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Ever since i was a child i always loved helping the elderly.When someone was hurt i always knew exactly what to do without being told.My grandma always said i would be inthe medical field because i always remained calm,knew what to do,how to handle any situation.As i got older i continued to assist elders and others without any hesitation.My life as been to help others reguardless of what the situation.iPeople always come to me for advice and guidence because i am a good listener,I like solving problems and enjoy helping others to solve problems.I later started working as a caregiver,than became HHA/Medication aide,than CNA/Medication aide and at my last job i was promoted to a supervisor.I have alot of strength,awarness,compassione,and am a good team leader.I like to teach and to help others when they are having trouble.I look at people and see when they have good potential and i can see their strengths and try to help others to grow to their full potentials in life.

Work experience

Aug 2007Aug 2010

CNA/Medication Aide/Supervisor

Sunshine Assistance For The Elderly

Assisted with all daily activities,showers,grooming,oral care,prepare meals,make sure medication taken,light housekeeping,wash,fold,and put away laundry.permoted to supervisor.I was responsable for overseeing staff,making responsable decisions reguarding the care of clients and staff while seeking advise and councel of other managers,encouraged others to be the best they can be,trainned new employees,went grocery shopping,called in medication refills,filled medication trays,made sure all narcotics were accounted for and if they weren't i addressed the problem and reported to the managers and proper procedures were taken, would solve problems, and if i needed help i would call my supervisor for advice,communicated with residents and their families,gave support to families reguarding their family member,ordered supplies from hospice,made sure residents were turned every 2hrs,checked for any skin breakdowns,brusing,made sure bed baths were given,charted on all residents,reported any complaints the residents or families may have pertaining to the care of their family member.Made sure all care plans were followed by all employees.

May 2004Sep 2004

HHA/Med Tech

Family hire (private duty)

Assisted with bed baths,lotioning,dressing,grooming,oral care,transfers to wheelchair,feeding,rang of motion,incontinent care,gave medication,emptied cath bag,pureed food,thickened drinks,ordered meds,ordered supplies from hospice,reported any unexplained bruses,turned every 2hrs,changed bedlinen,reported pain levels,checked respirations daily,filled medication tray,light housekeeping,notified hospice and POA when there were changes in the residents condition.gave reports to on coming shift,and made sure everyone charted everything done through out their shift also kept notes on the patients intake of food and fluids,and urine out put.

Jun 2003May 2004

HHA/Med Tech

Horrizon Bay Senior Services

Assisted with all daily living activities,showers,dressing,grooming,oral care,continent/incontinent care,medication reminders,and charted any changes in a residents behavior,also reported to Rn when there were unexplained bruses,complaints of falls,refusal to take meds or to eat or anything out of the ordinary.Also would check meds to make sure the proper meds were inthe weekly med trays and would report if there were any mistakes in the med tray and would put the right meds and chart down what i did and report it to the Rn.I mainly did the med reminders.

Nov 2000Jun 2003


Arden Courts Of Largo

Assisted with all daily living activities,such as showers,lotions,dressing,grooming,oral care,assist with walking with walkers,transfer from bed to wheelchairs,served meals,cleaned,washed and folded laundry,assisted with continent/incontinent care,room safety checks,escort residents to and from activities,assisted with feeding any residents who needed assistance,gave reports both verbal and written to Rn and the other shifts coming on duty,reported any changes in residents eating,walking,bruses,falls and such.


May 2009Jun 2009

CNA/Medication Aide

Florida Med Prep
Jan 1984May 1986


North Branford High School