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Dear Hiring Manager; years of looking at resumes has lead me to believe that seldom are these documents read in their entirety during the screening phase.

The summary below will give you insight into who I am and what I am looking for.

I look forward to hearing about any  opportunity.

 What I am looking for;

I am seeking a position as a Senior Manager with an energetic company that is competitive on the outside but compassionate and fun on the inside! My preferred industries are the Building Materials, Hardware, Industrial Sales or Enforcement/Security, however I will look at all opportunities. 

If your client is looking for;

  Someone that has been very successful at developing an engaged group of individuals who are driven to succeed, 

  A creative individual that is highly efficient with software to include the entire Microsoft Suit, CRM/XRM softwares such as SalesForce and SmartSheets. Presentation software like Prezi and google Sketchup,

  Someone that is comfortable with B2B and B2C management along with presenting to Specifiers, Engineers, Large Builders, Buying Groups and Key Accounts, 

  Someone that is a strategic thinker, that uses all resources efficiently and takes a consultative approach with co-workers and customers. 

  Someone that has an entrepreneurial spirit, with a enthusiastic drive to win respectfully. 

we should talk!

I have successfully grown sales or business profits in the positions of Sales Manager, Branch Manager or as a General Manager. My senior management experience has demonstrated that structure and accountability are critical to guiding the growth and overall culture of a group of individuals. 

I sit on a board of directors, for a start-up internet company which has given me great insight into digital marketing and trending applications, this is a hobby position only, not listed on my CV. 

Early in my life I was a member of the US Air Force and then spent several years with the Ontario Provincial Police. These early experiences solidified a belief that true leaders can take any position within a group of dedicated individuals. I have proven my ability to build and work within a winning team in difficult situations. 

I have work experience across North America and due to my dual citizenship, I can legally work on both sides of the boarder. 

My employment history has many experiences, made possible by my steady home life. I have the support of strong women who understand the dedication required to be successful and are there to always keep me humble!

I am a creative, energetic and dedicated individual who listens for the message between the words, plans strategically and implements by engaging everyone.

Please see C.V. below,

I look forward to the next step!



Summed up in "I care", I care about my fellow employees, I care about the company, I care about the customer I serve.  

This "I care" attitude comes from working in a family business where the customers and staff were family friends. 


As a top performing manager I focus on individual attitude and overall company culture. Visibility through K.P.I. reporting is critical to individual and team growth. I am naturally a critical thinker that is responsive to the immediate needs and then investigates to find root causes for long-term solutions. I am capable of making hard choices to ensure success of the company. 


I am a natural leader and have lead people, through difficult times, from the age of 20. My experiences have taught me that; Leader's facilitate the growth of the people around them, Leader's set the pace of the workplace by being present, Leader's don't always need to be the boss. 


Working in a family business I learned the art of selling, to this day all the formal training programs and field experiences have only strengthened what I learned while observing my father's natural selling skills. I believe that selling is an art that must be practiced and is applicable in many aspects of our daily lives. 



