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Fort Madison High School





Student Press Rights

Personal Initiative

It takes a strong, determined individual to take initiative. This year, how did I step outside of my comfort zone? Get creative? Come up with a new idea or pursue an unusual angle? I can write, come up with ideas, get quotes, write captions, design a template, paint a poster and advertise. The majority of the qualities it takes to be a journalists, I uphold. I stepped out of my comfort zone when I was handed a camera. I know how to take pictures of me and my friends, but do I know anything about photography?-No. Kory Guzman, the Madisonian photo editor, and Karina Brownlee, a member educated in picture taking, helped me out a lot. Volleyball was the first thing I was asked to take pictures of. I didn't even know how to press the flash button! How did my pictures turn out? They were decent, and some of them made the page. Photography is definitely out of my comfort zone, and I had no other choice but to get creative, or else I would have had just a "blah" picture. Photos in a yearbook capture the moments and memories, they share expressions, and so much more! I had to come up with ideas and keep going with the belief I knew what I was doing, when I actually had no clue. As the year progresses closer to the end, I realize how important photography is. Kory, especially, has taught me how truely beautiful photography really is. Without yearbook, I wouldn't have been open to the idea of such a thing. My personal initiative that I had to tackle was holding a camera in my confused hands and capture What Makes Us.


"I fly with the stars in the skies..I am no longer trying to survive. I believe that life is a prize, but to live doesn't mean you're alive."

                                                                                                                                                                        -Nicki Minaj

What to know the Basics? I am a seventeen year old driven junior who attends Fort Madison High School. I have my priorities set straight, my goals in my mind, and my biggest dreams in my heart. If I want something bad enough, I go for it. Simple as that. I work hard for my straight A's and Varsity letters in school too. My family and friends, yes, they're extremely important to me as well, but I've learned at an early age you can't always count on them. I can easily be considered as "independent," because A. I live on my own. B. pay my own bills. C. have a phone and car. D. I waitress at Amigos. E. I'm almost in every club, a sport every season.. but GHIJKL... I could go on forever.. Im not here to brag, only to inform you I can reach the greatest lengths and climb the tallest towers. People change and photos fade, but the memories will remain the same. My past, shouldn't matter to you, because it's about where I'm at and where Im going.

 I assure you I've came along way, and I will go far.  Believing in yourself is the first step.<3>


Being a part of something new, you're bound to gain new knowledge. With that you learn new technology skills. I've gained as well as improved skills over the past semester while working on the Madisonian publication. They include skills such as...

Yearbook AvenuePhotoshopUploading PicturesEditing on a ComputerOnline help sourcesCreating cutouts

Dealing with professional cameras

Goals for Term 4

  • Sell 200 yearbooks!
  • Come up with theme ideas for next year!
  • Fundraisers become a success!
  • Spreads are done well and on time!
  • Have FUN doing what we love.

These are my five main goals. Choosing just one is impossible for me. Selling 200 yearbooks sounds like a high goal, but I believe we can do it. Most students buy their yearbook last minute, like me for instance. I want to come up with theme ideas for next year, because the more prepared you are ahead of time, the better the results! I already have some written down in a notebook labeled "2011-2012 Yearbook Ideas." As a class, we have came up with some fundraisers, and I want them to be successful. To reach this goal, I will give all my effort in doing in whatever it is I have to do and with enthusiasm. My spreads will be completed on time and I will work hard on doing so. Wasting class time will not be acceptable. With everything, there needs to be some fun! So, I'm more than sure this goal will be met. Term 4 goals are set, and now it's time to meet those goals!


I have two jobs. My first one is a waitress at Amigos restaurant. My second is training a horse for some people. I ride the horse for one hour five times a week and get paid $50.00 a week for that. I love sports and enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, track, and softball. This is my first year not doing track and softball though. Clubs are great too! Currently, I am a member of Yearbook, art club, DECA, FFA, Key Club, Speech team, FCCLA, and that covers every club that my school has to offer, except student government. That's is due to I was a new student this year. I got lucky, because FFA and DECA needed a secretary. I applied for both positions and recieved them. Also, I am chairsperson for public speaking in Key Club. I've always held leadership positions in previous years. Being active in my school and community is very important for me. I do all this stuff and still have time for me and friends.

Best Work

Even though this is my first year as a member of the Madisonian, I have learned a lot and came a long way. Still, I am very productive when it comes to the work, but what is my best work? The homecoming spread was my first spread EVER, but I had some great ideas to work with. During homecoming week, vandalists destroyed the track, and they hurt their permanent records with the authority. It was the heated topic for weeks during that time. With over a thousand different stories of what actually happened, I got the inside information, because those vandalists were my senior friends. They gave me all the low down, and I chose to write body copy for the homecoming pages. I tackled a story that would hit hard to some and very little to others, but it is what happened, its our history. I recorded it with quotes from all sides, gave it some humor, and did it with excellence. On the junior spreads, I came up with interesting infographs! Infographs are another one of my strong suits. Juniors Can't Be Tamed tells the readers if they could be an animal, which one would it be. I made them all into cut outs and put them right next to cut outs of the animals. Another infograph was Fist Pump Like a Champ, where juniors told readers which "Jersey Shore" character was most like them. They posed like the picture of the actual character. There were more infographs that I feel strongly about. They are a part of my best work, because creativity stands behind them. I despise cliche and over used boring infographs. One more thing I consider my best work is my advertising skills. I've been in a family full of business owners and all my best friends' parents own businesses. I am a born salesman. I know how to work with people, how to speak in public, how to promote, and I carry a strong expertise in customer service. Advertising is very important in yearbook, as well as fundraising. If you're going to have a well put together yearbook, you have to have money to do so. Fun, creative, and brilliant ideas and fundraisers help, and that's where I come in. My posters talk for themselves too! Working for the Madisonian, all your work should be considered your "Best Work."


"What was your single best moment in yearbook for you since the year began in August?" This question could be answered by talking about the Thanksgiving Day Party or watching Brianna's favorite youtube videos. Maybe I could talk about walking the halls taking random pictures or even the time Haylie jumped out of the locker for a video we were making and scared a teacher. Perhaps I should mention working on my spreads? Those were fun! Not to mention, I got to use my creativity. Well, I'm not going to talk about those things. Why not?-Because those are all things I, myself, will remember. All yearbook members will choose something along those lines. They'll choose something  funny or a moment that made them shed a tear. My best memory is not one I will keep forever, but it is a memory that others will never forget. By the end of this year, I want to have made an impact on each and every member. This is my highlight not only for this year's book, but its a highlight for my life. It's to make an impact in other people's life. I feel like the king of the world not when I have the power, but when I give my power to others. There is not one single moment that I want to express, because yearbook is not just a class to pass time. It's a moment itself. My moment is still going. From August until now, being in yearbook is my moment where I can help others and do what I love, this is my highlight<3>