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United States Army– January 2001-January 2011

Chaplain Assistant |Staff Sergeant

¨Plan, coordinate, and implement religious support for worship services, funerals, weddings and special activities for two Army installations

¨Synchronized religious operations, spiritual readiness and basic human interaction to perform Commander’s Master Religious Program

¨Supervised and taught vital skills to Soldiers resulting in their professional growth

¨Responsible for 100% maintenance and safety for six buildings

¨Ensured electronic security by upgrading workstations and network printers to accomplish multi-complex tasks

¨Responsible for purchasing, maintaining, and reconciling suppliesin excess of $70,000 a year 

Work experience

Served as a Chaplain Assistant during varies tours of duty ministering to thousands of Soldiers over a 10 year period. Served as an Operations Non-Commissioned Officer and was responsible for the Integration of Religious Support Operations, Spiritual Readiness, and Basic Human interaction into the unit mission. Synchronized religious support and integrated the Unit Ministry Team into the tactical element to perform the commanders Command Religious Support Program in the total joint, interagency, intergovernmental and Mulit-National environment.Provided technical, administrative, battle staff functions and logistical support for worship services and ministry events along with other religious activities. Ensured reports, files and administrative processes for religious operations are complete and accurate for distribution to the appropriate personnel. Created, updated and supervised the publication of maps, charts, orders, annexes, estimates and graphics. Provided supervision and training to all subordinate Unit Ministry Team Chaplain Assistants. Ensured the logistical day-to-day operations of the chaplains office, accountable for Unit Ministry Team equipment and ecclesiastical supplies valued at over $75,000 and was responsible for ensuring that all equipment is ready for field operations.Assisted with casualty ministry and combat stress control. Managed, maintained, and supervised religious support facilities, staff and operations.

Jan 2001Jul 2011

Chaplain Assistant

U.S. Army Chaplaincy


The Army Institute for Professional Development

§Supervisor Development Course

§Manager Development Course

§Support Operations Course

§Defense Hazardous Material/Waste HandlingCourse

2004Mar 2010

Bachelor of Arts

Saint Leo University

The major in Religion builds upon a liberal education and emphasizes the dignity of the human person and the importance of informed and sustained personal reflection on religious and ethical issues. Religion itself is a field of fields which encompasses philosophical, moral, literary, historical, and psychological approaches to its subject matter. The major in religion is inclusive and integrative. Furthermore, it encourages students to enlarge their imaginations and to develop a more profound, holistic, and challenging view of the human person and the multidimensional reality within which we live.

Aug 2007

U.S. Army Non-Commissioned Officer Academy

The course curriculum includes instruction in the following evaluations:

Performs religious support duties in first level battle fatigue care. Provides for emergency ministrations on the battlefield. Prepares UMT section input to staff estimates, operation plans and orders. Implements specified elements of the Religious Support Plan (RSP) and Command Master Religious Plan (CMRP). Coordinates rites, sacraments, ordinances, and the UMT family readiness program. Organizes support for UMT programs, worship and small group training sessions. Conducts training on indigenous religious, cultural distinctions, and customs. Implements the religious support volunteer program. Provides intake interviews and assessments. Trains and performs religious support duties within the commander’s area of operation. Adapts UMT support to unit’s mission, enemy situation, terrain, troops and time available (METT). Coordinates the implementation of the RSP and CMRP. Assists soldiers in developing moral values and resolving conflict. Supports the combat stress control team. Organizes religious retreats. Trains family support group leaders. Assists families in spiritual renewal upon reintegration. Manages chaplain funds.

Sep 2005

U.S. Army Non-Commissioned Officer Academy

The course curriculum includes instruction in Leadership Skills, Training Skills and Warfighting Skills. To graduate, students must pass the following evaluations:

  • Land Navigation
  • Physical Fitness Training Evaluation
  • Individual Training Evaluation
  • Garrison Leadership Evaluation
  • Field Leadership Evaluation


Minstry to Ministers
Ministry to Ministers is confidential, caring hand of friendship to ministers of the Gospel through professional counseling.
Computer Information Management
First Aid & CPR
Public Speaking
Linguist (Spanish)



Defense Hazardous Material/Waste Handling

U.S. Army
Aug 2001Present

Linguist (Spanish)

Defense Language Institute
Apr 2011Present

National Career Readiness Certificate