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Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Owner Head Designer


My company name title. I developed the name of my company from my own sir name Velez. from which I plaln to rule the world.(just kidding). From this platform I work from my home based studio and engage in project both professional and personal.Though I haven't truly registered My company as an incorporation at this moment, the reservation is in place.

Feb 2011Present


Out of the box

Outofdabox Entertainment N.Y NEW YORK 2011

Jonathan Williams’s owner had commissioned me to illustrate a character for a horror movie entitled CLOT. The project entailed the creation of a demon god called the Bone King. I had been asked to design a hand drawing of the character as well as to design the Bone Kings alphabet and number system as reference for the props that would be used for the movie. I also have other projects pending involving storyboards for a separate project.

Apr 2008Present


Joe lion chidrens books

The Adventures of Joe Lion In “What Is That?” 2008-2011 N.Y NEW YORK

First of a ten book series currently in production. I’ve written and Illustrated my own children book.This project is very dear to me as I have had an opportunity to spend time as a father, quality time to enjoy with my own child this very colorful book. It is about a young lion that tries to be good but always gets curious. Luckily he has a faithful lifetime buddy named Moe “He’s a Monkey”. With a simple color subject identification system, The child can identify the word with the subject in the sentence.

Feb 2011Present

Web designer

John L. Berstein P.S.137m

P.S. 137M John L. Bernstein N.Y NEW YORK current

Graphic design

  • Responsible for Created a website for P.S 137M School
  • Develop concept for a website that can easyly and effectively connect teachers to parents as well as direct new student parents.
  • Develop concept on Photoshop and exported HTML web pages and image.
  •  Assemble in Dreamweaver, asigns links and rollovers.
May 2006Sep 2006

Backround Designer

The Motion Graphics Lab
The Anvel Motion graphics N.Y NEW YORK 2006  Graphic Designer • Commissioned to create digital art animations and backgrounds for Dean Velez owner and trainer for use of Adobe After effects. The work is displayed for free downloads as demonstrations for Aftereffects software on the official web site for


Aug 2003Jun 2004


Chubb Instutue


I Have experience with the development of Logo concepts for small companies as well and fashion graphic worksuch as transforming hand drawn concept to Adobe Illustrated flats for production as well as print design for clothing. I am looking for professional companies that are in need of original designs and or concepts.


My objective is to create dynamic images and animations within the main stream of the graphic art and motion graphic industry. As well as creating innovative ideas that will keep me growing with a company that can provide an outlet to experience and create at a higher level.

Work I have done


After Effects
I leared everything about this program from Dean Velez Whom had Been known for his work in the motion graphics industry. What I do with this is create 3d Imagery from Illustrator files that can be coverted by a  plug-in called Zackwerks. What this allows me to do is deliver true CGI preformace to a LOGO or shape. When I have finished animating I export as a Shock Wave Video to save as a web animation.
Photoshop CS3
   For the last seven years I have been using Photoshop. I begain to train with the program In Chubb institute were I learn how to construct images from digtal photo.  I use Photoshop as if it were a vector program.The entire childrens book I wrote,Joe Lion had been sketched out by hand then scan in to phototshop.The reson was simply  the ablity to move the shapes to reform and mold the way I wanted to with out restriction. Using the transform tool can save you hours of time of reshaping a vector frame with the warp mode you can take segments of the shape and move the anker points as a sepert group with out effecting the other points. You can do this too in Illustrator but for me it feels so much less restrictive as far as the steps you have to go through.  Then theres color. I can change the color of anything with out changing the light or shadow. In layer  adjustment mode, If you go to Selective Color Options you go to neutrals you can chage the color of the subject you desire.

Work that I have done


Aug 2003Jun 2004

Multi-Media Design

Chubb institute