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Areas of Expertise

  • Infusing technology applications and information literacy across curriculum to scaffold 21st century skills.
  • Facilitating use of blended learning platforms and application of instructional data toward maximizing growth and acceleration of learning for all students. 
  • Guiding students’ creation of learning products that demonstrate communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. 
  • Scaffolding student research and project-based learning.
  • Collaborating with teachers to incorporate digital resources and tools to improve quality of learning.

About Me

I am knowledgeable about best instructional practices, and have a range of experiences as teacher, instructional technology specialist and library-media specialist working with diverse student populations in Alief I.S.D. and Houston I.S.D.  I am currently an Instructional Technology Specialist at Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion Magnet School in Houston ISD working to support and extend students' learning of concepts and skills through the integration of technology. Previously, I guided students’ in-depth study and inquiry around Social Studies and Science topics and issues within the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program at River Oaks Elementary School in Houston Independent School District.

I want students to effectively access subject-area content and to thrive as learners in the 21st century. So I approach my role as one that must improve what and how students learn. In my daily work, I target a range of cross-disciplinary learning strategies, such as developing questions, critically evaluating sources, note-taking, summarization, and drawing conclusions. In addition, I guide students as they develop learning products which embody a range of expression styles, tools and audiences and represent essential skills in communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. 

I provide support and guidance with knowledge creation both during and beyond the school day that is integrated into an overall instructional program. Collaborative relationships with teachers and members of the school community are the foundation in all of my work. I am:

  • Highly qualified in infusing technology and information literacy into the learning process.
  • Passionate about igniting student curiosity and developing student competence in gathering, analyzing, evaluating information toward knowledge transformation.
  • Experienced in collaborating with teachers to help students to become increasingly information literate, independent in their learning, and responsible digital citizens in their use of information and technology

From a range of professional experiences, I have developed a unique combination of skills. I have taught 3rd-5th grades and ensured students’ development of  required skills and a repertoire of learning strategies. As an Instructional Technology Specialist  and a certified Master Technology Teacher, I instruct and guide students in the use of technology to become 21st century learners who are becoming increasingly proficient knowledge creators, communicators, collaborators, and critical thinkers. I also partner with teachers to identify links with curriculum and learning goals in order to ensure students develop essential technology skills and habits of independent research. I was selected from a pool of applicants to travel to Saudi Arabia with other teachers from across the United States via the ‘Aramco Educators to Saudi Arabia Program’ in 2005. I traveled to Daharan, Riyadh, and Jeddah to study culture and education. In 2008, I was selected to participate in theJapan Fulbright Memorial Fund program, and studied Japanese educational practices in Tokyo, Nagasaki, and Unzen. In my continued efforts to engage and maximize achievement of 21st century learners, I have received training on the Independent Investigation Method (IIM) in 2009 and in 2010 completed the IIM Trainer Institute. In 2012, I have become a 'Google Qualified' Educator working toward becoming a fully certified Google Apps EDU Educator, and was also selected for an IB Academy to prepare for roles of site visitor and consultant.

Most recently, I have contributed a set of technology connections to the 2013 edition of IIM: Teaching Research Skills K-5 Teacher Manual. I also joined the Microsoft Innovative Educator Program which has expanded my understanding of ICT and 21st century learning design. I have created the Research/Technology wiki, Technology Tools for Learning, IBPYP Exhibition 2012 and  K-5 grade-level technology site for Walnut Bend ES which are used as tools for instruction and communication with students, teachers, and parents. On  Ed. Tech Reflections and  Literacy, Inquiry, and Technology blogs, I share my ideas and reflections about teaching and learnng. With links available here, view samples of my work and students’ projects.

Teaching Philosophy

Students are the starting point and at the center of everything I do as an educator. I want them to strive and reach for greatness, and I model this in my work ethic and in my own drive to succeed. To be effective, I believe that when my students become confused and begin to struggle, it is my professional responsibility to intervene, redirect, re-frame or sometimes just nudge them in another direction. My role is to model, demonstrate, stimulate, and monitor thinking in its many forms. I adjust and vary my approaches to ensure students connect with key concepts and essential skills. Understanding who my students are as learners is the key to differentiation and accelerating learning. Determining patterns of thinking informs my teaching, and enables me to match approaches to individual students. Formative and summative assessment combined with simply listening and watching are driving forces. I want to identify the kind of constructive feedback needed to address a breakdown in understanding in order to elevate and advance their abilities.

I think technology makes a difference in the connections students make to information and ideas, to one another, and to global audiences. It magnifies their interest and adds critical dimensions to the learning process. It is a natural ‘language’ of learning for our digital natives, where they can drive the learning process. It deepens and expands collaboration, communication, and creation. I think enduring understandings that have leverage in other disciplines and situations are an outcome of creating original learning products. Technology is essential to creative expression, and digital tools offer natural differentiation for a range of styles, and abilities. I believe that continuously expanding my knowledge of rapidly changing technologies allows me to create learning experiences that are more interactive, meaningful, challenging and relevant for my students.

