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Training Development, Organizational Development, Hunting, Camping, Boating, Scuba


Supervised/managed military and civilian personnel in a wide variety of work settings

Counseled military personnel on their compensations, benefits and entitlements

Developed training courses, instructed assigned personnel, designed course curriculums

Implemented advanced level system design training

Evaluated students knowledge and performance on a continuous basis during training

Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Career Counselor

Department of Defense

Top notch professional development educator; advised over 1,400 personnel on their retention activities and benefits

Expert manager, ensured 100% accountability on 483 special tools/test items valued at $275K

Revamped student enrollment; simplified procedures and increased accountability 100%

Brilliant scheduling mgt/oversight; resulted in 211 courses taught, 15.2K hours, 687 students

Outstanding oversight of training evaluation program; no discrepancies found from AF inspectors

Dec 2003Sep 2009

Instructor Supervisor

Department of Defense

Designed complex training curriculum with 67 qualification skills and 19 professional education subjects

Conducted 134 training courses with 264 students enrolled and 11K training hours in 6 years

Provided advance training including role play, informallecture, demonstration, formal lecture

Completed biennial review for two courses involving B-2 aircraft; tailored documents to meet requirements

Managed 40 flight simulators valued over $53M and 32K sq ft specialized training facilities within annual budget limit of $21K.

Procured student training materials valued at $75K at no cost; saved Air Force training expenses


Apr 2010Present


University of Oklahoma

Blends theory, research and practice with a focus on preparing service providers to aid individuals who need support and coping skills restoration, to understand people who have been alienated or disenfranchised from society and to more effectively reach and communicate with all people.

Jan 2007Sep 2009


Park Universtiy

Emphasis is placed on a behavioral science/management approach in which the understanding of individual behavior and group processes is combined with the techniques of the management of personnel within an organization.


Multicultural Team Building
Analyzing/Critical Thinking

Top Secret/SCI

Department of Defense