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Mindfulness, Performing Arts, Animal and Environmental Causes, Volunteering, Nutrition, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Canoeing, Dancing, Yoga, Pilates, Rollerblading, Diving


To create an inspiring classroom atmosphere that produces enthusiasm, self-confidence, and mutual support for inquiry and project based learning.

What Makes Great Teachers

Outstanding teachers have to be awesome multi-taskers; they have to have amazing time management skills;  they need to be notetakers; they need to be vigilant in assessing students’ needs, and following up when necessary; and they need to be meticulous planners, yet be able to change all of those plans at a moment's notice.  Teachers have to be on the ball at all times.  Aside from being a surgeon, I don't believe that there is any job more delicate, detailed, and important than being a teacher.  I learn through the words of my students, how much having a fun classroom means to them, and how much they appreciate the extra one-on-one or small group time I spend with them, to help them understand the materials.

Great teachers need to research their curriculum and best practices to give their students the best opportunities in their learning.  Being that theories, practices, and strategies are always changing, it is important for teachers to continue their education and stay up on the latest ideas.  How can we expect our students to gain knowledge if we are not knowledgeable ourselves?  

Outstanding teachers need to monitor their students' progress constantly, making sure to spend extra time for and with the students that need it, because teachers can be some of the best advocates children have.  Teachers reach out to their team members, mentors, co-workers, and all the resources they have to make sure that their students get the tools they need to succeed.

They need to plan their year, their units, and their lessons in advance, to make sure that they are ready for their students.  Teachers can't be there for their students if they are worried about how they are going to teach the lessons that day.

Phenomenal teachers make learning fun, engaging, student-led, and inquiry-based.  They use their students' multiple intelligences, strengths, and weaknesses to promote their students' learning and to help their students become better, more well-rounded people.

They make their classrooms welcoming, comforting, and safe for all.  They are coaches, guides, advisors, role models, cheerleaders, and advocates for their students.  

I am a teacher - and proud of it!


Danielle Cote

Ms. Cote is a colleague and was our Team Lead for grade four from 2015-2016.

Tim Triplett

Mr. Triplett is a colleague and was our Team Lead for grade four from 2014-2015.

Annia Duran-Chacon

Ms. Duran-Chacon was my supervising principal at The Columbus School from 2015-2016.

Jeff Richardson

Mr. Richardson was my supervising principal at The Columbus School, from 2014-2015.

Steven Hupp

Mr. Hupp hired me at Colegio Maya.  I've known him for almost four years.

Dexter Yee Yick

Mr. Yee Yick is a colleague and a mentor.  Being trained in Responsive Classroom, he mentors me in teaching to the whole student, and making valuable connections in the classroom.

Danielle Naimey

Ms. Naimey and I worked together from 2012 to 2014, as upper elementary teachers.  We often consulted with one another on challenges in the classroom, and shared our successes.

Stacy Sherman

Stacy was my supervising principal from 2012 to 2014, in Guatemala.


Sep 2012Present

Masters of Education

Framingham State University

This is a well known overseas program for international teachers.  American professors are brought down to Guatemala for two week sessions.

Jan 2008Jun 2011

Bachelor's of Arts

National-Louis University

Graduated with an overall GPA of 3.8 and a 4.0 in Elementary Education.

Lesson Plans and Artifacts

Writing Celebrations should be special for students. At ISC, we make them so!

Reference Letters

Work experience

Jul 2014Jun 2016

Grade 4 Teacher

The Columbus School
  • Developed curriculum for math, science, and social studies, aligned with Common Core and McREL standards
  • Implemented mindfulness program in the classroom
  • Led grade level team through numerous PLCs
  • Managed Destination Imagination team, as well as volunteered as a D.I.  Appraiser for Colombia’s tournament
  • Participated in Social Committee
Sep 2012Jun 2014

Grade 3 Teacher

Colegio Maya
  • Created curriculum for science and social studies, aligned with AERO standards
  • Engaged in Wellness Committee, Communications Committee, and TRIBES PLC
  • Volunteered with multiple middle/high school plays
  • Coached Juniors Cheerleading
Aug 2011Aug 2012

Grade 5 Lead Teacher

FOSCO International School
  • Responsible for curriculum development for grade five students (including all ESL students)
  • Integrated accommodations and made modifications to curriculum for autistic student
  • Choreographed and directed student performances for all major school functions
  • Co-taught school’s Eco-Aid Club (about environmental issues and first aid)
Jun 2012Jul 2012

PE/Swim Teacher

International School Saigon Pearl
  • Developed and taught summer PE curriculum for Nursery - Grade 6
  • Created and instructed swimming curriculum for Nursery - Grade 6
  • Co-instructed library/IT
Jan 2011Jun 2011

Student Teacher

Arlington Heights School District 25
  • 2 full days to 5 full days a week of observation and teaching in a grade 5 classroom
  • Teaching individual lessons with eventual full takeover of the classroom
  • Helping individual students struggling with curriculum during lunch and free time
Aug 2010Dec 2010

Practicum II Observation

Prospect Heights School District 23
  • 2 full days a week of observation and teaching in a grade 2 classroom
  • Taught 5 language arts lessons and 5 science lessons 
  • Helped individual students struggling with curriculum
Jan 2010Jun 2010

Practicum I Observation

Arlington Heights School District 25
  • 90+ hours of observation and teaching in a 4/5 multigrade classroom
  • Created and taught Social Studies Unit on Northeast and West US regions
  • Taught math lesson on Egyptian number system
Jun 2009Aug 2009


Robin Gilson
  • Playing and taking field trips to various parks, the library, the beach, the bookstore, etc.
  • Making healthy snacks and lunches
  • Doing light cleaning and dishes to allow parents more downtime and playtime when they get home

Lifeguard/Swim Instructor

Arlington Heights and Palatine Park Districts
  • Taught at all swim levels throughout the year, including all Parent-Infant and Parent-Toddler classes
  • Graduated swim aide courses and certifications at age 11



I am proficient in the following software:

Windows Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook
OS X Apple iWork: Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iWeb, iOS
Turning Point
Mimio Interactive

I also used the following website management systems:

Rubicon ATLAS
Google Docs

I have worked with the following curriculum: Words Their Way DRA2 TRIBES Learning Communities CAFE Daily 5 5th Grade: Everyday Mathematics Hands-On Equations Treasures  WEX History Alive! Interact: US History Longman Primary Mathematics (books only) SRA Real Science (books only) A-Z Reading, Writing, Science 3rd Grade: Math Trailblazers 6+1 Traits Interact: Solar System


Dec 2012Jun 2018

Professional Educator License (K-9)

Illinois State Board of Education

Self-Contained General Education (K-9)
Middle School Language Arts (5-8)