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To obtain a position at a company where I will apply my project management experience, education and leadership toward the continued success of the organization.


Reading, Taking surveys, Rollerblading, Travelling

Myers-Briggs Results


Extravert, Sensing, Thinking, Judging

Type Description: organized, group oriented, focused, conventional, leader, emotionally stable, anal, attention seeking, planner, realistic, fearless, responsible, finisher, decisive, norm following, respects authority, punctual, hard working, stiff, self confident, thinks rules and regulations are important, follows the rules, clean, outgoing, social, content, does not like being alone, normal, regular, strict, disciplined, aggressive, assertive, content, happy, proper, formal, strict with self, meticulous, strong sense of purpose


-Effective and efficient communicator-Detail oriented multi-tasker with a habit of perfectionism

-Optimist who takes pride in seeing all tasks to completion

-Builds strong and lasting relationships with all professional partners

 Software Products:All Microsoft Office including Access and Visio

Learns new systems quickly

Proficiencies: Project Management, Database Development, Website design, Business Communications


Sep 2007May 2011

Bachelor of Business Administration

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Bachelor of Business Administration; Marketing Analytics

Information Systems Certificate

GPA: 3.40/4.00

Distinctions: Cum Laude, Deans List

Degree date: May 2011

Relevant courses: Business Communications, Marketing Analytics and Technology

Proficiencies: Database construction, MS Office, Website design

Feb 2010Jun 2010

Murdoch University

Completed one semester at Murdoch University, Spring 2010

* Immersed in culture of the society

* Adapted to unique education style of the University

* Worked in teams with people from different countries and backgrounds 

Work experience

May 2011Present

Associate Specialist - In-Store Marketing Operations

Target Corporation

Contracted by Dahl Consulting, Inc.

*Given complete ownership of the 2012 Compare & Save Mini Seasonal event

*Managed execution of one of Target's first QR code programs for Holiday 2011 ISM

*Collect and organize creative assets; route creative and gather feedback; drive projects to be completed on-time and on-budget

*Own Target GiftCard ISM, RACE 2012 campaign, and assist in many other projects, as delegated

*Develop and maintain over 20 project timelines at a given time

*Initiate and maintain cross-functional relationships

Sep 2008May 2011


The Coffee Grounds

* Responsible for opening and closing the store

* Operated swiftly and efficiently under pressure

* Interacted with customers and solve customer conflicts while also educating them about store merchandise

May 2010May 2011

Director of Market Research

American Marketing Association

* Conducted exploratory research by surveying roughly 150 members

* Communicated findings and worked to better the organization

May 2008Aug 2010

Child Care Provider

Private Employer

* Ensured safety of three school-age children* Developed close relationships while also maintaining respect* Planned and executed fun and educational activities for children* Solved disputes by initiating productive conversations

Dec 2008Dec 2009

Director of Public Relations

American Marketing Association

* Prepared promotional materials that endorse the organization

* Assisted in gaining an average of 50 new members per semester

* Composed press releases as needed for the University Bureau

Work Samples


Project Management
My position at Target requires constant management of mulitiple projects that are all at different levels of completion. I have learned how to manage all stages, from project kickoff to execution, and adhere to timing goals.
Social Media Proficiency
Microsoft Office
Website Design
Created web site for Marketing Technology Course


Julie Nelson

I hired Brianna in September 2008 as a barista and in customer service at The Coffee Grounds.

Brianna exhibited excellent customer service and learned quickly and efficiently. She is friendly and polite which were important in helping customers and working with others in our fast paced environment. As a dependable and trustworthy employee, we gave her the responsibility of opening and closing the store.

Working by herself to open the store, she had to multi-task and problem solve and she quickly proved she was reliable and accountable.

Brianna had great ideas for our store and would implement and follow through with her suggestions.

In conclusion, I would recommend Brianna and am confident she would be a positive addition to your company or organization.

March 17, 2011

Dustin Walz

My name is Dustin Walz and I am an Assistant and Branch Manager at The Coffee Grounds in Eau Claire, WI. I am writing on behalf of Brianna Welle, who has worked for the company since September 2008.

In the time that Brianna has worked for us, she has proven herself an extremely valuable asset to our team. She is personable, punctual, and very dependable. Her impressive work ethic and attention to detail have made an impression on management, fellow employees and customers alike. Perhaps her strongest attribute, in my opinion, is her positive attitude. She is cheerful, energetic, and helpful; always willing to lend a hand or take the initiative on a new project.

In short, Brianna has been a model employee in the time that she has worked for The Coffee Grounds. I believe that the personal and professional attributes she has displayed here would translate well into any work environment and I would strongly recommend her to anyone interested.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

March 26, 2011