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Work experience

Mar 2012Present

Flight Operations, ATM Expert & Business Analyst


Strategic consulting in all aspects of flight operations, viz:

 Route and flight planning, airspace and air traffic management, and documentation.

 Aeronautical information and database management, including FMS alignment and flight planning system set-up.

 Advising new operators on flight operations and dispatch set-ups, including computerised flight planning systems with associated training, integration and cut-over management, ETOPS, RVSM, MNPS & RNP certification support.

 Accepting referrals and assignments for analysis & consultancy in all aspects of flight operations, including navigation and the management, updating and legalisation of aeronautical records.

Currently: assisting a client with the setting up of a new (low-cost) airline. 

Nov 2011Mar 2012

Senior Business Analyst


Strategic adviser on IT/B2B procedures & interface design for the Flexible Use of Airspace in partnership with ANSPs, Computer Flight Planning Service Providers, civil and military airspace users, framed on maximal interoperability and minimal airspace redundancy in near real-time.


 Managed workshops and meetings to determine user requirements and their technical & budgetary feasibility.

 Influential in expanding the cadre of stakeholders with B2B subscriptions to Airspace Management tools.

 Pro-active in the roll-out of the electronic Airspace Use Plan (eAUP) and updates (eUUP) for B2B stakeholders.

Nov 2010Oct 2011

Flight Operations Expert & Consultant


Strategic Consulting for air operators, including initial & developmental route plans & strategies, ETOPS, RVSM, MNPS & RNP certification support.

 Advised new operators on flight operations and dispatch set-up, including computerised flight planning systems with associated training, integration and cut-over management.

 Navigational database management, including FMS.

 Advice on fuel conservation strategies.

 Accepted referrals and assignments for analysis and consultancy in all aspects of flight operations, including navigation, and the management & updating of records.

Feb 2010Nov 2010

Aeronautical Analyst (Contract)

Navtech - EAG AB

Member of a small team to manage aeronautical navigation databases (including FMS) in accordance with NOTAM, AIRAC & non-AIRAC cycles for use by flight planning, FMS, company cartographic department and customer airlines.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

 Updated & corrected aeronautical navigation databases and copies of state Aeronautical Information Publications, using state AIRAC, non-AIRAC and Route Availability (RAD) Documents.

 Provided flight planning & operational support (e.g. help with Eurocontrol restrictions) for customer airlines.

 Performed quality audits and actively improved database veracity to meet increasing navigational demands on accuracy.

Value to the Company:

  • Provided customer flight planning support for Scandinavian Airlines and other customers. 
Apr 2008Mar 2009

Flight Operations Support, Aeronautical Information & Route/Flight Planning Officer (Contract).

Ruslan International Ltd
Provided flight operations staff with flight-variable aeronautical, navigational data and clearances for a fleet of heavy lift / out-sized cargo aircraft. Transmitted the data via email direct to the aircraft flight manager. Provided fleet and weather watch, origin to destination. Briefed applicable personnel on existing and potential air traffic delays and disruptions as well as political events possibly impacting operations.

Value to the Company:

  • Introduced a high specification, quality audited and cross-checked AIS and Meteo Service for briefing flight crews, flight operations staff and managers.

  • Achieved [time/fuel] cost reductions of ca. $1000 per flight by delivering real-time flight plans based on the latest forecast upper air data.

Jul 2003Mar 2008

Airline Flight Operations Management & Training

Independent Consultant


◊ Trained staff in accordance with US FAA Dispatch License regulations for customer airlines.

 Implemented and deployed updated computer flight planning systems & provided training for customer airlines’ staff.

 Planned and drafted initial route and network plans for customer airlines.

 Secured economic over flight, seasonal traffic landing, and ad hoc traffic / technical landing permissions.


 Initiated disaster recovery when a legacy computerized flight planning service provider withdrew at very short notice.

 Successfully deployed fuel management & cost index strategies to optimize fuel and time costs.

1 recommendation available upon request

May 2000Jun 2003

Operations Controller/Project Manager/Head of Navigation & Flight Data Services

Qatar Airways

 Effectively oversaw the acquisition & operational deployment of a new $10M computerized flight support system (Lido OC).

 Set up International high-speed telecommunications links with back-ups to remote servers hosted by Singtel.

 Created & published training documents and provided training for all concerned, as part of the associated change management and safety assurance programme.


 Delivered the project ahead of schedule and on budget, having negotiated substantial discounts on the package.

 Successfully executed disaster recovery when the legacy service providers withdrew at very short notice.

 Founded and managed a Navigation and FMS Data Services Department, together with an integrated Airline Aeronautical Information Service.

 Provided technical expertise for the company ETOPS & LVOPS certification effort.

 Instituted fuel monitoring & applied the monitored data to control engine performance degradation bias and enhanced this by applying cost index operationally (pre-and in-flight) to further control fuel consumption, cutting long-term, fleet-wide fuel costs by ~10%.

Oct 1999May 2000

FAA Licensed Aircraft Dispatcher

Britannia Airways Ltd

Performed duties as an FAA Licensed Aircraft Dispatcher.


 Trained junior dispatchers in the safe execution of international extended range (ETOPS) flights worldwide. 

 Influential in the roll-out and cut-over of a new computerized flight planning system, as launch operator for the [Jeppesen] system.

Nov 1994Oct 1999

FAA Licensed Aircraft Dispatcher

Lauda Air Luftfahrt AG

 Authorized, regulated and controlled commercial airline flights according to international statutes and company regulations to expedite and ensure safety of flight. # Generated computerized International flight plans, based on:

 Analysis of current and forecast meteorological reports to determine potential hazards to safety of flight and to select the most desirable and economic route of flight.