General Manager

Britespan Building Systems
  • Overall Management;
    • Worked with President and ownership group to develop strategic plans
    • Implemented Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) at all levels to promote visibility and individual responsibility. 
    • Managed Culture;  my proudest accomplishment was my leadership in developing a group of highly engaged people. 
    • Directly/indirectly managed 40 people in Customer Service, Technical, Quality Control, HR/Health and Safety, Distribution, Logistics and Manufacturing. 
  • Human Resources;  oversaw all aspects to include implementation of an employee handbook, standardized on boarding process, performance evaluations, benefits and pension plan. Implemented software to remotely manage staff to include payroll, training and performance. Designed and implemented a compensation package to motivate hourly employees. I am very well versed with all regulations and legislation required of this position. Designed and implemented an Employment Positioning Statement to attract quality staff from a challenging employment pool.
  • IT; oversaw implementation of IT resources to include standardized equipment procurement, maintenance and software control. Implemented a centralized plan management for mobile devices. Worked with marketing to implement the new company website and dealer/employee portal. 
  • Manufacturing; oversaw all aspects to include negotiating and purchasing, safety, budgeting, inventory and quality control procedures. Oversaw equipment purchasing, capital improvements and maintenance schedules. Implemented Lean manufacturing practices throughout the facility. Consolidated staffing/compensation and processes to reduce variable cost of staff by 16% while increasing overall operational output. 
  • Quality Control and Certification Process; oversaw all aspects to include CSA-A660, Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and American Welding Standard (AWS). I personally lead Britespan to become North America's first company in the Fabric Building Industry to qualify for EN 1090, this certification also know as the CE Mark permits companies to sell across the European Union. Implemented a system to ensure that quality assurance issues were communicated to the responsible department and taken serious. 
  • Distribution Facility; oversaw all aspects of inventory control through software, cycle counts, visual management and kanban systems. I was responsible and acted as the G.C. in designing/building a 600k distribution facility on time and on budget while performing all other tasks. 
  • Logistics; oversaw all aspects of logistics to include third party negotiations on LTL, Intermodal, International freight and custom brokerage.  
  • Customer Service; over saw all aspects to include order entry, order processing and sales pipelines. Implemented both Business Vision and Smart Sheet to facilitate better customer service and visibility to the entire operation.  Direct contact with all dealer's/customer's in situations of quality assurance claims or performance concerns. 
  • Technical Design Department;  oversaw new product development, drafting, engineering and international building code compliance. 
  • Purchasing and Vendor relation; oversaw all aspects to include steel, fabric, logistics and galvanizing suppliers. Negotiated a highly lucrative Steel  program early 2016 that fixed the cost of raw material just prior to three consecutive  industry increases totally 35%.Negotiated a supply and fixed cost agreement with galvanizing supplier. Worked closely with fabric supplier to develop a production schedule and equitable cost formula. 
  • Accounting; although not directly responsible, my involvement in accounting was ongoing including; Cost of Production (COP's), GL codes (for managers) , financial statements and AR's. I personally recovered over 126k in delinquent accounts, deemed unrecoverable by ownership.
  • Awards; the company received the Gas and Oil sector "Supplier of the Year"-2015 and the Air Miles "Canadian Small business of the Year"-2016. The company has been nominated for the "Exporter of the Year" award. 

Director of Sales and Marketing

International Beams
  • International Beams was a small niche Engineered Wood Mill in Eastern Quebec and on my hire, a plan was initiated to build a modern mill in Tillsonburg, Ontario.
  • I developed a North American sales team that increase sales in preparation for the opening of the Tillsonburg Mill.
  • Supervise the customer service office in Sarasota Florida. 
  • Worked with consultants to develop new company marketing plan. 
  • Worked with consultants to develop the company website. 
  • Sales were increased by 26% over previous year while reducing sales cost and streamlining processes.
    • Implemented Sales Pipeline
    • Implemented Sales staged approach. 
    • Identified target customer profile. 
    • Conducted mandatory weekly Sales meetings (online).
    • Defined regions and call quota's.
    • Traveled across NA with each sales rep to coach and learn from customer. 
    • Implemented structured Sales Training.  
  • Involvement included; customer relations, sales training, inventory control, transportation, Quality Control, engineering and accounting.
  • I participated on the Canadian Wood Council, American Wood Council and Engineered Wood Association Management Committee.

National Sales Manager Engineered Wood

CanWel Building Materials

  • I successfully implemented all operational requirements for a new product line to include; logistics, supplier relationships, purchasing, presentations to national buying groups, sell levels, design and estimating services. 
  • Starting in Ontario our success took the program nationally after 1 year, growing the business from the very first sale to 57 million by December 31st 2010.
  • I was directly responsible for developing and managing a team of 17 people that took this product from it’s inception at CanWel to their number one product line in four years.

