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Work experience

Jul 2009Dec 2011

Research Engineer

CASPR, M.A.Jinnah University

oAutomotive Fault Prognostics

  • Automotive Engine Modeling
  • Development of Fault Diagnostics /Prognostics Algorithms
May 2007May 2009

Research Assistant

CASPR, M.A.Jinnah University

oHelicopter Control:

  • Mathematical Modeling & Analysis
  • Developed Robust Control Algorithms to handle cross-couplings and parametric uncertainties in helicopter dynamics.
  • Designed and Implemented Controllers
    • H∞ Controller with Traditional Weights
    • H∞ Controller with Hadamard Weights
    • Sliding Mode Controller
    • 2nd Order Sliding Mode Controller
    • Model Predictive Control

oObstacle Avoiding Robot:

  • Linear Model Identification
  • Designed and Implemented Controller to deliver results in LABVIEW

oControl Engineering Lab

  • Designed & Developed Control Engineering Lab Course Work
  • Conducted labs on designed course work 


Jun 2007Jun 2009


M.A.Jinnah University
Jan 2003Jan 2007


University of Engineering & Technology
Aug 2000Jul 2002


Cadet College Hasanabdal



My Publications


  • Fault Diagnosis/Prognosis
  • System Identification
  • Linear/Nonlinear Controller Design
  • Microcontroller Programming
  • PLC Programming


Research Interests

  • Robust Control
  • Nonlinear Control
  • Control & Estimation Using  Sliding Mode techniques
  • Fault Diagostics/Prognostics 


  • Selected for Young Author program from International Federation of Automatic Control, World Congress, 2008, Seoul, Korea.
  • Selected for Student Award from Conference of Control Application, 2009 St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Among top ten students in Engineering tenure.

Research Activities

  1. Technical Committee Member, International Congress on Ultra Modern Control Systems 2010, Moscow, Russia.[website]
  2. Formulated IEEE Control System Society Local Chapter in Pakistan.
  3. Co-Supervised Graduate & Undergraduate research projects at M. A. Jinnah University.
  4. Reviewer of Journal/conferences: IEEE/ASME T. Mechatronics Control Eng. Practice, ACC, CCDC, CCC, ICUMT, CCA.


MATLAB Central File Exchange

MATLAB Central File Exchange

Shared Files

  • Differential eq. Solution Through S-Function [Link]Solution of differentialequation through S-Function
  • Differential Equation Solution In Matlab [Link]  A basic example which explains how to solve differential eq in Matlab
  • Homomorphic filtering [Link]Homomorphic filtering for beginners
  • ActiveX control example in GUI [Link]A simple example of activex control in GUI
  • Real time update of Simulink variables in GUI [Link]Real time upadate of simulink scope data on GUI (Gauge and Axes)



  1. Qadeer Ahmed, Aamer. Iqbal Bhatti, Sohail Iqbal, Robust Control Algorithms for Twin Rotor System, Lambert Academic Publishers, ISBN 978-3-8443-8053-8, 2011. (Monograph at Amazon)

Journal Publications:

  1. Qadeer Ahmed, A.I. Bhatti, M. A. Rizvi and M. Raza. Gasoline Engine Air Filter Health Monitoring by Second Order Sliding Modes. International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing. 2012. [Accepted for publication]
  2. Q. Ahmed, A.I. Bhatti, Q. Khan and M. Raza. Condition Monitoring of Gasoline Engine Air Intake system using Second Order Sliding Modes. Special Issue: Variable Structure Systems in Automotive Applications, International Journal of Vehicle Design. 2011. [Accepted for publication] (Preprint)
  3. Qadeer Ahmed, Aamer Iqbal, Imtiaz Taj and Khubaib Ahmed, Gasoline engine intake manifold leakage diagnosis/prognosis using hidden markov model,  in International Journal of Innovative Computing Information and Control, 2011. (Preprint)
  4. Q. Khan, A.I. Bhatti, M. Iqbal and Q. Ahmed, Dynamic Integral Sliding Mode Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems, in International Journal of Innovative Computing Information and Control, 2011.
  5. Qadeer Ahmed, Aamer Iqbal Bhatti and Muhammad Iqbal "Virtual Sensors for Automotive Engine Sensors Fault Diagnosis in Second Order Sliding Modes", IEEE Sensors Journal, 2011 (Preprint)
  6. Qadeer Ahmed and Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Estimating SI Engine Efficiencies and Parameters in Second Order Sliding Modes, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 2010. (Preprint)

