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Qais Ashna

Security Assistant with WFP


Qais Ashna is professional with proven success in Security Management. Qais has got vast experiences working in international environments and private sectors. Strong research ability and highly developed supervisory skills, proficient in working with a diverse cultural and security client base. Exemplary communication abilities verbal, written and new media. High attention to detail and efficient in fast pace, deadline oriented environments, sound knowledge on ISAF security and International, solid skills with competency in software applications and ability to work as part of a team as well as independently.


To contribute to an enterprise in which my:

  • Strong interpersonal strengths are utilized for the benefit of projects and the bottom line
  • Extensive cross cultural experience and ability to connect with foreign cultures at all levels is exploited
  • Enjoyment of and ability to thrive in remote areas, or in a solitary appointment, contributes to the competitive edge
  • Experience in a range of security and governmental sectors is used to expand safety & security opportunities
  • Capacity to assess and live with high risk is used to full advantage
  • Experience in team building contributes to the overall effort
  • Strong analytical, research, and written and spoken word skills contribute to the bottom line
  • Willingness to learn and try new things expands my own experience portfolio

Work History

Jun 2015March 2017

Security Convoy Leader

WFP is looking to recruit for the role of Convoy liaison to manage the escort and convoy movement of all WFP commercial movements. The incumbent will be working under overall supervision of Head of Logistics and director.

supervision of Deputy Head of Logistics.

The Convoy Liaison Officer will be based in Kabul WFP Warehouse and will have to travel to provinces. He will be responsible for all convoy movements to field. He will also be responsible for coordination with WFP Logistics, WFP Warehouse, WFP Fleet In-charge, CTG Operations, and MOl. The Convoy Liaison Officer will also establish strong links with Afghan local authorities (ANP/APPF) as well as with WFP provincial offices.

The Convoy Liaison Officer should have the skills to coordinate and manage the convoy departure time with MOl security escorts and make sure all the trucks are loaded and ready for departure. The person will make sure that drivers/convoy leaders are briefed about the forthcoming mission. The person shall follow the mission from start to finish, inform WFP immediately and address issues proactively.     

CTG Global

Mar 2008Feb 2009

Security Coordinator

 Under the supervision and direction of the Program Manager or Operations Center Chief of Security, the Security Coordinator will effectively implement all appropriate risk management strategies, related to the safety and security, and the protection of assets in mission. Specifically, he/she will be responsible for the management, implementation and oversight of all security operations in support of staff and activities.


  •  Ensure all functions mentioned below are carried out in an efficient and effective manner whilst providing maximum security support to field operations;
  •  Manage and coordinate security operations ensuring that security procedures are implemented and followed as per the Country Security Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs);
  •  Coordinate all emergency/crisis management assets providing a timely and coherent response to incidents as they arise;
  • Provide additional operational support and guidance to the regional security teams as required;
  •  Liaise with and report to the Country Chief of Security to ensure that all relevant security information is disseminated in a timely manner to the appropriate offices, their staff and other stakeholders as required;
  •  Develop a working relationship with personnel and a comprehensive working knowledge of our clients Security system;
  •  Work closely with the Chief of Security to develop an effective security plan to support operations.
  • Be able to develop a security plan to support all projects and activities within the Country of Operations;
  •  Task and guide regional security teams and personnel to conduct security assessments and threat analysis as required, and where necessary provide feedback on proposed mitigation strategies for country and regional specific threats;
  •  Assist in the design and implementation of project related security strategies, security policies/standards and establish a concrete course of action for their implementation and review;
  • Liaise with the Operations Centre Security Department to ensure that training procedures and policies are implemented within the project to an acceptable standard;
  •  Maintain close links with Logistics, Operations and other key stakeholders to ensure that all projects are implemented with the highest degree of staff safety and security;  As required and in coordination with the Chief of Security, manage administrative, logistic and budgetary issues related to mission safety and security programs/procedures;
  •  Manage indigenous security and Police forces, conduct limited training and administration for them, and deploy them as part of the overall security plan consistent with requirements.
  • Offer leadership, management and tactical guidance to the International Security contracted staff and national security contracted staff;
  •  Perform other duties as assigned by the Program Manager or Operations Centre Chief of Security related to staff safety and security

ISAF (British Force)

March 2003Feb 2011

Security Assistatn

 Under the general supervision of the ISAF Line Manager, the Security Assistant performed as following duties:


  • Assess Kabul security situation on a day to day basis through local media, local council, Police PD  and other sources and keep posted local Afghan staff working for ISAF.


