At QuqantikLab we are passionate about programming and software. It’s been a long time we are building software on LAMP stack. We’ve 8+ years of experiences in PHP. We build scalable and secure application as our day to day work. Besides web applications, we are much familiar in desktop and mobile platform. We have number of apps on both app store and google play store.We are well familiar with *nix systems and using Linux and Mac OS X as our development environments from the beginning. We strongly follow coding standards and always try to adopt community best practices to produce high quality idiomatic code. Our all developers are a keen learner and always try to participate community discussions where they can learn new things and share their knowledge. We strongly follow agile methodology and do a lot of paper works on client’s requirements on various domain. We are well communicator and always fingertip away from our customers.

At QuantikLab we design jaw dropping UX for our clients maintaining latest design trends and natural user interface.

About Web Design & Our Skills

QuantikLab is a team of talented Web designers who are specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses with all their Web and Graphic needs. We dedicate ourselves to each project as if it were our own, to deliver exceptional design and UX.

We are flexible, creative, communicative and friendly. We value Communication as one of the most important elements of creating a great design & for that reason we have dedicated support team for giving support to our customers. Entrust us with your concerns about Web or Graphic Design and focus on your business. You will be satisfied with the result.

Web Development & Skills

We have been developing PHP applications for over 7 years now. We have worked with Laravel, Symfony2, CodeIgniter and few other web frameworks over the time. We have worked on several projects based on Magento and Drupal. Our developers write rock S.O.L.I.D code with (almost) 100% test coverage’s. We build web applications that scale with reliability. We follow the PSRs and other best practices set by the community.  


Now a day’s Content Management System is very powerful, scalable and user friendly for most of the people who wants to develop their business websites. We cover all features of WordPress customization and expansion:

  • Create custom design for WordPress
  • Convert designs to WordPress theme
  • Convert design to a standard WordPress theme
  • Install and customize WordPress plug ins
  • Develop small to large scale custom WordPress plug ins
  • Convert existing website to WordPress

  JavaScript (Front End)

We started off with jQuery and it was awesome. Then AngularJS came into our life like a super hero and we built a good number of products using Angular on the front end. These days, we are doing ReactJS more. Lodash is our favorite utility belt.  Besides the frameworks and the cool toys,We have a decent expertise in the Javascript core. While we are not using it in production yet, we are writing a lot of ES6 codes for exploring new features and for fun.

Version Control / Git / SVN

We started with Subversion (SVN) but we have worked with Git most of our life. We are quite familiar with modern day Git usages We also used to using Git flow for development. 

Linux System Admin

QuantikLab setting up and manage Linux servers for quite some time. We have been mostly configuring LAMP stack or nginx with PHP/Nodejs.We have also worked with Varnish and HAProxy. We are quite familiar with AWS/Rackspace/Azure services. We have prior experience with deploying client sites on all of them. Ubuntu and Debian are on top of our choice list. However, We are comfortable with CentOS or other fedora core based systems as well. 

Misc Skill


API Integration:

Jan 2010 - 2015
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, eBay, Google Auth, Google Calendar, Google Contact

PaaS: Heroku, AppFog, OpenShift and Rackspace

About Search Engine Marketing

No one can bring success without marketing in online business. Here we have included our expertise area - Competitor Analysis, Audience & Niche Analysis, Keyword Research, On-Page, Website Optimization, Off-Page Citations, Relevant Link Building, SEO Friendly Website Development, Inbound Marketing, Valuable Content Generation, Social Media Promotion, and SEO Progress Reports


" QuantikLab is so far the best outsource web design company we have ever worked with. No doubt they are a group of energetic and great web developers. Very skilled in their specialty and their communication was great. We are already setting up our next projects with them ! "

" Quantiklab went far beyond of our expectation and delivered a very complex system as our requirements. Their code is well documented and extremely easy to extend. They even support us after the full phase development was done. Highly recommended "

" We worked with QuantikLab on a realtime signal processing application. They suggested us to go with laravel and which put us a doubt as the project success ratio under a very tight schedule. They delivered the app surprisingly fast and well structured that we never imagined of. Highly appreciated their work and continuing with them. "

Some of our Completing Projects

Big Momma Apps

Project Description

Bigmomma Apps is one of our greatest app. This is not just an ordinary site but it’s also a REST server serving data to various registered iPhone and android app for instant law support.

