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- Senior-Leadership Profile -

Commercial Real Estate Services | Facilities Management Services

Profit-Minded, Decisive, and Driven: increasing productivity, decreasing expenses, and igniting profitability. Multi-Location Facilities Management § Multimillion-Dollar Account Management

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For over 20 years, my expertise has been in multi-facility management with extensive technical management skill within data-intensive environments. Additional competencies include maintenance operations, benchmarking performance, objectives/goal definition, risk assessments; annual planning, and monthly variance processing.

I possess a successful track-record developing client-specific operational manuals, determining needs, and standardizing service level delivery. My superiors have relied on me to lead new account start-up teams and ensure timely and seamless service delivery.

►Restored profitability by redirecting multi-state plant management team's focus from account maintenance to new business development.► Managed increasingly and concurrent accountabilities in building/property management.► Excelled as coordinator and bank liaison for design, construction, lease negotiations, request for developer qualifications and bids.

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Areas of Expertise Include:

Multi-Location Facilities Management, Facilities Operations, Building Management, Operations, Maintenance, New Account Acquisition, Operational Controls, Performance Analysis & Overhaul, Lean Thinking Models, Diversity Leadership, Environmental and Health/Safety (EHS), Profit & Loss, Corporate Security, Communications, Business Finance, Cendor Performance, Cost Savings Initiatives, Carbon Footprint Analysis, Energy Efficiency, Staff Leadership, Program Development, Resource Management

Work experience


First Chicago-NBD Bank

Project Management  ► High-Profile Relationship Building  ► Advisor & Negotiator

Began career as building and property manager; rose rapidly through the ranks. Embraced accountability over two suburban planning and development projects (2.2M sq. ft. and 100K sq. ft.). Cultivated relationships with governmental authorities, attaining approvals to usher projects forward. Served as coordinator and bank liaison for design, construction, lease negotiations, request for developer qualifications and bids.

•  Captured 2.5% cost savings.• Gained $2M annual savings through outsourcing services.• Produced $5M in cost reduction – negotiate corporate waste paper management agreement.• Accumulated sales price of 96% of appraised valuation within 9 month while managing the OREO portfolio.



Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc.

Board of Directors ► National Account Management  ► Multi-Regional P&L

Capitalize on growth opportunities through senior-level relationship building and corporate partnering. Serve as customer interface. Hold monthly senior-management meetings, improving communications across client accounts, unifying teams and solidifying corporate support. Engage and present business solutions to clients.

•  Expanded contacts within the industry, grew division revenue by 8% year-after-year; gained 8 new clients despite economic downturn via alliance building agreements. • Won a 5-year Fortune 500 contract renewal with expanded services worth $45M through aggressive and persuasive negotiation strategies.• Achieved 22% account growth over a 3-year period with increased profitability.• Directed a $16M energy management program with a 218% ROI to date