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Work experience


Faculty, Organizational Theory

Pepperdine University

Graziadio School of Business and Management

Top Ranked Business School, 36th in US News and World Report for 2012

Our mission is to develop values-centered leaders and advance responsible business practice through education that is entrepreneurial in spirit, ethical in focus, and global in orientation.

  • Teach graduate level courses in leadership and management, consistently rated high on student evaluations.(90% and above) 
  • Conduct academic research on leadership and values among senior leaders; spiritual values and compassion; leadership in resistance movements.
  • Present research findings at academic conferences
  • Serve on committees, render admission decisions, revise curriculum. 


Ledbetter Consulting Group

Leadership and organizational development consulting firm specializing in strategic business issues including leadership development and management training, strategic planning, and change management.

Provided consultative services to organizations, groups and individuals. Client industries include telecommunications, professional services, medical devises, government and non-profit organizations.

Selected engagements:

  • Conducted needs assessment to determine appropriate intervention among high tech employee group and facilitated team building. Results included significantly improved communication and team relationships, increased motivation, morale and profitability for the business.
  • Facilitated strategies for improved understanding of organizational change management for an executive team, resulted in improved communication, enhanced leadership assimilation of new members, and better morale.
  • Improved organizational effectiveness by conducting a strategic planning retreat for a team of executives and mangers resulting in clarity of mission and action plan to improve services offered by the organization.
  • Designed a leadership development program to initiate succession planning for national public company resulting in competency development initiative and improved employee alignment with organizational goals.

Doctoral Faculty

Union Institute and University

Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies Cohort Program

Union Institute & University’s Ph.D. program has been committed to providing interdisciplinary and socially relevant doctoral education for adult learners pursued within the context of a mentoring-based pedagogy and through the development of highly individualized programs of study and research.

  • Chaired Ethical & Creative Leadership Concentration
  • Taught graduate courses in Leadership and Research Methods
  • Conducted academic research, presented findings at academic conferences
  • Supervised doctoral dissertations
  • Served on program commiitees, and University wide Strategic Planning Committee

Assistant Professor of Organizational Management

University of La Verne

College of Business and Public Management

Master of Science in Leadership and Management Program

This program emphasizes the human dimensions of management. It is applicable where skills in change management, leadership, and group dynamics are demanded for professional effectiveness.

  • Chaired M.S. in Leadership and Management Program, 2006 - 2007
  • Taught courses in Management and Research Methods
  • Conducted academic research, presented findings at academic conferences

Organizational Consultant

Right Management Consultants

Provided consulting to TRW Space and Electronics Division to improve team and individual performance.

  • Designed and delivered workshops on change management to various departments in the organization resulting in increased knowledge of team dynamics and improved performance.
  • Redesigned workshop on values orientation for new employees, resulted in improved evaluation scores and enhanced learning of the relationship between values and performance.

Career Management Consultant

Performed career transition coaching among clients from a variety of companies and industries.

  • Coached candidates one-on-one and facilitated dynamic career transition workshops to enable candidates to move smoothly and effectively through the process of obtaining employment using creativity and excellent communication skills.

Vice President, Client Services Consulting

Engaged in client development; clients included Fortune 500 and major middle market companies.

  • Substantially increased client-base for the firm by initiating a regional strategy for providing leadership and organizational development opportunities to potential and existing clients using consulting and project planning skills.

Co-Founder, Director

De Pree Leadership Center

National leadership development organization offering workshops, seminars, publications and consultations.


Initiated and developed strategies and vision for start-up operation designed to cultivate values-based leadership in managers and executives of business and nonprofit organizations.

  •  Designed and presented leadership and management training to executives and managers throughout the United States, evaluations indicated high degree of satisfaction. 
  • Clarified organizational vision and values for Center and for clients by facilitating and conducting strategic planning seminars and workshops. 
  • Supervised team members to increase performance by identifying objectives, developing learning plans and offering professional development opportunities.


Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies

California State University, Fresno


Pepperdine University



International Leadership Association

Academy of Management

Society of Business Ethics


Ledbetter, B. (2010) Leading Self. In R. Couto (Ed.), Handbook of Political and Civic Leadership (pp. 886-894). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Ledbetter, B. (2008). Laity. In W. Dyrness & V. Karkkainen (Eds.), Global Dictionary of Theology (pp. 463-465). Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press. 

