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Work experience

Nov 2009Present


Hard Times Cafe

Working as a hostess has allowed me to meet many different kinds of individuals.  One must have a certain sense of focus and positivity when holding the position as a Hostess.  I enjoy when it gets busy in the restaurant because it challenges me to work at a pace that always keeps me on my feet. My warm and friendly personality is displayed within the means of this occupation seeing as I am required to greet people at the door with a smile on my face.  I am currently training to be a waitress, I love talking to people and hearing what exactly they have to say.  Holding a position in a restaurant, whether it be a Hostess or a Waitress, is a great preparation for any field of business that has to do with personal interaction with an individual.  I have met some of the most interesting people by striking up a simple conversation.  Through working at Hard Times Cafe, I have learned to build upon my social skills and I have also learned how innate it is for me to strike up a conversation with a random person, this gift of freely conversing will help me to fill in the gaps with individuals when I become a therapist.

Oct 2006Nov 2009

Sales Clerk

Montague and Son The Birkenstock Store

I gained prominent communication skills working at The Birkenstock Store.  As a small store interwoven in a strip-mall, interaction with customers was a very personal and one-on-one experience. I was trained to treat each customer with optimum value, it was part of my job description to get on a friendly basis with customers through conversation in order to build trust. Through my experience working here I was able to learn that I work very well with individuals on a hands-on environment and that I want a career in which I am able to hear the stories of others. I also learned that I do not want a career within the business community as a sales clerk. Not to say that I did not enjoy my position at The Birkenstock Store; but in a positive light I learned that it is not the satisfaction of selling a pair of shoes that makes me happy but rather the process that it takes to sell the shoes. The process in this situation is defined as getting to know customers on a personal level, hearing their story, and why exactly they need a pair of shoes to help them with their foot problems; I love the moments building up trust in the customer, accomplishing trust with the individual allows for the greatest satisfaction in my eyes.



All of the positions that I have held throughout my life, ranging from volunteer work to professional work, have shed light on what exactly I will do with my life.  I plan to become a Therapist and aide those who are less fortunate, it is my primary goal and dream to have my own private practice in which I counsel individuals. I would love to have a private practice within the comfort of my own home; however, I will be pleased regardless when helping others. I have participated in a considerable amount of volunteer work in order to evaluate my reaction to such events, it turns out that I am at my best when I am helping others. Furthermore, I want to help individuals to realize that they each have a personal worth and room to grow to their utmost potential.  I want to counsel individuals who feel that there is no hope in the world for them.  Children and preteens with depression, for example, have a hard time daily with daily life. My primary purpose in the work force is to talk to these individuals and show them the positive aspects of their life when they may be blinded to these positive aspects.


One objective that I have in the workforce is to obtain an internship in which I get an opportunity to work with the mentally ill within an interactive environment.  This summer I plan on setting up a meeting with the director of the Mental Illness unit at a local hospital in my hometown.  I will also be working at Hard Times Cafe as a Waitress to gain some extra money to help me pay for a car. I will become more involved in my community at home throughout the summer in my free time, that is, I will volunteer at soup kitchens and help out in nursing homes.

I have volunteered at a local Nursing Home while in my Freshman year of college at the University of Alabama. When volunteering, I typically play a few older songs to get the patients on a comfortable level and to feel as if they may spark conversation easily. After playing some songs on the guitar, I talk to the patients about their experiences as children and ask them how their day is going. Although I want a career involving the counseling of children or preteens, I believe that it is important to understand the human functioning of an elderly being in order to get a grasp on the entire spectrum of human development. I use my observations in the old folks home to compare how a child might be affected in the long run through their current experiences and therapy to treat the negative experiences. As a psychology major, I value interactively learning about children and elders function in society through personal observation.

I am in the process of creating a music therapy type of club in order to bring about awareness to the immediate effect that music has on physically and mentally ill patients. Through this club, I will form a new blanket of contacts that may possibly help me in my career in the future. Networking is an important technique that must be utilized in order for success. 


I am very interested in helping mentally unstable individuals through the  use of therapy, rather than simply prescribing medications to the individual.  One of my many desires is to show each individual that I work with how incredible they are and that they can do anything if they put all of their mind, heart, and soul into it.  I have an interest in music, however, I will be perfectly satisfied singing and playing guitar at bars and coffee shops as a leisure activity as well as a fun way to make a little extra cash. 

I love working with children, a career in child therapy would thus be most suitable for my desires.