improvement Project undertaken in 2000.Mr. Quartermaine Bastin’s duties included managing a team of local and international consultants comprising economists, enterprise development specialists, financial analysts, and agronomists.He was responsible for all personnel, administrative, and financial aspects of the project. In addition he had a personal scope of work that included planning the disbursement of a specific $10 million line of credit (within the total loan) for agricultural mechanization.

Economist, Agriculture Reconstruction and Development for Iraq (ARDI) Project. (December 2005–December 2006, intermittent).Mr. Quartermaine Bastin refined the preliminary model of a monetizing framework for the three original programs: Tractors, Wheat Seed Cleaning and Multiplication, and Small-Scale Irrigation Infrastructure.

Economic and Financial Analyst, Asian Development Bank, PPTA No. 4525-PK, Sindh Coastal and Inland Community Development Project, Pakistan.(October 2005–February 2006, intermittent, total effort 4 months). This assignment called for an economic analysis and valuation of the benefits of investment in agricultural and fishing industries in the coastal areas of southern Pakistan. The project components included a threefold community development effort: a livestock management component to develop buffalo feedlots for milk production, combined with an animal health technology package and an outreach program; a Social Uplift and Poverty Alleviation fund to provide small grants for livelihood microprojects, link roads, and community forestry plots; and a coastal management component to develop mangroves along with extensive village-based mariculture.

Project Manager, Procter and Gamble’s P-YIN Snack Food Factory in China, (Fujian Province)PRC.(January 2003–May 2004).Mr. Quartermaine Bastin was responsible for overall management for this US$6 million investment in a “Pringles”-type potato chip factory.He directed financial, legal/contractual, procurement, CAD design, engineering, and construction teams.Maintained liaison with equipment suppliers in the USA, Sweden, Italy, and Thailand.Supervised competitive bidding and factory acceptance tests.Established an engineering drawings database.

Trade Economist, Vietnam, Multilateral Trade Policy Assistance Programme of the European Union.(November–December 2002).Analyzed cross-border trade and informal trade arrangements to identify boundary constraints and formal and informal costs for SMEs, under changes resulting from closer ties with WTO countries.

Livestock Economist, Laos, International Livestock Research Institute.(July–August 2002).The study considered aspects of livestock trade (cattle, hogs, poultry) from major cross-border trade flows to quarantine facilities and regulations, border taxation, and location of slaughterhouses.

Economic and Financial Analyst, Laos, ADB Project Preparatory TA, Smallholder Development Project. (August 2001–June 2002).Analyzed the environment, costed the inputs and valued the project benefits for smallholder basic production and related SMEs in the provinces along the Mekong Corridor.

Economist and Deputy Team Leader, Uzbekistan, ADB Project Preparatory TA, Grains Productivity Improvements Project.(July 2000–June 2001).Responsible for the study of comparative/competitive advantage of the grains industry (mainly irrigated but some rainfed wheat); also included potatoes and livestock subsectors.Provided economic analysis of the costs and benefits of each proposed project initiative.

Agribusiness Specialist, Food Systems Design-Asia Co Ltd, Ukraine.( June 2000).Visited small-scale flour mill factories, assessed technical and financial viability, prepared business plans and investment strategy.

Economist/Evaluator/Team Leader, European Union, Aurora Integrated Area Development Project, Philippines.(September–November 1999).Reviewed project economics including cost-benefit analysis of design and preparation documents.Assessed the project monitoring system.Completed a value analysis of the $13 million Euro disbursements.

Economist/Evaluator/Team leader, European Union, Small Islands Integrated Area Development Project, Philippines.(June–August 1999).Led a project evaluation team that audited all financial arrangements for microprojects ($9 million Euros), reviewed and made recommendations on the project monitoring system and functions, completed the assessment and valuation of ongoing project activities.

Economist/Planner, China (Hainan Province), ADB Project Preparatory TA, Strengthening of Corporate Management, Marketing and Trading Activities.(February–September 1998).Prepared strategic business plans for four medium-scale enterprises, complete with financial analysis and cost-benefit calculation for coconut milk, vanilla cultivation and processing, and production and marketing of fruits and vegetables.

Selected Publications

Principal Author, “Oilseeds, Oils and Fats: A Trader’s Guide”, 2 volumes, ITC/UNCTAD-GATT, Geneva, 1990

 A wide variety of reports and articles, more recently in Pakistan:

“The State of Pakistan’s Competitiveness Report, 2007-08”, Principal Author Competitiveness Support Fund, Islamabad

“Policy Analysis on the Competitive Advantage of the Food Processing Industry, CSF, as above

“Wheat-Flour Industry in Pakistan: Discussion Paper”, with Sadia Sarwar and Zain Asadullah Kazmi,CSF as above

These and others may be found via portfolio links


  • English: Mother tongue - exceptional written
  • Thai: good social spoken, some reading.
  • French: fair social spoken and writing, good reading.
  • Mandarin Chinese: some spoken and minimal reading.
  • Russian: studied formal grammar for one year in Tashkent; reading but very limited spoken

About FoodWorks

FoodWorks Company Limited is a Hong Kong-based innovative consulting company specializing in agribusiness projects in developing countries, mainly in East, South and Central Asia and the Middle East (including Commonwealth of Independent States). The company has assisted in the design and construction of a food factory in China, advised on policy reform in the wheat industry (with UBI Consulting Ltd and ANZDEC of New Zealand) in Uzbekistan, helped with the agricultural reconstruction of Iraq (with Experience International) and has provided expert assistance and policy advice in Pakistan. 

