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I have been using photoshop for quite a while. I started when I was in middle school and it went further with highschool. When i joined yearbook I used it daily in there and I also used it in my graphic design class. I still use it daily. 
I used InDesign for last years yearbook and also when I took a graphic design class. This year I used it to make various posters for yearbook advertising. 

My Portfolio


I am involved in choir and show choir. Choir is a class but, I see it as a club because we do several things outside of school. In choir and show choir I see myself as a leader because I am a senior. All the seniors have to be leaders to the younger kids so they have someone to look up to. I am a freelance photographer outside of school. I have done numerous jobs including weddings, seniors, family, couples, graduation, and many more. 


My character trait I would have to chose is Outgoing. It is a very cliche characteristic but, that's how I feel like I am. I try to keep everyone in a good mood which creates positive energy. Negative people create negative energy and thats what we worked with last year and I feel like you can really tell by looking at our book last year. This year has a more positive energy and our book looks more fun and bright. Outgoing means to be out there by making other happy and have fun doing it. When we have class meetings I try to get everyone involved. By being involved we have a more connected unit. 

Goals For Term Four

My goal for term four is to meet my goals on my pages, and come when I'm done with school and still help out when the underclassmen are still in school. I usually always finish my pages on time, but I think that should always be a goal no matter what because meeting a deadline is a big deal. Once you miss it, it could become a habit. Last year I had a few pages that were late and, I don't want that to start up for me again. Coming in when I am out of school is very responsible and shows I am very dedicated to having a good book. I will be there if anyone needs my help with anything. I feel like it shows a good example of what an editor should act like. Editors have a little more responsitility than others (not saying we aren't all equal). We just need to set good examples and show that we are there. I would really like to help in meeting with kids who are interested in being in yearbook as well. As an editor I feel like I would be able to diagnose who would be acceptable and who wouldn't be. 

My Highlight

This class in general is a highlight to me, to my life. When I go away to college or to a work environment I won't have a yearbook staff with me. It's strange thinking I won't be there with you guys to help and create a new book. Yearbook means so much to me. One thing that I can remember and that I will never forget is when we were looking at students senior pictures. There was one student in particular that we were laughing at. One, because of the awkward pose, and two because he looked like a she. We continued to laugh and then in chimes Ms. Dencker "Why would she want her picture to look like that?" in reply to that we said "HAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAH AHHHHAAAA HAAHAHA HAHA. THATS A BOY!!!!!! Haahhaa HAHA ahaaaha." I hope that the yearbook staff continues to be what it is today. Since a lot of people are leaving its very important that we find the perfect people to replace us. 

Best Work

I have done several spreads this year including the softball spread, choir, showchoir, title page, and the idea page (bucket list). I am currently working on two pages: boys and girls tennis and girls track. I would have to say my best two works would be the show choir spread and the choir spread. The show choir spread really works well as a whole together. The colors do not clash and they match each other. My dominant picture was taken by Brianna Hull but, I feel like it gives my page a very emotional feel, and thats what this years show choir season was. My captions for the page were fun and interesting. Other captions are just describing the picture, I tried to go deeper than that when I was asking my interview questions. I strategically placed my photos on the left and right sides according to picture size. Also, I made sure all the pictures were placed so they were facing in toward the dominant. The title page consists of mainly a photo, I think this photo is one of my best works because the composition, quality, and of course the editing. It was a difficult photo to edit. It took me a couple days to finish because I got pretty tired while editing it! I feel like I should really mention the idea page more in depth. I came up with the idea "Bucket List" from the show The Buried Life. They make a list of things to do before they die and they try to do them. I thought it would be neat if we did that. Karina and I worked on this page together. We had a lot of good team work. We tried many different variations of ow many picture boxes to put on each page but then we found the perfect way. We both took the pictures, and we both worked on design. I had a lot of fun also taking the pictures and working with her on it. By being an editor I have many responsibilities and, my classmates look up to me. An example of how i helped out one of my class mates to help shape their work is when Jackie did two infographs and her cut outs were not done to the highest quality. She just leaned how to do it. Her deadline was almost up, so I helped her redo them, and we got them in on time. 

Rights & Responsibilities

As a high school student, I feel like we don't really have freedom of speech when writing a publication for students eyes. Anything that would make the school look bad we can not wright about. For example there was a lot a drama going on with the girls basketball team last year, concerning a few girls on the team the coach and their parents. It was a very big deal but, I feel like if we would have chosen to write about it, if we had a school paper or anything we would have gotten in serious trouble. They want to put a censor on what high school students can read and write about but, they can't put a censor on a news paper, which is provided at high schools anyway. You can go to the library and ask for a news paper and they will give you one. They want High School students to act like adults and be adults but they don't allow us to do adult things. 

Personal Initiative

By looking at all the yearbooks and photos that have been featured in the books that are provided for the class to look at, I look at the photos in those and I look for a different angle I would take the photo and I do it. The way i get creative, for example, is when I'm thinking of a design for a page, I stop what I'm doing and I just think, and then it just hits me. When I was creating the show choir spread I didn't want to just do another bland choir page. So I thought about singing and then i designed the font shape and put it on the side of the page. I didn't want to just make it all design so I left room for captions and photos.