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Qais Ashna

Qais Ashna


Qais Ashna is professional with proven success in Logistics and Charter of Accounts as well as financial management accounts. Qais has got vast experiences working in international environments with NGOs and private sectors. Strong research ability and highly developed supervisory skills, proficient in working with a diverse cultural and socioeconomic client base. Exemplary communication abilities verbal, written and new media. High attention to detail and efficient in fast pace, deadline oriented environments, sound knowledge on UN HR administration & Financial Management, solid IT skills with competency in hardware & software applications and ability to work as part of a team as well as independently.


To contribute to an enterprise in which my:

  • Strong interpersonal strengths are utilized for the benefit of projects and the bottom line
  • Extensive cross cultural experience and ability to connect with foreign cultures at all levels is exploited
  • Enjoyment of and ability to thrive in remote areas, or in a solitary appointment, contributes to the competitive edge
  • Experience in a range of business and government sectors is used to expand business opportunities
  • Capacity to assess and live with high risk is used to full advantage
  • Experience in team building contributes to the overall effort
  • Strong analytical, research, and written and spoken word skills contribute to the bottom line
  • Willingness to learn and try new things expands my own experience portfolio




Apr 2013 - Present
American University of Afghanistan

-FIA-FA1 (Recording Financial Transactions) -FIA-MA1 (Management Information) -FIA-FA2 (Maintaining Financial Records) -FIA-MA2(Maintaining Costs & Finance) -ACCA-F1 (Accounting in Business) -ACCA-F2 (Management Accounting) - ACCA-F3 (Financial Accounting) ACCA F6 Taxation & CMA (Certified Management Accounting) in progress...

Bacheloar in Business Administration

Mar 2012 - Apr 2016

on my last year of graduation

Work History

Work History

Convoy Leader

Jun 2015 - Apr 2016

WFP is looking to recruit for the role of Convoy liaison to manage the escort and convoy movement of all WFP commercial movements. The incumbent will be working under overall supervision of Head of Logistics and director.

supervision of Deputy Head of Logistics.

The Convoy Liaison Officer will be based in Kabul WFP Warehouse and will have to travel to provinces. He will be responsible for all convoy movements to field. He will also be responsible for coordination with WFP Logistics, WFP Warehouse, WFP Fleet In-charge, CTG Operations, and MOl. The Convoy Liaison Officer will also establish strong links with Afghan local authorities (ANP/APPF) as well as with WFP provincial offices.

The Convoy Liaison Officer should have the skills to coordinate and manage the convoy departure time with MOl security escorts and make sure all the trucks are loaded and ready for departure. The person will make sure that drivers/convoy leaders are briefed about the forthcoming mission. The person shall follow the mission from start to finish, inform WFP immediately and address issues proactively.     

Logistics Officer

Feb 2009 - Jun 2015
CTG Global
  • Preparation and Issue of RFQ, negotiations with vendors and providers.
  • Issue Purchase Orders.
  • Monitor, track and expedite all CTG procurement & logistics activities;
  • Manage the Procurement database components. Coordinate customization to the database and reports module in close collaboration with CTG HQ team to meet the specific procurement needs of the CTG.
  • Implement the customized CTG procurement.
  • Regular review of procurement requests in Database and follow up with further procurement actions collaborating with HQ procurement team when required
  • Track processing of purchasing requests from CTG staff to ensure timely and accurate completion; provide regular updates to requester; recommend customized reports from Database to facilitate effective tracking
  • Update the Vendors database component in Database.
  • Conduct vendors evaluations and coordinate customization with CTG logistic team
  • Monitor and maintain up-to-date CTG Property Inventory for all offices
  • Draft inventory reports on quarterly basis
  • Update inventory database regularly
  • Conduct quarterly physical inventory check for all offices
  • Locate and identify potential vendors and suppliers both domestically and internationally
  • Conduct cost/price, quality and past performance/timeliness review of bids received; assist other procurement staff in evaluation of bids
  • Work with freight forwarders to coordinate the transportation requests;

•           Perform other related duties as assigned by supervisor.

Sr. Translator & Interpreter (Night Shift)

Mar 2003 - Feb 2012
British Force ISAF

- Translation of technical terms & terminology, and must ensure that they are accurate and remain

consistent throughout translation revisions.

- Assist Labour Support Unit (LSU) in advertising jobs, downloading CVs, long listing, short listing and conducting interview.

- coordinating with the Guard room to bring candidates in the venue.

