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Work experience

May 2009Present

Sales Associate

Durham Limited
  • Helped design and make merchandise.
  • Set up merchandise to display at various shows.
  • Made sales and dealt with customers.
Jun 2010Aug 2010

Food Avenue Team Member

  • Managed a full-size industrial kitchen and cash register in the Target Cafe.
  • Dealt with customer issues and other work-related problems.
  • Closed the cafe by myself multiple times a week.
  • Trained and worked as a cashier on the front lanes on the side.
Jan 2009Jul 2009

Childcare Provider

Todd and Sara Folgelberg
  • Transported three children to and from swim practice at Richland Country Club.
  • Provided meals for them and watched them for around five hours a day.


Aug 2010Present

B.S. Interior Design

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


Interior Design
Because I am a freshman in the Interior Design Program at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, I am still a beginner in this skill. However, because I have excelled in the program so far, I believe that I will continue in building my skill as an Interior Designer. I have already taken such classes as Design Fundamentals, Sketching in Interior Design, Architectural Drafting, and Model Building and multiple projects in these classes have been sent to C.I.D.A., such as my Materials Board where I designed a living room.
I am currently building and perfecting my skill in drafting by hand, as I am currently taking an Architectural Drafting course. I have learned the correct techniques for drafting in pencil and in ink and have excelled greatly in my class. I began my drafting skill in Design Fundamentals, as our final project was to draft a floor plan to scale and design the layout of furniture and the furniture itself. My project was one of very few chosen to be sent to C.I.D.A. (Council for Interior Design Accreditation) for evaluation.
Having worked two retail jobs, I am skilled in working and communicating with customers. While selling products, I have learned that communicating with the customer is the most effective way to be persuasive and sell a product. I have also learned to deal with customer issues in a positive and effective way and to be patient and communicate in a way that is understandable to the customer.
Having taken such classes as Keyboarding and Computer Applications and Professional Writing, I am skilled in typing, editing, and formatting. I also have experience in web design and creating documents using Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint.


My interests include drawing and sketching, painting, photography (specifically nature and architecture). I am also interested in camping, boating, wake boarding, and other outdoor activities.