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Soundly equipped to deliver educated, technical and Environmentally Scientific methods, procedures and performance.As a passionate advocate for the globe,I continue to support and participate in the Sierra Club, Palmetto Conservation, a personal website/blog and in the local community where I actively promote recycling, reducing the Carbon footprint and sustainability.  Boundlessly resourceful - I ensure consistent timely, focused completion of all projects, reports and job requirements. Attending numerous hours of formal education resulting in my degree, college credit and numerous certifications-has supplied me with a  conglomerate collection of knowledge.

Work experience


Associates in Cardiology & Internal Medicine

Wet Chemistry Laboratory Technician

Prism Laboratories, Inc.


May 2007May 2010

Associates Degee in Science with a Certification in Environmental Science

York Technical College


Equipment Maintenance & Experience
Meticulously prepare, maintain, calibrate, clean and sterilize analytical and clinical instruments, including but not limited to; Hach DR 2400, Perkin Elmer Analyst 800, Perkin Elmer Clarus 500, Perkin Elmer Series 200, 5905/5010 BOD Probe, Nephelometric Turbidity, PH Meters & probes, incubators, bath's-plus approximately a dozen more instrument experience. Experience working with routine Chemistry and Laboratory equipment, ie.. glassware, filters, vortex plates, stir plates, several pipette forms, Agar plates, glass slides and many more..
Environmental Specimen Collection
Following regulations and SOP's, collect  environmental samples of gases, soils, water and industrial wastewater to conduct tests on pollutant levels and identify sources of pollution. Prepare laboratory samples for analysis, following proper protocols to ensure that they will be stored, prepared, and disposed of efficiently and effectively.
Safety Trained
Continued updating of my certifications, regulations and laws that are ever changing. Focus of knowledge on federal & state agencies including but not limited to; OSHA, EPA, DOT, MSHA, CLIA, FDA, ISO, ASME, ANSI, DEA. See active certifications.    
approximately 8000 sticks.  varying methods-adult, children, pediatrics.
Clinical Laboratory Testing
Medical/Clnical Laboratory experience - collect, prep and process samples.  Instrumental of CBC, Chem, pt/inr, esr, ua, strep, bs. 
Microbiology Analysis - Water Quality Testing
Membrane filtration(MFC Broth)(mEndo broth): fecal coliform testing, total fecal testing. Microscopy set up, examination, modification--optical light microscopy, transmission electron microscopy,  scanning electron microscopy, bright field microscopy.  agar plating, slide preparation and analysis.
Analytical Chemistry Testing (manual/wet chem)
gravimetric analysis: titrimetry(Burette & Redox)., precipitation, vaporization. volumetric analysis.  identification, qualitative and quantitative precipitation, extraction, and distillation....
Water Quality Testing -
Biochemical oxygen demand, bod5, do, cod, alkalinity, total residual chloride, conductivity, turbidity, total solids, total volatile solids, total dissolved solids, total suspended solids, total volatile suspended solids.
Instrumental Chemistry Testing
Gas Chrom., Mass Spec.,  high performance liquid  chroma.,  flame atomic absorp. spec., furnace atomic absorp. spec.,  infrared spec., ultraviolet visible detect., refractive index detect.






Breath Alcohol Technician and Trainer

Intoxylizer 500

Certified Medical Assistant


CPR for healthcare providers

American Heart Association

Confined Space Entry/Safety

Virtual OSHA Academy

OSHA 10 Hour Outreach General Industry

Virtual OSHA Academy

Certificate in Environmental Science

York Technical College

HAZWOPER 40 hour

York Technical College