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Interest is a word I like to think of as a big opportunity to try new objectives in my life. My Interest consist of several things like being physically active, trying new ideas whether they may work or not (like my own personal opinions), as well as providing interest in my career. I'm especially interested in topics that relate to my major such as sports nutrition, sports medicine as well as topics that relate to physical activities like physical training, fitness nutrition, and fitness health management. 


Hello, my name is Taylor A. Jones, and I'm currently a Junior at the University of Alabama, major in Sports Nutrition. I was born and raise here in Alabama and live all my life in a small town known as Hueytown. I'm very passionate about who I am. I'm devoted to 3 important hobbies that I enjoyed doing which is working out, playing paintball, and dirt bike riding. Below this Summary, you will find a list of topics that describe my lifestyle. Who I am, what my major is, the things I enjoyed, and the future of what will be in store for me.

Sample Work or Class Projects

Some of my latest sample class projects come from many of my nutrition classes. For instances, in Nutrition 253 (Food Science), I developed an Oils Project which reflect the importance of oils, composition of the uses of this material, and the nutrition facts that are in any oil based product.

I also created a remarkable, one of a kind art project from an Art Class at Shelton State CC. The project was based on 25 of my most favorite arts. Only exception was that it had to be a unique project whether than a simple 25 art project. So, I created a booklet that looked as if it was rescue from a fire. Very antique look combine with a smoky texture feel.

Other examples include research papers topics that included my future careers, composition and philosophy of several well known African Americans such as Brooker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, and many others.


Lori Green

Professor of Nutrition 195;




My objective from now (present) and future is very simple and detail. I plan on graduating here from the University of Alabama with a major in Nutrition or as a Register Dietitian. From there, I plan on tranferring to University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) to complete my progress on getting a Masters in Sports Nutrition. While at UAB, I'll also be completing a State Broad Test, to further boost my career and stats.

My dream is to play an important role for future star athletes. I believe that getting a Master in Sports Nutrition will be my objective to be able to take part of this accomplishment.

Community Service

Not much is known about me when it comes to community service. I have however, participated in several community serivce activities such as the Hueytown Community Basketball League for 2 years, the community Baseball for 3 years as well.

Other the past 5 years, I have participate in Church Community Service such as Softball, VBS (Vacation Bible School), and Mission Trips at my church. These types of community service play a big role in my life spiritually.

Table of Contents

1. Summary

2. Work History

3. Education

4. Skills

5. Objective

6. Interests

7. Sample work or Class Projects

8. Community Service

Work experience

Jan 2007Jul 2008

Car Washing Service

Serra Honda

Work at Serra Honda for about a year and a half. Job description was to wash cars (new and used), provide basic exterior/interior work such as finish detail, full detail clean-up, etc.  Began working there as a summer job back in 07' through 08' to earn a decent high school salary.

Apr 2004Aug 2005


Boys and Girls Club of Central Alabama

Began working there as a CIT (Counselor In Training) for at least 6 months until register as a full-time staff. Job description was based upon handling and providing teaching to 7-14 years old, promoting them to be physical active, and prepared them to make the right decisions. This opportunity provided me with good role model esteem for myself to help me prepare for future kids that are both mine and others. 


May 2010Present


University of Alabama

I started my 2nd part of my college experience at the University of Alabama, home of the Crimson Tide. I transfer to the University when I was still going to Shelton. As of now, I'm still here at the University as a Junior working my way up to becoming what I wanted to major in.

Aug 2008May 2010


Shelton State Community College

Shelton State CC was the start of my college career. I've started Shelton State back in August of 2008 and went till May of 2010. I've wanted to go to Shelton State for several reasons. The first one and main reason was to get my basic's done. I've wanted to get all of them done and over with before transferring over to a University. I felt that it would be better so I wouldn't end up dropping or failing classes. 2nd reason was that most of my friends and people I knew were going there. It was the most popular choice for a junior college. 3rd and last reason was to learn and experience what the college lifestyle was like. I wanted to experience it first hand at a junior college whether than experience in a bigger community like a University.


Basketball is the number one sport that I'm obsessed with as well as competitive at. I played basketball for over 7 years and not once have I shown any regrets. I've begin playing basketball for the community of Hueytown for about 2 years until playing at Boys and Girls Club for the next 5 years. I've also coach a team of my own for 2 years.
Athlete Running
I'm considered to be a very competitive athlete runner. I've been running since Middle School till senior in High School. I was known to be an endurance runner in Middle and High School. I've competed in races such as the mile, 2 mile, 4x8 relay races, and cross country. I was top best runner at Hueytown High and won over 6 metals, 4 from Track and Field and 2 from Cross Country.
Drawing is a gift that I have no control over. Drawing is my hobby, my life, and my obsession. I'm considered to be a very talented artist from as far back as Elementary School. I've was rewarded with Hueytown Elementary Artist of the Year for 2 years running. I was giving the opportunity to draw ideas for elementary school plays sets (background sets). My main passion in drawing is pencil drawing (drawing black and white). I have a unique talent in drawing pencil designs of cartoon characters, anime scenes, and characters that relate to Japanese cartoons.