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A structural minded person who is a good combination between innovative mindset and critical thinking. Always thrive for excellence and practice self-learning. Keep a practical pessimism mindset and frequently expect for the unexpected events.

Work experience


Customer Service Member

AIESEC organization

Build close relationship with customers and solve their problems. Support customers in finding the suitable products.


Global Recruitment Manger

AIESEC organization

Recruit the qualified and suitable interns globally for business projects in Vietnam.

Achievement: Recruited 3 qualified interns and received good compliments. Referrences can be found below.


Organization skills

Maintain relationship, manage process and timeline.

Microsoft Office Skills

Using Microsoft Word, Excel and Office Timeline

Communication skills.

Good ability in communication and listening skill.

Recruitment Skills

Scan CVs and interview

Negotiation skill

Ability to offer the win-win solution.

Strategy planning Skills

Ability to establic a realistic plan.



IELTs Certification

IDP Corporation

6.5 score.


Certificate for participating in Logistic Overview Course

Logistic Institute