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Work experience

Oct 2008Present

Computer Administrator

Smith Scholarship House

I am in charge of all house technology.  This includes software on the house computers, to the networking equipment, to doing tech support on the computers owned by the residents of the house.

May 2002Present

Farm Hand

Mai Farms Inc.

I run farm machinery such as combines, tractors, sprayers, and any other machines that get used by a farm.  I have been involved in the design and construction of numerous buildings, facilities, and small items to be used for storage or use.  Some maintenance of machines and equipment was performed regularly. 

I also provide some minor tech support for the electronics around the farm.

A wide variety of design projects are required.  These range from figuring out how to build something twice as tall as the machines used to construct it to improving current equipment.


Aug 2008Present


Kansas State University

I am currently a junior with a 2.988 GPA.  The areas covered by my engineering education range from programming to analog circuit design to digital circuit design.


Digital Circuit Design
I am able to create digital circuits of both synchronous and asynchronous design.  Methods learned so far for creating the logic includes boolean logic, a little Verilog, and some AHDL.    I am also skilled at working with specifications set forth by others, such as pin layouts, format of stored data, along with other things.  I can also create my own specifications and be able to see potential problems and benefits of those specifications.
C# programming
This is possibly my favorite language for when I need to make programs in a short amount of time.  I have learned how to use a very large variety of the provided data structures and how to make them work together to achieve quite fun results.  I am also skilled at creating code to work in a generic manner and using code provided by others to achieve my goals.    Another skill of mine is debugging and looking over other's code to find mistakes in their code.
C/C++ Programming
I am fairly proficient at programming in C and C++.  I am especially skilled at using code provided by others to perform tasks.  When given a style guide for the program and/or code I need to create I am fairly quick at picking up all of the finer points of the guide.    I am also fairly talented at making code very generic for use across a wide variety of applications and creating functions that adhere to a strict format necessary to be used by more than just myself.   I am also able to do a little bit of multi-threaded programming.  This is something that I attempted to learn on my own.   I am also particularly skilled in debugging and finding mistakes in the code created by others.


I have an extremely wide variety of interests.  My hobbies include playing piano and messing with electronics of any sort.

I enjoy programming, designing digital circuits, and generally just about anything with computers.  My favorite part of designing digital circuit is how much can actually be done with simply 1s and 0s.  Getting a digital circuit to work as desired is always enjoyed by me regardless of how simple it is.  The feeling of enjoyment only gets better with complicated circuits.

Coming from a farming background has also given me interests in mechanics, construction, and plants.