  • Make sure concrete information provided on daily basis.


  • Supervised as the direct line manager for local security guards, labors and Interpreters in area assigned; support the Afghan security guard supervisor in solving problems, security related dilemmas and report back to the Line manager.


  • Assist and Interpret the Line Manager & special forces in Interrogation and investigation of the suspects.


  • Act as focal point with local high ranking security authorities;


  • Conduct field trips to support Camp Bastion offices in the field at short notice as per the requisition of the J2 and LSU of Camp Bastion.


  • Be on call 24 hours a day seven days a week for supporting the Line Manager if required;

  • Liaise and coordinate with the local government security organizations and other appropriate national authorities on all matters relating to the security of local afghan staff working with ISAF and their eligible dependents and property; regularly updating the security focal point at Headquarters/Regional Security Adviser on security developments.
  • Make sure that building evacuation to a safe area implemented in case of fire, the fire arrangements are applied.
  • Keep updating the Lists of local Afghan and their dependents and keep them posted in respect to their personal safety in case if they received any threat from the Taliban.
    •  Updating the security plan.

    • Conduct Security & safety training, first aid training and other security related training that assist locals' safety for working under ISAF mission. 

    • Assessing threats to the local afghan staff members & their dependents, and report all cases where staff members and/or their dependents members have been suffered of the insurgents threat; communicate and coordinate round the clock response to all security related events involving ISAF local staff and their dependents.

      • Brief security to newly recruited ISAF local staff members.
        • Conduct security evaluations and providing advice on security measures for the residences of ISAF local staff.

        • Launch training on security matters and preparedness for local staff and their dependents accordingly.

          • Ensure that local staff maintain as low profile as possible during travels.


            •  Perform other tasks as required.


            Apr 2013Present


            -FIA-FA1 (Recording Financial Transactions) -FIA-MA1 (Management Information) -FIA-FA2 (Maintaining Financial Records) -FIA-MA2(Maintaining Costs & Finance) -ACCA-F1 (Accounting in Business) -ACCA-F2 (Management Accounting) - ACCA-F3 (Financial Accounting) ACCA F6 Taxation & CMA (Certified Management Accounting) in progress...


            Mar 2012Apr 2016

            Bacheloar in Business Administration

            Thesis completion in progress...


            Risk Taking

            Qais has a very high risk threshold. He relishes the opportunity to undertake activities which have few metrics or precedents and is comfortable working in areas not initially familiar to him. That has been beneficial to and very evident in the work he has undertaken with ISAF and with CTG. While at ISAF have traveled to most of the Afghanistan provinces to contribute in ISAF & Collation mission.

            competent in operating office package. competent in software & hardware. competent with Database.
            Excellent corresponding & communication. Strong in English command both in written and verbal. Very familiarised with UN working system and was directly responsible for over all tasks requested by UN Program Managers and responsive for all nitty gritty issues floating around while working as CTG representative for UN from 2009 - 2013.
            Finance & Accounts
            Excellent in Management & Financial Accounts. Competent in payroll management, budgeting, forecasting, standard costing, taxation, performance measurement, Inventory management and auditing in accordance with the IAS, US GAAP and IFRS.  
            Project Management

            Qais is competent in Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resource, Communication, Risk, Procurement and Integration Management. He's got the aforementioned skills to to define activities in respect with time, and cost estimation,  cost budgeting and cost control respectively. Moreover he's applying Quality Management as one of the most important process in the life cycle of a project to determine the project is on track.


            Robert Cullinane - Assoicate Political Affairs Officer at UNAMA, Kabul-Afghanistan