Big Momma is an online application where a specific company can provide law support to their customers. We used WordPress as an application framework for this project and developed two several admin panels except the WordPress’s default admin panel. One is for admin and the other is for clients to simplify the whole thing. The basic concept was, admin will add the client and allow them to register their apps for them by providing app keys. Clients will create the apps and feed the information to the apps. We deployed a rest server to transmit the app data to the mobile version of the exact app. Where the app users will get the specific information transmitted by the app owner.

  • Client:Rocket Tier LLC
  • Date: 2013

Project URL


Project Description

QInventory is a  Web based ERP software for managing stock inventory with advanced POS system built on top of laravel 5 framework.


Top Features:

  1. Admin Dashboard.

* Total customers, total orders with pending ones, and total sales and total purchase at a glance.

* Chart representation of payment report and customer payment report for the last 30 days.


* Create a customer profile

* Browse the profile of different customers of your company with all the details about that customer

* Edit any customer information * Delete customer


* Create a supplier profile

* Browse the profile of different suppliers for your company with all the basic information's

* Edit any supplier information * Delete supplier


* Add a new product
* Browse the details of different products of your company. * Edit any product information
* Delete product


* Add damage product
* Edit or delete the damaged product from list


* Create a new order for a specific customer * Browse all orders in separated tabs.
* Update order information's
* Take payment for unpaid orders

* Delete orders


* Create a new purchase of your product * View purchase history


* Create a new sale * View sales history


* Payment report for your company
* Customer payment report.
* Report is represented both by chart and by table format. * By default the last 30 days report is shown.

* Gross Profit report

* Admin can also select the date range within which he/she wants to see the report of his/her company.


* Create new employee as sales staff or purchase staff.
* Browse the profile of each employee with his/her basic information’s.

* Edit or delete employee profile.


* Send private message to customers
* Send private message to sales staffs and purchase staffs. * Receive message replies from employees and customers. * Reply to their messages.

Plus there are lots more!

  • Client: Signal Electronics
  • Date:MAY 2015

Mile Hi Rafting

Project Description

Mile Hi Rafting is rafting adventure and ATV tours company in Colorado.We did various graphics works and design the the theme from the ground later we converted it a WordPress theme based on underscore starter theme framework.

Palma Cigars

Project Description

PALMA CIGARS makes premium hand rolled cigars and is a leader in Colorado wine industry. The company has a bar and hosts cigar rolling events. Our work included  designing the awesome theme give the design a life development and a lot graphic work. Of course it is based on WordPress.


Project Description is another woo-commerce solution from quantiklab. It has all the regular stuff  that a e-commerce plugin should have + client’s specific modifications. We developed the theme from the ground and and  the site. This site is multilingual.


Project Description

As you guessed is a pure e-commerce site built on WordPress and powered by Woo-Commerce. It has all the regular features as a standard e-commerce site should have and some advanced custom features that was the clients requirements. What we did ? Designed the theme , made it compatible to woo-commerce , made it ultra responsive + many more.


School hub is an online school communication software capable of maintaining multiple schools covering almost all the basic and academic facilities in a web interface. It’s based on Codeigniter framework.

Most Highlight features are:

1.Individual admin panel for each school

  1. Separate login panel for teacher/students/ stuffs and parents.
  2. Multiple modules for subjects/class/grade/marks/attendance and dormitory.
  3. Real time chat among various level of users . like teacher to student, teacher to parents.
  4. Fully integrated payment and payroll management.
  5. Advanced reporting system.