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Travel, Exercise, Outdoor activities, Writing, Extreme Sports, Events, Celebrity News


I recently relocated to San Francisco from San Diego -- and I am looking for an amazing opportunity...

As a member of the San Francisco Examiner's marketing and events team and an editor/writer and marketing assistant for Karyn Buxman & Greg Godek Creations, I've developed my talent and expertise in writing and public relations.  My interest in these fields were heightened during my internships with KFMB News 8 and Formula PR, which improved my skills in broadcast and print journalism and enabled me to gain work experience in writing and production of television news.    

I am well-versed in electronic communications and like to keep current with technology trends.  I enjoy working as a team and my experience in the service industry has prepared me to work well under pressure.  I constantly find myself juggling multiple jobs, which has enabled me to become great at multitasking. I thrive in fast-paced environments and enjoy challenging projects that test my creativity and skills.

My passion is travel and I am extremely interested in social networking.  My work overseas for International Student Volunteers (ISV), as well as my time as an Exchange Student and experience traveling in over 35 countries, has greatly expanded my knowledge of different cultures and allowed me to develop several other life skills such as independence, flexibility and creativity.  My position for ISV trained me extensively in public speaking and my passion for traveling and experience overseas cultivated communication skills through contact with people around the world.

Work experience

Oct 2010Present

Marketing and Events

San Francisco Examiner

* Responsible for the set up and break down of equipment, booths and signage at marketing events as well as the distribution of promotional materials, interaction with clients, readers and general public.

* Traveling to various events, festivals and venues throughout San Francisco to promote The Examiner and its advertisers

Aug 2008Sep 2010

Marketing Assistant/ Editor

Karyn Buxman & Greg Godek Creations

*  Assisted in all aspects of marketing, research and editing for Karyn Buxman and the Journal of Nursing Jocularity (JNJ) including; Managed Bureau mailing marketing campaign, identified target markets, compiled data and conductive expansive research in niche markets

*  Proofread and copy-edited websites and helped achieve a strong, visible social media presence and develop concepts with viral potential.

*  Keep up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in online social networking and monitor online public relations and ensure the success of client programs.

*  Maintained a database of testimonials, communicated with clients and assisted with all other daily needs and demands

*  Assisted in the research for Greg Godek's new series of underground bestsellers; the "Simple Simon" series of business fables

*  Edited a vast archive of materials in the Simple Simon Archives including the title How to be Mildly Brilliant, a series of business fables about applied creativity and innovations

Feb 2005Sep 2010

Brand Ambassador / Trainer

Ignite Restaurant Group

* Led the marketing referral program with local hotels, schools and businesses, implementing several different marketing strategies and generating rewards for businesses in order to gain repeat clientele

* Managed the training program for new employees by going over paperwork, proper procedures and leading follow shifts in order to ensure knowledge of industry standards


Assistant Editor/ Administrative Assistant

George Walther, Speaking From Experience

* Proofread and copy-edited speaking material and information manuals

* Created and edited video projects for YouTube and use as speaking material

* Organized client information and maintained Telemagic and Cardscan databasis

* Gained extensive knowledge in Iphoto and Imovie through One-to-One sessions for video editing

* Conducted research and obtained information on several projects such as adding items to Amazon, trademarking and assigning ISBN's and UPC's 

Feb 2007Jun 2007

Recruiting Coordinator

International Student Volunteers

*  Developed enhanced public speaking skills by delivering presentations at high school assemblies and lecture halls at universities across Australia

* Coordinated and conducted meetings with students, high school principles and career counselors in order to promote our volunteer and travel abroad programs



Formula PR

* Developed and implemented PR programs and gained experience in marketing as a Team Leader for Cricket Communications promotions




* Gained work experience in news writing, reporting and production of the morning news


Community Service Leader

City of Orange Recreation Department

* Managed citywide special events and provided direction, supervision and support for youth ages five to thirteen


Greg Godek

"Ashley served a number of functions for me. I run a small publishing and consulting firm, Godek Creations. Ashley was instrumental in researching several of my books. She is an independent and critical thinker, and she often brought back relevant information that had not even occurred to me to investigate. Ashley is also flexible and willinging to jump into anything. She copied documents, filed them, created an organizational system, helped turn my piled of papers into coherent files; she wrote memos on my behalf; she answered the phone for me, and represented me in the most professional manner. I have worked with several assistants over the years, and Ashley is the most intelligent and self-motivating of the lot. She makes-up for all the bad press that the Millennials get."

Courtney Salway

"This is my personal recommendation for Ashley Schmitz.Until recently, Ashley has been working for Joe’s Crab Shack as a Brand Ambassador.Each Joe’s Crab Shack location’s General Manager selects a model employee to act as the “face of Joe’s” and market the Brand.Ashley brought in a significant amount of sales to the location through concierge programs, school partnerships, sponsorships and networking within the local community.She was a key asset in increased revenue and the restaurant being positive in same store sales.

Besides being a joy to work with, Ashley is a take-charge person who is professional, dedicated and able to present creative ideas while communicating and executing the benefits.Though she was an asset to our local marketing efforts she was also extremely helpful in other areas of the business including training, performing leadership roles, inspiring and motivating other employees.

I highly recommend Ashley Schmitz for employment as she is a great team player and would be a wonderful asset to any company."

Esteban Arroyo

"This is my recommendation for Ashley Schmitz. I worked with Ashley as her direct manager from February of 2009 until the end of July 2010. Ashley contributed to the opening of our new restaurant and early on built a great rapport with regular customers and fellow employees alike, earning immediate respect from management.

Ashley’s experience and professionalism was a great help in opening our new establishment. Ashley is an excellent communicator and seems to always show initiative. She quickly took to coaching and mentoring other less experienced employees ensuring a smooth and successful opening months.Over the year I consistently received compliments and praise from our guests about Ashley’s personality and demeanor. A bad day in a restaurant can be enough to put anyone off. Ashley was always composed, managed her time well and followed directives even during busy, strenuous shifts.

I’m saddened to lose a good employee but fully confident that Ashley will succeed in any endeavor she chooses. I positively recommend Ashley for employment as she was a great asset to Hooleys as I’m certain she would be to any business or organization."



Bachelor of Communications

San Diego State University

* Graduated summa cum laude with a 3.9 cumulative GPA

* Member of Lambda Pi Eta (Communication Honor Society), Phi Eta Sigma (National Honor Society), National Deans List, Phi Beta Kappa (Academic Honor Society) and PRSSA

Mar 2004Nov 2004

Victoria University of Technology

* International Programs Exchange Student

* Member of International Students Association and Golden Key International Honour Society


Computer Skills
Experience with Word, Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator, Factiva, Bacons Media Source, etc.    
Marketing and Communications
Extensive marketing and communications skills as a member of the San Francisco Examiner's marketing and events street team, recruiting coordinator at ISV, brand ambassador for Joe's Crab Shack and marketing assistant for Karyn Buxman and Greg Godek Creations
Writing / Editing
Extensive experience in news writing, PR writing and editing for KFMB news 8, Formula PR and Karyn Buxman and Greg Godek Creations
Online Social Networking
Up-to-date with constantly evolving technologies in online social networking and avid user of Yelp, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. 
Public Speaking
Enhanced public speaking skills as a Recruiting Coordinator for International Student Volunteers  

Writing/ Media Samples