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Work experience

Jul 2004Present


Cape May County Herald Newspapers

Cape May County Herald Column - Columnist

In August of 2004 I started a column for the weekly local paper, The Cape May County Herald, called Coastie Life.  My column featured stories about Coast Guard life at the Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, New Jersey.  This included everything from boot camp to people profiles to special jobs and daily responsibilities.  For this column I was bestowed the Chapel of Four Chaplains Legion of Honor Award.

After two years of writing Coastie Life I switched gears and started writing a much more personal column entitled Cindy's World.  Cindy's World has enabled me to be a bit more creative and typically includes personal memoires, humorous life events worth retelling and tongue-in-cheek stories about motherhood and life in general.


Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities (MAC) - Communications Coordinator  

Prior to writing for The Cape May County Herald I worked in public relations with MAC.  In this position I was responsible for writing promotional materials for the organization's tours, events and community relations.  This included media cultivation as well as on-air television and radio appearances.  During my employment I published three feature articles on the organization and its role in the community, as well as wrote and presented on the tradition of Victorian Tea, all of which were done above and beyond my job description. 


Sep 1987Jun 1990

Bachelor's of Arts

University of Southern California

In the years since earning my Bachelor's Degree I have taken several continuing education courses through Harvard and UCLA on-line in journalism, public relations and fiction writing.


Planning and Organizing
I love to plan and organize.  I take all projects, from work assignments to household chores and I break them down into smaller, manageable jobs that I can accomplished bit by bit until they are complete.  I utilize a calendar with deadlines, make lists, separate all the componants and then tackle a project piece-by-piece.  This not only enables me to be able to report on the progress of my work, it gives me total control over what's been done and keep in mind what's ahead.
Computer/Technical Literacy
Because of my field of primary interest (writing) most of my work has been done on Word, therefore this is the program I am most familiar with.  However, I put my proficiency as 'advanced' because I catch on very quickly and enjoy utilizing computers and technology for all aspects of my life, from professional work to personal organization.   In addition to Word, I am some familiarity with Excel and Powerpoint.  I utilize Outlook, Microsoft Notes, Skype and Microsoft Photo Gallery on a near daily basis.  I am also pretty internet savvy.   I am currently learning how to set up a blog and website, and when I have tackled that my next project will be to learn how to edit digital movies on-line.  I am always looking to learn more.
Public Speaking
In young adulthood I wanted to be an actress so I received training that helped me learn ow to emotionally connect with the words and story in a script.  I was able to transfer those skills a few times over the years and though I haven't had a lot of experience over the years to practice this skill, I do believe I am pretty good at it and I definitely enjoy doing it.  I would love to have more opportunities to develop this skill.
Analytical assessments
I am an analytical rock star because it is just how I am built.  I look at and assess everything from how the refrigerator should be organized to why one person is passive while another is aggressive .  I also possess a demonstrated talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streamlining complex work.   This skill comes in very handy with my rockstar writing and verbal communication skills.  It helps me structure my stories, focus my thoughts and frame my ideas.
Verbal communication
Who doesn't like to talk?  Well, it's more than just talking, it is communicating and that includes a number of factors, such as paying attention to body language, non-verbal cues and what is not being said.   I think I have a rockstar's ability to communicate effectively.  That includes being a good listener, validating another person's point-of-view and expressing my own points-of-view in a positive, non-confrontational way.  If I am in disagreement with another person, I am capable of presenting my side without creating contention. 
This skill very much goes hand-in-hand with being a rock star writer, and I love doing it.  I am endlessly reading everything I can get my hands on, conducting interviews (formal and informal) discovering wonderful resources on-line, in the library and in life and just figuring out where the information is and how I can utilize it in my work.
I am experienced writing press releases, news releases, feature articles, people profiles, newspaper columns and fiction.


I love to travel!  I am happiest with a suitcase in hand on the road to... anywhere.  Seeing the world is what I consider 'living life to the fullest.'

When I am not jaunting from one galaxy to another I love to do anything that involves spending time with my kids, getting close to nature, catching up on my reading, going to movies, visiting museums, visiting family... really just about anything.  I love to have fun and enjoy life.


After being out of the mainstream full-time working world for ten years I am excited to jump back in.  I know that a lot of time has passed, but I am actually at a much better place now than I was ten years ago.  The time has allowed me to mature and focus so I am no longer figuring out who I am or what I want; I know where my talents lie and how I can contribute.  I feel enthusiastic and driven, and, ironically, the time off has made me even more determined to succeed.  I hope a potential employer with whom I would be a good match will give me the opportunity to showcase my talent.


I am an award-winning freelance writer with experience in public relations, print journalism, travel writing and creative writing. I have published in newspapers, magazines and on-line.

In addition to writing, I love research and public speaking.

I have written just part time for the past ten years due to my choice to be a stay-at-home mom to my kids. However, I am now looking to expand my freelance work and would be open to a variety of opportunities, including marketing, public relations, features, direct mail, columns, travel writing, research for writing projects, speech writing, public speaking and other related assignments.

Because I often work from home, it is important to me that I have a reputation for being professional and honest. I earn the trust of my clients through a strong work ethic as well as dependability and reliability. The nature of my work requires me to be a self-starter who can accomplish a task and meet a deadline with minimal supervision.


My objective is to find employment either freelance or full time in a creative atmoshpere that will utilize my writing, research and analytical skills.  Ideally I'd love to be involved in projects that allow me to brain storm original ideas.  I'd also love to work on projects in need of development, planning and organizing where I can be an active part of its growth and then go on to use my public relations, written and verbal communications skills to promote it.