Ledbetter, B. (2005). Exploring the Intersection of Values and Leadership for Women Executives in the For-Profit Sector. Dissertation Abstracts International (UMI No. 3213230)

Banks, R., and Ledbetter, B. (2004). Reviewing leadership: A Christian evaluation of current           approaches. Trans. Chinese (2006); Korean (2008); Spanish (2009). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic.

Dissertations Chaired

Loyd, R. (2009). The Adaptive Work of Trinitarian Leadership: A Case Study of Pastoral Transition. Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH.

Montgomery, C. (2009). In Search of Race-Transcending Prophets: A Narrative Inquiry of the Role of Spirituality in the Leadership and Social Justice Practices of Black Men. Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH.

Honors and Awards

Fellow, Blended Learning, George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management, Pepperdine University, 2010-2011

Outstanding Adjunct Faculty of the Year, George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management, Pepperdine University, 2005

Glen and Gloria Holden Graduate School of Education and Psychology Scholarship for academic merit, Pepperdine University, 2004


Presentations to Professional Associations:

"Leadership & Team Building: Can Ethics and Effectiveness Coexist?" National Association for Purchasing and Payables (NAPP), Marina De Rey, CA, 2010.

"Leadership in Academic Nursing" American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), Landsdowne, VA, 2007.


Vesper Society

Board of Directors 2000 - 2005, 2009 - present

A faith based organization, advancing a compassionate world, which protects human dignity and enhances human potential. Vesper Society strives to meet the social, health, educational, and spiritual needs of individuals and communities. Our commitment begins the moment we recognize a challenge. We invite diverse perspectives and insights from those with whom we work. We support the application of moral and ethical values and the opening of cross-cultural dialogue.

Career Summary

Achievements Include:

  • Co-Founder, Director, De Pree Leadership Center, established to explore the intersection of faith and leadership. Initiated and developed strategies and vision for start-up operation designed to cultivate values-based leadership in managers and executives of business and nonprofit organizations.
  • Change Management consultant at TRW during acquisition by Northrop Grumman, lead work teams through a series of workshops dealing with the challenge of maintaining productivity while undergoing massive change.
  • Award winning teacher, facilitating learning for masters and undergraduate business students - changing organizations for the better, one student at a time.

Academic Presentations

International Leadership Association, London,UK, October, 2011,  " The Dialects of Leadership for Peace: Toward a Moral Model of Resistance as the Path to Peace"

International Leadership Association, Boston, MA, October, 2010, "Resistance Leadership"

International Leadership Association, Boston, MA, October, 2010, "Virtual Teams & Swift Trust"

Academy of Management, Montreal, Canada, August, 2010, Chair, All Academy Theme Symposium, "Organizing for Compassion: Compassion in Management Practice and Research"

International Leadership Association, Prague, Czech Republic, November, 2009, "Engendering Adaptive Work - Adapting Adaptive Work: Perspectives on the Work of Ronald Heifetz"

Association for Practical & Professional Ethics, Cincinnati, OH, March, 2009, "Ethical Values of Women Leaders: Benevolence & Achievement"

International Leadership Association, Los Angeles, CA, November, 2008, "The Courage to Lead: Leadership Themes in Scott Joplin's Opera Treemonisha"

International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics World Congress, Cape Town, South Africa, July, 2008, "Compassion Organizing Competence: A Case Study Analysis of the Masangane Program in South Africa"

Society of Business Ethics, Philadelphia, PA, August, 2007, "An Interdisciplinary Approach to Values and Leadership"

Western Academy of Management, Missoula, MT, March, 2007, "The Razor's Edge of Leadership: Simulating the Uncertainty of Business"

Western Academy of Management, Long Beach, CA, March, 2006, " Symphony"

Western Organizational Management Teaching Conference, La Verne, CA, February, 2006,

"Leveraging Group Projects for Organizational Benefit: 'The Triple Bottom-line' Approach for Team Project Assignments."

International Leadership Association, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November, 2005, "Leading Through Shared Values."

International Leadership Association, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November, 2005, "Women's Leadership Development."

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