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Management Professional (Specializing in Multimillion Dollar Profit Growth in the Retail /Merchandising Industries)

Results-driven management professional with extensive, progressive and diversified experience impacting organizational performance by shaping and advancing corporate strategy to drive profits and maximize organizational growth. Dynamic leader with expertise in multimillion-dollar budget administration and leading large workforces in the execution of strategic operational plans and top priority initiatives. Recognized as an efficient leader and team player with a successful track record of exceeding sales and operational efficiency goals and effectively motivating personnel to provide superior customer service.I transform ordinary operations into industry leaders, improving efficiency and maximizing profitability. With my proven success in management of all aspects of profitable retail operations, cost-control, efficiency and labor, I have participated in the start up, growth, and management of a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 company.

Relevant Experience

Nexus Ventures, Inc 2010 to present

Business Consultant/Management/Certified Life Coach (CLC)

Consultant specializing in management of crisis communications, cause-related marketing, media relations, professional development training, and public affairs for government agencies and private enterprises; community relations, board relations, and development. Providing non-medical, in-home, personal care and support to seniors, new and expectant mothers, individuals recovering from illness/injury as well as continuing care for individuals facing lifelong challenges.

Old Time Pottery 2007 to 2010

Store Director Devise strategic plans to maximize and streamline operations profitability with full P&L accountability. Supervise department managers, assistant managers and general staff. Maintain inventory, determine sales and advertising strategies, provide excellent customer service, execute merchandising programs, and ensure safety and security standards are upheld. In charge of hiring, training and firing store employees.

 Top 5 sales increase of 5.2% in 2010 despite strong economic obstacles including major restructure of company. Staffing turnover rate was down from 43% to 34%, being best in company of 30 stores with ranking of thirdin accident rates having only one accident in 3 yrs. Coordinated complex sales activities which resulted in customer transactions being up by 7.8 % Y.T.D. Damages down 39.1% and inventory decreased from $5.1M to $2.2M effectively reducing shrink from 1.6 to .60 in three years.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Nashville, TN 1995 to 2006

Store Director

Set strategic direction and managed operations through a team of 25 mid-level and floor level managers for a multimillion 200,000 sq. ft. dollar Supercenter retail operation. Implemented merchandising strategies that ensured optimal conditions across the operation. Devised strategies to execute a major corporate leadership restructure and complex store remodel. Established challenging performance expectations and oversaw all grocery, perishable, general merchandise, garden center and customer service functions as well as $5.2M in general inventory.


It was a pleasure to work together with Kemp Dunaway, who was a proactive natural leader. Working with Kemp Dunaway I found him as a person with great background and deep experience.Highly organized and responsible,always maintaining very good relation with co-workers . He is one of the best managers I have ever met. He is an energetic team player with lots of knowledge in his field. I strongly endorse Kemp Dunaway. His big experience and wisdom can be an example for everyone.October 28, 2011

1stStacey Brewer, Assistant Manager/Vision Center Manager, Walmart reported to Kemp at Wal-Mart, Stores, Inc

It has been a pleasure to work together with KEMP DUNAWAY analyzing,developing strategic plans in our search of new job ventures.He is a deadline oriented, proactive and responsible colleague with skills to analyze and summarize ideas. Can focus on many tasks at once and never fails to deliver results. August 1, 2011

1stStan Jackson, Store Manager, Sound Shop worked with Kemp at Wal-Mart, Stores, Inc       

Eric Phillips(Subordinate) Support Manager/HR ManagerWal-Mart

I worked as a Support Manager for Kemp at the Wal-Mart in Tullahoma, TN where he was the Store Manager. Kemp is a very strong leader and he was able to communicate his vision for the store effectively. Being the store manager for a Wal-Mart Supercenter requires you to be involved in every aspect of the business. He made sure that the store ran at peak performance on a daily basis. He had on average 5 to 6 Assistant Managers that reported directly to him. He was able to effectively manage the different personalities of his assistant managers and have those all work for the common goal of the company and the store. He was a great coach and mentor and took his time to share his knowledge on how to run a high level-performing store. He was always approachable and he provided me several tools to help me be successful in my role as Support Manager. He was also responsible for building relationships with the local community. He created the competitive advantage that the Tullahoma Wal-Mart needed to surpass the competition. Kemp was always ethical with his business dealings and was fair to everyone he worked with. I was always proud to say I worked for the Tullahoma Wal-Mart and one of the main reasons was due to Kemp and how he operated the store. Eric Phillips  July 13, 2011

1stEric Phillips, Support Manager, Wal Martworked indirectly for Kemp at Wal-Mart, Stores, Inc

Kemp was my Store Manager with Wal-Mart and I was his Assistant Manager through my time with Kemp he took me and trained me to go to the next level in my career.Through Kemps leadership I was promoted to Co-Manager with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Now today I am Store Manager with Dicks Sportings Goods. If you want a dynamic leader and some one who believes in developing talent Kemp is the one you are looking at.                    May 12, 2011

1stvictor burke, Co-Manager/Store Manager, WALMART reported to Kemp at Wal-Mart, Stores, Inc