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Other contributions

Member of the Board of IFMA, Italian Chapter ofInternational Facility Management Association from2001 to 2003.

Speaker at business conventions organised by Business International, Institute of International Research, Learning Resources Associates, IFMA, Milan Polytechnic.

Interviewed for inputon Facilities Managementfor professional journals : R.E. Real Estate, Gestire, Office Layout, Business Congress, Ufficio e Stile, il Nuovo Cantiere, Il Sole 24 Ore,

Other activities

Blood donor

A lover of mountains, skiing, ski mountaineering and alpine trekking.


Senior Manager with 20 year experience as Facility, Property and Project Manager- in Italy and in several European countries – at service provider and high-tech multinationals (Jones Lang LaSalle, SUN Microsystems and Digital Equipment).

Responsibilities included:

·Managing all aspects of the management and maintenance of corporate real estate and general services teams

·Site search and selection for new office premises

·Defining contractual terms with the Property Owners

·Managing projects and coordinating outsourced planning teams

·Directing the acquisition for outsourcing general services

Work experience

Jan 2009Mar 2011

Project Development Manager

Progetto CMR

Team Coordinator - 80 Architects/Engineers to develop residential, office, retail and civil engineering projects, € 5 – 6,000.000

Redefined internal work flows in order to optimize the technical and administrative handling of orders.


-Managed Project Cost, Quality, Schedule and Methods of Execution.

-Optimized processes with improvement in the financial performance of orders; 10% improvement in profits.

-Complete integration between the various teams involved in projects; 20% reduction in the time needed to complete projects.

-Improved the company’s computer system used to manage orders, eliminating redundant information and making important information more accessible (cost reduction 10%).

Apr 20112011

Manager of the Milan Branch

Nexity Residenziale

Coordinator of the Development Team – Managed new development opportunities, budgeting and financial operations

Supervisor of the Technical Office – Created construction cost data base and project implementation methodologies

Supervisor of Customer Care – Managed customer problem solutions and developed project contract database.


-Improved methods used to process orders. Defined new operating procedures and filing systems, created a database with construction and alteration costs.

-Defined search criteria to identify new development opportunities and created a data base.

-Improved management of customer calls after the handover of accommodation and solving of reported problems.

Aug 2006Jan 2007

Senior Facility Manager Italy, Spain and Portugal for the Sun Microsystems Account.

Jones Lang LaSalle

Managed an annual budget worth €17,300,000.

Coordinated the operations of 50 resources based in the 10 branches located in the three countries, for a total of 23,000 m2.

Directed the implementation of the new service delivery model on an entirely out-sourced basis for the three countries.


-Fast and efficient transaction to the new service delivery model in Italia and Iberia.

-Obtained JLL certification within 6 months after the implementation of the new model in the areas of EH&S, Finance, Maintenance and Service Delivery, the first and only case in Europe.

-Created Partner Company measurement criteria

-Created tools to control costs, coordinating the operations of colleagues based at different European branches.

Sep 1999Jul 2006

Facilities Manager for Italy, in charge of Property and Project Management

SUN Microsystems Italia

Managed a 25 person real estate and corporate services group for the company’s Italian branches, a total of 15,000 m2,

Directed the procurement of goods and external design and construction services for these branches.

Coordinated the Evacuation and Emergency Plan for the Milan branch.


- 25% reduction in the cost of services, with an initial budget of € 8,000,000.

- Completed new 14,000 m2 - € 18,000,000 premises within in 24 months, meeting schedule, cost and quality goals.

- Organized and implemented outsourced Facility services and execution of tenders at Italian and European level.

Dec 1988Sep 1999

Project, Property and Facility Manager

Digital Equipment S.P.A.

Managed real estate, site selection, design and construction of new branches.

From 1988 to 1994: Project Manager

Managed several projects concurrently, including contract phases, engineering and execution of work:

Gallarate branch office (5000 m2, € 3,400,000).

Pordenone branch office (1000 m2; € 700,000)

Several premises in the Milan and Rome (20000 m2, € 5,000,000).

