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Smartphone App Able to Conduct Kidney Tests

Qais Al-Awqati is the chief of the Nephrology Division at Columbia and the Jay I. Meltzer Professor of Nephrology & Hypertension at Columbia University. Qais Al-Awqati is best known for his work in identifying the molecular basis of hydrogen transport in kidney cells. In recent news regarding the fight against kidney disease, scientists have created a device that conducts kidney tests and sends results using a smartphone peripheral. UCLA researchers say that the device could significantly reduce the need for clinic visits for those who suffer from diabetes and those with ailments of the kidneys. The device uses two small fluorescent disposable test tubes to measure results. One tube contains a control liquid, while the other contains a urine sample mixed with fluorescent dyes. The urine sample is injected into the device using a syringe; the device creates a beam of light that is captured by the phone’s camera. The image is then processed and sent to a database or healthcare provider using an iPhone or Android app. Scientists say that the test is accurate to within less than 10 micrograms per mm, which is within the accepted clinical standards for diagnosing diseases of the kidney.


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