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Work experience

Front Desk Worker

West County Health and Fitness

1. I handled day to day transactions working with customers. 

2. I sold memberships to prospects walking through the door. 

3. I made smoothies and coffees for customers. 

4. I cleaned the equipment at night.

May 2010Aug 2010

Front Desk Worker

Snap Fitness

At this position My main responsibility was to sell memberships.  Every time anyone walked in the door it was my responsibility to do my absolute best at selling them a membership.  After I got the person to become a member I would enter all their information in a computer and collect the dues for the first month.  Other than this duty,  I would clean and keep the club organized and neat and assist anyone working out who needed help. 

May 2009Aug 2009

Preperation Cook

Hometown Buffet

At this position I prepared many different types of foods every day.  I would come into work and a list would be set out of all the food that I had to prepare for that day.  I would then follow the directions for each item and complete it and either store it in the freezer for the chefs to use or give it directly to the chefs.


Aug 2010Present



I am involved in the Management Fellows program.  Management Fellows is a program geared towards students interested in becoming future leaders in the business world.  It includes a lecture series where successful business men and women come and teach what they feel important for success.  They also give us an insight into what they do and their field of expertise.  Along with this a semester long internship during second semester junior year.  For more information on this program a link is attached below.

Aug 2006May 2010

Highschool diploma

Marquette Highschool

Cumulative GPA-3.8 (unweighted) including AP U.S. Government/Comparative Politics and AP Psychology

1. Football (7 years)-This consisted of 2 hour practices Monday-Thursday with a game on friday night.  I was able to learn leadership skills and better equipped myself to work on a team.  This helped me be able to better cope with communication during high stress situations.

2. Wrestling (5 years)-Through wrestling i was taught a great work ethic through 2 hours of very intense practices and some morning practices before school.  This increased my mental toughness and made me an extremely competitive person.

3. Track (2 years)-This also taught me a great work ethic.  Through running for two hours every day after practice i was taught the importance of preparation and hard work.  I also increased my skill in working on teams through relay races such as the 4x400 relay.



I'm a freshman at DePauw University majoring in economics.  I am in the management fellows program and hope to succeed in the business world once leaving college.  I've held several jobs including working at fitness centers as well as cooking for restaurants.  I graduated from Marquette high school in St. Louis with a 3.8 GPA while doing sports all year.  I came to DePauw University to better my education and upon graduation I plan to get an MBA several years into my career.


1. Politics

2. Economics

3. Physical fitness and nutrition