- conducting interview of translators as a panel member with the ISAF British Forces' LSU member.

- Screening, reference and background checking of interpreters/ translators in close coordination with MOI and NDS.

- Compile terminology and information to be used in translations, including technical terms such as legal

or military.

- Check original texts such as legal documents, scientific works, or news reports or confer with authors to

ensure that translations retain the content, meaning and feeling of the original material.

- Adapt translations to students' cognitive and grade levels, collaborating with educational team members

as necessary.

- Identifying information by categorizing, estimating, recognizing differences or similarities, and detecting

changes in circumstances or events.

- Proofread, edit, and revise translated materials.

- Refer to reference materials such as dictionaries, lexicons, encyclopedias, and computerized

terminology banks as needed to ensure translation accuracy.

- Translate messages simultaneously or consecutively into specified languages, orally or in words


- Researching legal, technical and scientific phraseology to find the correct translation.

- Proofreading and editing final translated versions.

- Providing clients with a grammatical, well-expressed final version of the translated text, usually as a

word-processed document;

- Using the internet and email as research tools throughout the translation process;

- Identify and resolve conflicts related to the meanings of words, concepts, practices, or behaviors.

- Compile information about the content and context of information to be translated, as well as details of

the groups for whom translation or Interpretation is being performed.

- Assist mangers and other staffs in translating technical materials into Specified languages.

- Communicating with people outside the organization, representing the organization to customers, the

public, government, and other external sources.

Supervise all Translation/ Interpretation at class and ensures appropriate translation/ Interpretation are

made as required.

- Providing support to all recruitment related issues with CPEF/ DynCorp.

- Provides oversight, administrative controls and regular appraise to the other Language Assistant on all

aspects of project activities in the Region, including FOBs’ personnel on the field.

- conducting all interview of the candidate and coordinating the venue with the candidates and preparing all interview sheet for the panel members. Provides direct liaison with Afghan Battalion Commanders of CPEF and DynCorp International


- Assist in developing the HR manual of CPEF.

- keeping good track of Annual/ Sick Leave records and sharing the updated copy with the Finance on monthly basis.

- Preparing the monthly payroll of the staff and giving a good back up to Finance.

- Work and instruct closely with other Language Assistant in order to receive capacity building and

linguist training in the class.

- Liaising with Field-based Senior Language Assistant to ensure accurate translation and interpretation

service is provided.

- To undertake other task as required.

Sr. Admin Support Officer

Mar 2008 - Feb 2009
CTG Global

STAFF MOBILIZATION: Assist in the recruitment of qualified Afghan staff on behalf of UN/IOM, UNHABITAT, UNOPS & UN-WFP through launching vacancy announcements, collect and pre select CVs, short list, coordinate interviews, process offer letters and contracts as advised by UN Program Managers & Officers and in close coordination with the CTG Portfolio Manager.

STRATEGIC AIM/ KEY DELIVERABLE: timely recruitment of staff as advised by UN program Management.

INDICATOR: complete contracts and related documents within 2 weeks after release of an offer.

VERIFICATION: Regular review by the CTG Program Manager.

PERSONNEL PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: Organize and regularly update electronic personnel files, maintain staff records, and provide such up-to-date Documentation to CTG and UN programs staff as required.

STRATEGIC AIM/ KEY DELIVERABLE: Improved organization of contract documents.

INDICATOR: Update and complete (electronic) personnel files reflecting agreed labeling.

VERIFICATION: Review of filing cabinet and electronic filing system, Weekly updated contract overview received by CTG Portfolio Manager.

PAYROLL MANAGEMENT: Process routine personnel forms such as time sheets, leave requests, expense claim forms, and ensure the timely submission of complete documentation to CTG Portfolio and Finance Managers. Collect copies of all CTG invoices paid by UN’s Finance Department.

STRATEGIC AIM/ KEY DELIVERABLE: enabling CTG’s Finance Team to process salary payments on time.

INDICATOR: Availability of complete payroll documents and updated payroll by 26th of each month.

VERIFICATION: Monthly review.

COMMUNICATION: Coordinate and act as a focal point for issues relate to human resources management. Coordinate the provision of all administrative, personnel and financial support required by UN and CTG, assist in developing a new CTG human resources management manual.

- Preparing payroll on the bases of received time sheet/ attendance sheet, leave request form and any other supporting documents as relevant.

- Considering the annual and sick leave/ clauses while preparing the payroll in reference to the staff contract clause should it be paid

- With consideration of any clauses of contract like unexpected office closure that causes their salaries reduced while calculating on the bases of

their attendance sheet.

