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Work History

Apr 2015Jun 2015

Sales Associate


- Inventory

-Customer Service

-Product Placement



Aug 2014May 2018

Vet Science

Arizona Western College
Aug 2010May 2014

General Education

Cibola High School


Fast Learner

As a person that enjoys trying new things the skill of picking on procedure's and orders came as second nature. I work hard on understanding and being able to complete a new task that is given to me, I give my all in anything I do, especially on a new task.


Communicating with others is very important to me, so I took it upon my self to really learn to listen and respond to peoples requests, concerns, and even comments so they understand that they have my undivided attention. I have greatly improved my skill of communicating with employees to have a better chance of productivity in the workplace. I also am very fluent in Spanish.

Customer Service

I have the ability to make any customer feel like they are welcomed and will do what is necessary for them to have a pleasant experience. I have experience working with difficult customers on a day to day basis to which I believe I have improved my skills greatly to make sure customers leave knowing they got the best service possible.