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An accomplished, dedicated, and goal-oriented M.S Physics Candidate with an extensive background in laser, optics, ultrafast optics and atomic physics.

Work experience

Aug 2010Present

Graduate Student Researcher

Physics Department - CSU East Bay
  • Working with state-of-the-art Frequency Comb, Femtosecond Pulsed Laser.
  • Perform Direct-Frequency-Comb-Spectroscopy (DFCS) of rare earth atoms (such as Samarium).
  • Design and construct experiment to observe previously-unobserved hyperfine structure of Potassium. 
  • Working on enhanced DFCS using VIPA (Virtual Image Phased Array) and CCD Camera. 
Jun 2007Aug 2010

Support Engineer

Intelesense Technologies

  • Derive and perform Q.C test plan for a versatile hardware platform for remote data collection (InteleCell).
  • Design cross-platform system watchdog and visualization engine for convenient system monitoring. 
  • Optimize and build a new generation of sourceless motion-capture system based on asynchronous communication between different optical sensors.
  • Design and prototyping Directed-Energy-Weapon sensor that can be mounted on a micro UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).
Aug 2007Jan 2008

Research Assistant

Physics Department - UC Berkeley

Experiment: Atomic Magnetometry

  • Design and build ultra-low-noise current supply for diode-laser.
Jan 2006Jul 2007

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Physics Department - CSU East Bay

Experiment: Effect of External Electric Field upon Atomic Vapor Density of Cesium in Paraffin-Coated Cell.

  • Optimize diode-laser system to observe absorption spectrum of Cesium.
  • Program LabVIEW to perform data collection.
  • Program LabVIEW to execute data analysis in real-time.

Experiment: Doppler-Free Saturation Spectroscopy of Rubidium.

  • Perform precise optical alignment.
  • Calibrate frequency of diode-laser to observe hyperfine structure of Rubidium.



Analog Electronics
  Experience with Operational Amplifiers and FETs. Design and build ultra-low-noise current supply to drive diode laser.   
LabVIEW - Instrument Interaction, Synchronization and Control. MATLAB - Data Analysis and Image Processing. Others - System Administration and Automation.
Laser and Linear/Non-linear Optics
  Precise optical alignment.  Experience with electro-optic components. Experience with diode-laser, solid-state laser, femto-second laser and the Frequency Comb. Familiar with ultrafast optics and wave-guided optics. Familiar with second-harmonic-generation, phase-matching and optical parametric oscillator. Familiar with holography. Trouble-shooting/problem-solving laser, optical systems.  Saturation Spectroscopy. Direct-Frequency-Comb-Spectroscopy.