- Updating the relevant ledgers, journals, cash book and petty cash book as per guidance and instruction with finance and/ accounts officer and


- Once the payroll gets approved by the client then invoices will be followed and issued for approval.

- Ensure administrative activities including records, procedures and filing system to be maintained in accordance with CTG Global rules and regulations.

- Ensure timely provision of logistical supplies and services, and keeping proper records.

Logistics Assistant

Feb 2004 - Nov 2008
DynCorp International - Kabul Afghanistan

Assists with administration of logistics operations including receipt, warehousing, transport, distribution. including shipping:

  • Tracks and monitors incoming shipments
  • Coordinates with warehouse assistant(s) to ensure availability of space in warehouse/distribution plans.
  • Maintains appropriate filing of logistics and shipping documents.
  • Ensures data correctness to facilitate clearing.
  • Liaises with clearing agent and ensures timely availability of documentation.
  • Checks all invoices for clearing/forwarding services against service requests.
  • Submits invoice package for certification.
  • Supervises day-to-day operations of clearing agent.
  • Records and retrieves information related to supply/logistics including receiving documents and data for input, and completes the established input procedures.
  • Submit regular reports for a continuous overview of supply chain operations including volumes, values, incoming goods, warehouse stocks and distribution.
  • Participates in regular warehouse physical inventory counts and submits subsequent inventory reports.
  • Produces official release and receiving documents.

 • Any other duties as requested by the supervisor.-

- Community-based Disaster Awareness & Mitigation Program (C-DAMP), as part of the overall Disaster Preparedness and Management Strategy, ADB is implementing a national public awareness program and a community-based awareness and planning components.

Office Manager

Dec 2003 - Feb 2004
Asian Development Bank
  • Policy and strategic support to the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, most recently through the Urban Management Consultative Group and support for the design of the National Urban Program as one of the new National Priority Programs.
  • Kabul Urban Upgrading Program: establishing community institutions and providing small grants for infrastructure improvements in three Districts.
  •  National Solidarity Program (NSP): supporting MRRD’s implementation of the NSP in six provinces covering 1,080 villages, with plans to expand to 1,940 communities in 2005.
  •  Literacy and Community Empowerment Program (LCEP): in partnership with Education Development Centre, launching a program to deepen the work initiated under the NSP in four key areas: local governance, literacy, savings and investment and micro-enterprise development.
  • Civil Society Empowerment Program (CSEP): in collaboration with the Foundation for Culture and Civil Society (FCCS), establishing a functioning small-grants institution supporting civil society activities in Afghanistan.

Closely worked with TV5 spanish journalists in Takhar & Kabul and provided them with cultural advice as per the sensitive situation required.




Qais has extensive experience in logistics and Portfolio who administered very challenging and growth portfolios with UN and other international organization. he has started to work as Portfolio Support with CTG Global in close coordination with UN-IOM, UNODC, UNOPS, UNWFP, UNHABITAT and provided best services to aforementioned organization while working with CTG a UN HR client.

Risk Taking

Qais has a very high risk threshold. He relishes the opportunity to undertake activities which have few metrics or precedents and is comfortable working in areas not initially familiar to him. That has been beneficial to and very evident in the work he has undertaken with ISAF and with DynCorp. While at ISAF have travelled to most of the Afghanistan provinces to contribute in ISAF & Collation mission.


competent in operating office package. competent in software & hardware. competent with Database.


Excellent corresponding & communication. Strong in English command both in written and verbal. Very familiarised with UN working system and was directly responsible for over all tasks requested by UN Program Managers and responsive for all nitty gritty issues floating around while working as CTG representative for UN from 2009 - 2013.

Finance & Accounts

Excellent in Management & Financial Accounts. Competent in payroll management, budgeting, forecasting, standard costing, taxation, performance measurement, Inventory management and auditing in accordance with the IAS, US GAAP and IFRS.  

Project Management

Qais is competent in Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resource, Communication, Risk, Procurement and Integration Management. He's got the aforementioned skills to to define activities in respect with time, and cost estimation,  cost budgeting and cost control respectively. Moreover he's applying Quality Management as one of the most important process in the life cycle of a project to determine the project is on track.



Tim Bishop CSM at British Force


Robert Cullinane - Assoicate Political Affairs Officer at UNAMA, Kabul-Afghanistan


Jamshid Poyan - Deputy Country Manager at CTG Global, Kabul-Afghanistan