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 QIanhui Lin

Finance & Accounting


Work experience

Aug 2013Jul 2014

Customer Manager

Guangdong Poly Jinbao Gold Co.Ltd

---Build up relationship with clients;

---Cooperate with other competitors;

---Cooperate with colleagues ;                        

--- Report to senior manager.

Jul 2012Jul 2013

Financial Accountant

OZ Import Export Trading Co,. Ltd

Record all business activities;

Plan for the budget

Feb 2012Jul 2012

Internee in Sales Department

TNT, China

Being an internee.(Grade 4 in University)

Be the backup for sales department;

Aanalyze the sales report ;

Deal with coustomers' complains;

Communicate with client.

Jul 2011Sep 2011

Internee in Accounting Department

 China Life Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd

Be acquantitied with the insurance products;

Deal with expenses reimbursement.


Jan 2015Present

Master (Finance & Accounting)

Rotterdam University of Applied Science , Rotterdam Hogeschool

The Master in Finance & Accounting will enable students to build the knowledge and analytical skills needed to design and implement the management systems used to plan and control a firm's performance.

Sep 2014Dec 2014


Rotterdam University of Applied Science, Rotterdam Hogeschool

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers students  a 6 month program to prepare you for the level required for one of the specialised master programs.

Sep 2008Jul 2012

Bachelor (Management in Accounting)

Guangdong Ocean University (GDOU)

The professional training with management , economic, legal and accounting aspects of knowledge and ability , the graduates can be engaged in accounting practice and teaching in enterprises, institutions and government departments , scientific research aspects of small business management discipline for senior professionals .

Social Practice Reports

Discussion about the “Level of Salary and Growth of CPI:

Survey on the “ Influence of Daily Life by the Social Welfare System:

Study on “Low-carbon Lifestyle”;

Investigation about “the Impact of Economic Crisis to the Labor Market”

Shining Moments

Shining Moment 1:

Customer manager, Guangdong Poly Jinbao Gold Co.Ltd

---Initiated process to increase customer base per sales people

---Researched the problems of low contracts

---Developed and pitched proposal to CEo and received approval

---Led customer service department to implement plan

---Increased customer base by 20% with 6 months

Shining Moment 2:

Customer manager, Guangdong Poly Jinbao Gold Co.Ltd

---Initiated process to expand new market for company

---Research the opportunities of expanding market segement

---Develop and pitch proposal to CEO and receive approval

---Led a divided team of customer service department to implement plan

---Increase new contract up to 20% within 6 months.


Creativiety skill

Thinking makes me get a deeper view through which crazy but reasonable idea is created. I am keen on the challenge which is along with great idea and opportunity actually.

Organization skill

Effective organization skills with ability to implement multi-task and priorities workload. Make time management for my task even make plan-B for my task once I fail on plan-A.

Teamwork skill

Excellent team player, is able to contribute and work as a part of team to achieve a common objective . Motivate each other when come across problem. Assist other members to achieve their job.Teamwork skill

Financial skill

Getting the bachelor degree of Accounting makes me easily to access into the job to deal with any messy data. Calculated the daily expeness, correct the accounting records, compute the financial statements, analyze the company performance and strategy

Commercial awareness skill

Interested in how business operate and economic trends. Getting knowledge through “The Wall Street Expands my though, like trying to connect business events with global environment. Having a wide vision at things.

Influence skill

The skill of influence is based on communication in which I am an active audience and provider of feedback. Through it, going hiden message and precious information support direction and implement under good coordination.