For more information check:


  • MAUniversity of Oxford, 1991.
  • BAPolitics, Philosophy and Economics, Keble College, University of Oxford, 1977.
  • Royal School of Military Engineering, Chattenden, Kent, UK, 1968-69 (British Army)
  • The Perse School, Cambridge (one of UK’s premier private schools)

Work History

January 2003 to date:

Managing Director, FoodWorks Company Limited, Hong Kong. The company specializes in project management and design in the food and related industries. Currently (on-going to November 2009) on long-term assignment as Senior Advisor/ Technical Assistance Manager to Competitiveness Support Fund in Pakistan – see above under Section entitled ‘Selected Professional Experience’.

January 1999 to April 2002:

Managing Director, EXPERIENCE, Inc., Menlo Park, USA (operational headquarters office in Bangkok, Thailand),Responsible for all operational aspects of the EI Asia operation based in Bangkok, including administration, accounts, human resources and legal. Successfully undertook personal short-term consulting assignments for EI and affiliated companies including. Remains affiliated with EI as Senior Consulting Economist and in 2008 undertook a study of the livestock and milk market in Pakistan.

April 1991 to December 1998:

Regional Manager, Asia, Cargill Technical Services, UK (based at Cargill Siam Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand with regional responsibility through Cargill Asia Pacific, Singapore),, Cargill Technical Services, responsible for general management of technical support, development and investment projects in the region for both public sector development agencies and for Cargill Asia-Pacific (Singapore). Responsible for CTS and Cargill projects in:

  • Cambodia (irrigation system rehabilitation)
  • China (agribusiness)
  • Indonesia (salt industry)
  • Indonesia (port terminal engineering study)
  • Sri Lanka (rural development)
  • Thailand (irrigation systems development),
  • Laos (management capacity building and human resource planning)
  • Philippines (agribusiness)
  • Vietnam (animal feed, corn seed, rice, vegetable oils, flour milling, coffee).

Prior to 1990 Mr. Quartermaine Bastin worked in the following positions for these companies and institutions:

  • Senior Commodity Analyst, Materials Intelligence Ltd, Oxford UK, (1987-1991)
  • Principal Author, United Nations, International Trade Centre UNCTAD/GATT, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Commodity Market Analyst, Acquired Intelligence, Inc. Victoria, BC, Canada, (1987).
  • Director, Grains, Oilseed, Oils and Fats Markets, Landell Mills Commodities Studies Ltd., London, UK, (1983-1987)
  • Senior Marketing Economist, Department of Primary Industry, Papua New Guinea, (1980-82)
  • Agricultural Markets Analyst, The Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd., London, UK (1978-79)
  • Economic Research Officer, Institute of Agricultural Economics, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK. 1977-78
  • Plant and Machinery/Combat Engineer, H.M. Forces (Army), Corps of Royal Engineers (1967-74)

Professional Achievements

  • Global Business Adviser to a $1 billion USAID contractor
  • Accomplished more than 40 projects in 34 countries (mostly in Asia) for public and private sector enterprises, development agencies and international investment banks.
  • Designed, established and implemented a US$30 million agribusiness investment fund – the ‘Sindh Development Fund’. Projects in horticulture, livestock and fisheries.
  • Senior Advisor for a successful $24 million technical assistance and matching grants program sponsored by USAID for competitiveness and economic growth in Pakistan. Assisted in designing USAID’s billion dollar ‘Empower Pakistan Program’,
  • Established a small, but profitable privately-owned venture capital business targeted on agribusiness micro-investments in floriculture, fisheries and livestock.
  • Designed multi-million dollar rural development and agribusiness projects for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Laos (river-basin management - $20 million), Uzbekistan (wheat grain industry - $20 million), Pakistan (coastal agriculture and fisheries re-development - $40 million).
  • Built an experimental ($10 million) snack food factory for Procter & Gamble in Fujian Province in China using least-cost regional capital goods supply arrangements.
  • For 7 years successfully managed the Asia region Technical Services support unit of Cargill Asia-Pacific, a subsidiary of the world’s largest diversified food business. Undertook public and private sector projects covering the entire range of agribusiness and food “from farm to fork”.