 Current and notified restrictions for the route of flight, origin, destination and en-route airports. # The amount of fuel computed for the safe execution of flights according to aircraft type, distance, maintenance limitations, weather conditions and minimum fuel requirements prescribed by Company & National / International Regulations.

 Calculated maximum allowable takeoff and landing weights, according to weather reports, airfield conditions, NOTAM and many other informational components required for the safe completion of flight. # Maintained flight and weather watch and updated Flight Crews of significant changes to weather or flight plan and recommended flight plan alternates, such as changing course, altitude and, if required, en-route landings in the interest of safety and economy.

 Provided flight crews with timely aeronautical information by means of a preflight briefing

 Assisted in obtaining over-flight, technical landing and traffic landing permissions, worldwide. # Monitored and advised all concerned on potential and actual air traffic delays, including political events worldwide that might bear upon the operation. # Updated Company records with post-flight data.

Oct 1992Nov 1994

Head of Clinical & Technical Dental Services

Asir GNP Hospital

Managed a hospital department comprising 30+ clinical, technical and ancillary staff of various nationalities.


 Established a training programme to teach English (at the request of staff), and to unify diverse clinical & technical practices as a quality assurance initiative.

 Coordinated & rationalized capital equipment and consumable procurement, thus improving inventory control and reducing overall consumable stock by some 30-40%, giving savings in space & wastage costs.

 Implemented flexible rostering to increase (by 10-20%) the number of patients treated and reduce waiting times.


Nov 1994Dec 1994

Sheffield School of Aeronautics

Trained and qualified a an FAA Licensed Aircraft Dispatcher.

Undertook further training and certification in:

  • Advanced International Flight Planning.
  • Extended Range Operations with Twin-Engined Aircraft (ETOPS).
Jan 1993Dec 1993

City & Guilds of London

East Surrey College

Distance learning course (course code 7282)  consisting of eight course units (listed below) with examination set at Redhill College.

Course Units undertaken:

  • Air Law and Regulatory Bodies.
  • Airport Operations.
  • Air navigation & meteorology.
  • Fuel/flight Planning.
  • Crew Planning.
  • Aircraft Systems.
  • Weight and Balance.
  • Class 'A' Scheduled Aircraft Performance (Pass with Distinction).
Sep 1971Jul 1974


Guy's Hospital Medical School, University of London
This course was undertaken as a scholarship (The Newland-Pedley Prize in Anatomy) awarded by Guys Hospital Medical School. Main fields of study:
  1. Research project in morphogenesis.
  2. Scientific methodology.
  3. Comparative vertebrate anatomy.
  4. Embryology, genetics & morphogenesis.
  5. Geology, stratigraphy and the evolution of the Earth.
  6. Palaeontology and archaeology.
  7. Palaeoclimatology / habitats / ecology.
  8. Palaeogeography / Plate tectonics.
  9. Clinical pharmacology.


Airlines Aviation Airports Flight Safety Flight Mechanics Flight Dynamics Aeronautical Database Management Project & Change Management Airspace Management Flight operations Air Navigation & Route Planning Document Management & Control Database Admin Aeronautics Change Management Navigation Air Traffic Control Flight Planning Project Planning Commercial Aviation Aircraft Integration Military Piloting Program Management Analysis Team Leadership Human Factors Management Quality Assurance Ticketing Safety Management Systems Software Documentation Airworthiness Strategic Planning ETOPS Amadeus Avionics Civil Aviation Aerospace Helicopters Systems Engineering Training Operations Management Aircraft Maintenance Defence Business Analysis  Sabre                                                                                              



  • Lufthansa Systems, Singapore, 2001: Advanced Training in Lido OC Flight Planning (Train the Trainer) & Data Maintenance.
  • Lufthansa Systems (FlightNav), Zürich, 2001: Advanced FMS Database Control & Management training.
  • Lufthansa Systems, Singapore, 2002: Advanced Training in Lido OC Navigational Database Management

  • SITA, London, 1996: Recurrent training in Aeronautical Information (NOTAM), Meteorology & Flight Planning.
  • Boeing, Seattle, 1997: Boeing 777 Systems, Performance & Dispatch.


  • Performance-based Navigation & air navigation in general, fuel conservation,
  • Electronic Flight Bag, 
  • ACARS / ADS-B developments and developments in aeronautical information management and presentation.
  • Human Factors in aviation.
  • Aeronautical Safety Management Systems.
  • Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) Water sports.
  • Cycling.


 Senior Flight Operations management executive with expertise in building & optimizing organizational processes, metric systems, and infrastructure to maximize business results in flight operations worldwide.

 Skilled strategist, transforming strategic plans into workable solutions and metering performance against key operational targets and goals in cross-cultural, multi-level environments.

 Results-oriented with an excellent track record of identifying opportunities for accelerated growth and cost reduction, corporate discipline & teamwork.

 Expert in modern air navigation and route planning, applicable to fuel conservation strategies and performance based navigation (PBN) procedures.

 IT savvy: experienced user of MS Office 365 products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, One Note, Outlook, Access, Project, and Visio).

 Multilingual: native English, fluent French & German and basic Arabic.


Flight Operations  Business Analysis  Project & Change Management ◊ Route & Flight Planning

Air Traffic / Airspace Management  Operations Control  Data Management  Document Control

Training, Mentoring & Support


Private Pilot (PPL)

Dec 1994Present

Aircraft Dispatcher

United States' FAA