Technical Support Manager/ Ontario Sales Manager Cobourg

Arxx Insulated Concrete Forms, Ontario
  • I was hired as the Technical Support Manager but quickly promoted to the position of Ontario Sales Manager.
  • I was responsible for all product knowledge training including site and classroom instruction with contractors.
  • As the Ontario Sales Manager, I assisted with growing the business by developing a strong retail network during a transition from a direct sales to channel sales business. 
  • I initiated Advanced Contractor Training programs which highlighted the best installation crews in Ontario.
  • During my time with Arxx, I volunteered to co-instruct at both George Brown College and Fanshawe College on Insulated Concrete Form Installation.

Branch Manager/Sales Manager

Patio Enclosures Inc/Sunrooms Canada

  • Responsible for the day to day functions of operations and sales which included; Customer Service, Purchasing, Human Resources, Accounting and Sales. 
  • I was responsible for leading the team that grew the business from $800,000 per year in sales to $5, 000,000 in residential construction. 
  • Implemented professional sales training, weekly sales meetings, sales pipelines and attended sales calls with representatives. 
  • Implemented Standard Operating Procedures throughout the company. 
  • Implemented KPI's for installation crews, purchasing, customer service and sales staff.
  • Reporting to ownership group.  

Tactics and Rescue Unit

Ontario Provincial Police
  • The Ontario Provincial Police Tactics and Rescue Unit is a 12 person highly trained unit responsible for all high risk gun calls, barricaded person, VIP security, witness protection and hostage rescue.
  • The value of team work, SOP's and training.  
  • The value of critical thinking, quick action and tactical planning. 

Police Constable

Ontario Provincial Police
  • I was assigned to general policing duties including enforcement of the Criminal Code of Canada, regulations and by-laws and responding to all emergency and non-emergency calls for service.

Special recognition:

  • Received the Campbell award for outstanding recruit, OPP Academy
  • Received 7 District Officer of the month

Additional Training:

  • Completed Coach Officer training course, assigned two recruits.
  • Completed Breath Technician Course
  • Completed Drug Investigator Training Course
  • Assigned to two Royal Visits as a driver, included extensive driver training and VIP security training.
  • Completed Emergency Response Team Training

Security Specialist

United States Air Force, Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa, Japan
  • Assigned to Combat Security Control where day to day I controlled the security actions of all flight line ground security troops.

Special recognition:

  • While at Basic Training received special accommodation for leading, as their Dorm Chief, a group of 50 Airman to a 100% pass ratio
  • Student Leadership Program- received honour graduate
  • Camp Bullis Texas, Combat school- received Honour Graduate
  • Security Police Academy-received Honour Graduate
  • Special accommodation for marksmanship
  • Member of the Fifth Air Force, Peace Keeper Challenge Team



Extensive Military and Police Training/Certifications and Awards

USAF BMT Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX. Ontario Police Academy, Ontario Provincial Police Academy
  • US Air Force- Basic Military Training (Texas) Honour Graduate              
  • Security Specialist- Technical School (Texas) Hounour Graduate        
  • Ontario Provincial Police Academy- Awarded Top Recruit                      
  • Ontario Police College- Aylmer                                                                  
  • Much more on request.

Sandler Training

Presidents Club
  • Professional development program teaches and reinforces advanced sales strategies and tactics that enable sales professionals in a wide variety of industries—both selling tangible products and intangible services—to sell more…and sell more easily.

Advanced Sales Training for Canwel

Brampton, Ontario
  • Sales as a Process Training,
  • Consultative Selling Training,
  • Negotiation Training. 

Arxx Sales Training

Cobourg, Ontario
  • Focused on how to sell the benefits of a product and effectively close a deal when selling to the contractor. 

Arxx Certification

Cobourg, Ontario
  • Installation training of Insulated Concrete Forms. 

Sales Training Patio Enclosures Inc

Cleveland, Ohio
  • Professional Sales Training with focus on the sales process, going for the close, upfront commitment. 

University of Maryland

Took several night school courses with the University of Maryland distance education, while stationed in Okinawa Japan. 
  • Business, courses no degree achieved. 


  • Available upon request