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Work experience

Dec 2014Present

Senior Software Engineer

Havelsan A.S

- Software Development including Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Integration and Testing.

- Advanced knowledge of C++ with OOD. Experience of network (TCP/IP UDP), I/O, Interfaces, STL, Boost library, GUI design and implementation(QT) on hand.

- Experience on Distributed Systems and Paralel Computing. Involved in projects that are developed with HLA and worked on multithreaded applications for simulation software systems.

- Interested to explore new technologies. Involved in application designing and creating application structure.


  •  Atak Helicopter Full Mission Flight Simulator, 2015
  • Qatar AW139 Helicopter Full Mission Flight Simulator, 2015
Dec 2011Dec 2014

Software Development Engineer

Havelsan A.S

- Developed Sensor Navigation module of  full mission flight simulator on Linux platform.

Tool : C++ on Eclipse IDE

- Software Requirement Specification(SRS) document was generated from System Requirement Specification(SyRS) documents. 

Tool: IBM Rational RequisitePro  

- According to the SRS, Software Design Document(SDD) was generated. For designing architecture, Unified Modeling Language(UML) approach was used.

Tool: IBM Rational Software Architect

C++ was used for the development of source code and unit tests(CppUnit). 

Projects :

  • Cougar Helicopter Full Mission Flight Simulator, 2012, Turkish Air Force
  • T38 Aircraft Simulator, 2012, Turkish Air Force
  • Skorsky Blackhawk Flight Simulator, 2012, Turkish Air Force
Sep 2009Nov 2011

Software Engineer

Environmental Tectonics Corporation Turkey Office

Worked at the Aircraft Training Systems (ATS) department as software developer under supervision of project manager Ebubekir Tipi.

Projects :

  • TUAF GYRO-LAB Spatial Disorientation Trainer (Gyro-Lab), 2009, Turkish Air Force
  • SAUDI G-LAB HUMAN CENTRIFUGE , Aircrew Training Simulator, 2009, United Arab Emirates Air Force
  • KOREA GYRO-LAB, Spatial Disorientation Trainer , 2010, South Korea Air Force
  • ATFS-400 CENTRIFUGE, 2010, South Korea Air Force
  • GL-6000 GRYPHON Simulator , 2011, United States Navy

Responsibilities :

  • GUI programming with QT(C++)
  • Overlay Application Development(Pilot Information on video)
  • Designing bus systems for IO modules(Interbus, CANBus)
  • Preparing testcases and unit tests(CppUnit)
  • HW/SW Integration and testing in United States(ETC USA office)
  • Maintenance on site
Nov 2010Feb 2011

Software Engineer

Environmental Tectonics Corporation USA Office

Project :

  • KOREA GYRO-LAB, Spatial Disorientation Trainer , 2010, South Korea Air Force

Responsibilities :

  • HW/SW Integration and testing of simulator.
  • Designing Network topology and installing softwares to computers on network
  • Testing bus systems for IO modules(Interbus, CANBus)
  • Interlock tests
  • Driver and motion tests
Aug 2008Sep 2008


Havelsan A.S

At the simulation unit located in techopolis, four weeks training is accomplished under supervision of project manager, Serhan Gokcebag.

Jul 2008Aug 2008


Gauss IT Zentrum

At the Information center of Braunschweig TU, web based application software for student was developed via using Java and PostGreSql.

Jul 2007Sep 2007


Havelsan A.S

At the Simulation unit, a controlling software for cockpit cameras was developed via using C++ with visca camera library. Under supervision of software project manager, Aziz Bekkine.


Sep 2011Jun 2013

Aerospace Engineering - Special Student

Middle East Technical University


To support my tasks in Havelsan, I need to know more about aerospace discipline, so i took following courses to understand control theory and applied those concepts to aircraft simulators.

  • System Dynamics(Control Theory I)
  • Automatic Control Systems
  • Aerodynamic
  • Introduction to Aircraft Performance
Sep 2005Jul 2009

B.Sc Computer  Science and Engineering

Dokuz Eylul University


The program ensures that graduates have knowledge in all the key of software engineering topics.

Senior Project :
3D Visualization and Localization of Breast Lesion on Mammograms.
- Currently in use at the mammography department of the DEU University Hospital.

Sep 1994Jun 2001

High School Degree

Ankara Anatolian High School



Jul 2006Aug 2006

International Summer Courses

Braunschweig Tecnical University - Germany

With the Scholarship by DAAD, i went to German for one month to learn german in BS TU.

Sep 1994May 2001

Sprachdiplom Stufe 2

Consulat of Germany

After completing high school education in german language, i signed verbal and writing exams during two weeks.