Conference Publications: 

  1. S. Saqib H. Rizvi, A. I. Bhatti, Qudrat Khan, Qadeer Ahmad, Asad Hameed, Zahid Butt Smooth Sliding Mode Control for PEM Fuel Cell System In Chinese Control and Decision Conference (CCDC) China, May 2012.
  2. Rizvi, S. Saqib H.; Bhatti, A. I.; Khan, Qudrat; Qadeer Ahmad; Hameed, Asad, HOSM control design of PEM fuel cell using super twisting algorithm. In Applied Sciences and Technology (IBCAST), 2012 9th International Bhurban Conference on Pakistan,, pp.43-50, 9-12 Jan. 2012. Download
  3. Khan, Imran; Bhatti, A.I.; Khan, Qudrat; Qadeer Ahmad; , Sliding mode control of lateral dynamics of an AUV. In Applied Sciences and Technology (IBCAST), 2012 9th International Bhurban Conference on Pakistan, vol., no., pp.27-31, 9-12 Jan. 2012. Download
  4. Muhammad Amin Akram, Aamer Iqbal Bhatti, Qadeer Ahmed, Mohsin Raza, Model Tuning and Fault Detection of Automotive Engine Coolant System Using Higher Order Sliding Mode, 9th European Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis, 2011
  5. Q. Khan, A.I. Bhatti, and Q. AhmedDynamic Integral Sliding Mode Control of Nonlinear SISO Systems with States Dependent Matched and Mismatched Uncertainties, IFAC World Congress 2011
  6. Qadeer Ahmed, Aamer Iqbal Bhatti Second Order Sliding Mode Observer for Estimation of SI Engine Volumetric Efficiency & Throttle Discharge Coefficient, International workshop on Variable Structure System VSS 2010, Mexico. Download
  7. Qadeer Ahmed, Aamer Iqbal Bhatti, Sohail Iqbal, Syed Ijaz Kazmi 2-Sliding Mode Based Robust Control for 2-DOF Helicopter, International workshop on Variable Structure System VSS 2010, Mexico. Download
  8. R. Doraiswami, L. Cheded, Haris M. Khalid, Q. Ahmed, A. Khoukhi, Robust control of a closed-loop identified system with parametric/model uncertainties and external disturbance, ISMS2010, Liverpool, UK Download 
  9. Q. Ahmed, A. I. Bhatti, M. A Rizvi, LMI Based Sliding Mode Control Design for Twin Rotor System, SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications 2009, Colorado, USA.
  10. Q. Ahmed, A. I. Bhatti, S. Iqbal Nonlinear Robust control design for Decoupling of Twin Rotor System, Asian Control Conference (ASCC'09), Hong Kong. Download
  11. Q. Ahmed , A. I. Bhatti, S. Iqbal, Robust Decoupling Control Design for Twin Rotor System using Hadamard Weights, Conference on Control Applications, MSC 2009, St. Petersburg, Russia Download
  12. S. Iqbal, A. I. Bhatti, Q. Ahmed, Dynamic Analysis and Robust Control of the Stewart Platform with Moving Payloads, IFAC, WC 2008, 6-11 July, Seoul, Korea. Download
  13. S. Iqbal, A. I. Bhatti, Q. Ahmed, Determination of Realistic Uncertainty Bounds for the Stewart Platform with PayloadDynamics, CCA, MSC 2008, 3-5 Sep. Texas, USA Download
  14. Q. Ahmed, A. I. Bhatti Exploring LEGO Robotics to Deliver Insights into Control Systems,Robotics Educators Conference 2008, Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Academy. 

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