From 1994 to 1998: Facility Manager for Central/South Italy

Managed multiple properties in Central - South Italy, for a total of 15,000 m2 and with a budget of €2,800,000.

1999 Project Manager. Directed the design and construction of 6000 m2 branch in Rome, € 2,600,000).


-Reorganized services achieving annual savings in the region of 10-12 %.

-Reorganized the layout of branches to optimize space and enabling the closure of several minor branches.

-In charge of the security system project for the Rome branch and preparation of new Surveillance procedures.

-Completed the new branch in Rome. Defined strategies, company needs and selection criteria, also completing the financial comparison of the various solutions and preparing the Proposal Plan, comparing the various solutions in order to obtain the funding needed for the initiative and preparing the technical and contractual documents required for negotiations with the Owner of the chosen property.




From 1889 up to now, completed over 30 courses, including Management Competencies, Technical and Facility Management and Real Estate law and Management.


Prodotto Edilizio & Innovazione Tecnologica : L’edificio Intelligente - Politecnico di Milano - 1989

Misure Antincendio e Piani di Sicurezza - Arkwright - 1991

La Manutenzione Programmata del Patrimonio Edilizio - 1996

Addetti Antincendio per attività a rischio di incendio medio - M.M.A. - 1998

Facility Management - Business International - 2002

Efficacia dei Contratti per la Gestione di Servizi di Facility Management - Istituto Ricerca Internazionale - 2002

Tendenze e Soluzioni per il Layout degli Uffici - 2002

Sistema Sicurezza: la Certificazione OHHSAS 18001 - Learning Resources Associates - 2002

Best Practice nel Facility Management - Business International - 2003

Conoscere il Mercato dell’Energia - Business International - 2003

Il Primo soccorso sul posto di lavoro, secondo il D.Lgs 626/94 - CAM - 2003

Property Manager Master Course - Istituto Ricerca Internazionale - 2004

Il Primo soccorso sul posto di lavoro, secondo il D.M. 388/03 - CAM - 2007

Modulo “C” per il Responsabile Servizio Prevenzione e Protezione ai sensi del D. Lgs. 81/08 - AIFOS - 2010

Costruire la Qualità in Edilizia – Oltre la Classe “A” - ANCE - 2010

Il PGT di Milano- Federarchitetti - 2010


Diritto Immobiliare - 1990

La Valutazione delle Operazioni Immobiliari - SDA Bocconi - 1997

I Contratti Immobiliari - Learning Resources Associates - 2004

Economia e Finanza Immobiliare: Valutazione e Fattibilità delle Operazioni Immobiliari - SDA Bocconi - 2005

Economia e Finanza Immobiliare: Strumenti e Tecniche di Finanziamento delle Operazioni Immobiliari - SDA Bocconi - 2005

Economia e Finanza Immobiliare: Asset Management Immobiliare - SDA Bocconi - 2005

I Contratti Immobiliari - Istituto Ricerca Internazionale - 2005


Problem Solving - Digital Internal Training - 1990

Management Essentials- Digital Management Institute - 1996

Management Conference - Digital Internal Training - 1997

Leadership Management - Digital Internal Training - 1998

Stress Management - Digital Internal Training - 1998

Managing for Success - SUN Training - 2002

Personal Planning & Time Management - SUN Training - 2002

Marketing Digitale: Metodi e strumenti per affrontare il mercato in modo innovativo - CFMT - 2011

Lingua Inglese

Vari corsi di Comprehension - Express English - 1996 - 2002

Oct 1975Jul 1980


Politecnico di Milano

Studies and qualifications1975: Graduated from Scientific High School in Milan1980: Graduated from Milan Polytechnic with a degree in Architecture, final mark of 100/100.1981: Passed the Italian State Examination for Architects.1983: Enrolled in the Order of Architects, Milan.

2006: IFMA International Certified Facility Manager.

2010: Qualified by the Fire Department to sign drawings pursuant to Law 818

2010: RSPP Manager (Prevention and Protection Service manager) – Law 81/08

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