I believe students must become effective communicators who can express themselves with clarity and persuasiveness through writing and speaking, as well as in multi-sensory digital mediums. Students therefore need a spectrum of literacy skills as 21st learners. Global and digital citizenship are 21st century requirements. Developing questions, critically reading and evaluating sources, note-taking and summarization, citing sources, and understanding how to avoid plagiarism all ensure students are better able to access subject area content across the curriculum. When students grasp these skills, they are empowered.

I want students to feel responsible for their own learning and to invest personally. Their work should feel important and worthwhile. I encourage and celebrate effort, persistence, and mutual respect. I communicate that I care about my students as learners and human beings. I understand how to make learning happen and how to create the conditions for a range of interactions with content. I design my instruction with the end result in mind--the skills, knowledge, and strategies my students need. New knowledge will develop from reading, questioning, and collaborative discussions. Opportunities to research, analyze, problem-solve and make connections to new perspectives also are important.

Just as I want my students to share their knowledge and respond constructively to one another’s ideas, I expect the very same of myself and of my colleagues. Learning with and from each other is not optional. It is essential. Reflecting on my successes and challenges helps me to improve. Reflecting and collaborating around best practices and resources with my colleagues and school community makes all of us better. Creating and sustaining connections to other educators locally and globally provides pathways to continuous professional improvement. Rich learning of the highest quality for my students is always the desired end result.

Work experience

Jul 2012Present

Instructional Technology Specialist

Houston Independent School District
  • Integration of digital tools & resources within students’ construction ofknowledge, innovativeproducts and processesusing technology..
  • Facilitating use of blended learning platforms and application of instructional data toward maximizing growth and acceleration of learning for all students. 

  • Implementation of  rigorous project-based learning as part of school-wide effort to ensure students perform at advanced achievement levels in reading & writing.

Aug 2004Jul 2012

Instructional Technology Specialist & Librarian

Houston Independent School District
  • Delivering information literacy instruction and providing opportunities for students to gather, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information.
  • Instructing and facilitating students’ use of technology applications to develop their creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking skills.
  • Collaborating with teachers to identify links with curriculum, learning goals, student information needs, and ICTresources.
  • Providing expertise in acquiring and evaluating information from reliable sources.
  • Bringing awareness of information issues to teachers, administrators, and students so we are socially responsible and ethical in our use of information.
  • Literacy development and promotion, cybersafety and digital citizenship.
Aug 2003Jul 2004

5th Grade Science/Social Studies Teacher, AIMS (Accelerated Math-Science) Program

Alief Independent School District
  • Developed Science and Social Studies instruction based on History Alive! Program components, content-area reading comprehension strategies, and hands-on science inquiry.
  • Individualized assessment and data analysis, evaluation and feedback on students’ progress.
  • Implementation of inquiry groups to developing collaborative skills and creating constructive in-depth learning around Social Studies and Science topics and issues.
  • Differentiation with respect to pacing, materials, process, product, environment, and assessment. 
Aug 2002Jul 2003

Library-Media Specialist

Alief Independent School District
  • Provided instruction in information literacy skills/strategies and in the use of information technology.
  • Provided opportunities for students and teachers to gather, analyze, evaluate, and communicate information.
  • Extended and supported curriculum through a collaborative partnership with teachers.
  • Promoted literacy and reading.
Aug 2000Jul 2002

Instructional Technology Specialist

Alief Independent School District
  • Delivered instruction in integration of technology applications throughout curriculum, modeling best practices to enhance learning.
  • Guided students’ application of technology skills in classroom assignments and projects.
  • Coordination of campus technology staff development on new equipment, software, and multimedia.
  • Webmaster for campus website.
  • Identified, developed, and encouraged a team of school technology leaders to help assist with technology issues.
  • In collaboration with principal, administered $175,000 Annenberg Budget to improve campus learning environment by addressing issues of school and class size, teacher learning, and isolation.
  • Designed and organized “Alternative Schedule” professional development program (training, formal study groups, meetings,and speakers within our restructured school day).
Aug 1999Jul 2000

Language Arts-Social Studies Specialist

Alief Independent School District
  • Collaborated with colleagues in assessing, planning, adapting, and delivering reading and writing instruction.
  • Supported teachers by modeling reading instruction with students in varied ways, including one-to-one, small group, and in classrooms.
  • Served as a resource for instructional strategies, as well as guided selection of instructional materials, includingtradebooks, textbooks, materials for students with special needs, and technology.
  • Provided professional development and support to teachers in reading, writing and social studies.
Aug 1994Jul 1999

Teacher: 3rd-5th grades

Alief Independent School District
  • Delivered literacy instruction to develop struggling, developing, and advanced readers’ use of word attack and comprehension skills.
  • Used diagnostic strategies to plan individualized instruction appropriate for students at range of developmental levels.
  • Developed student writers’ abilities to use stages of writing process to address appropriate audience, purposeand mode.
  • Involved students in inquiry groups in research context, creating constructive in-depth learning and collaborative skills.




Sep 2001Aug 2018

Learning Resources Specialist

Texas Education Agency
Nov 2008Aug 2018

Technology Applications K-12

Texas Education Agency
Mar 2006Aug 2018

School Principalship

Texas Education Agency
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Elementary Grades 1-8

Texas Education Agency
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