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Work experience



Cygate AB

Currently doing an Internship here working with Project Leaders and consults getting an insight and learning how they work and plan jobs. Will be working with hardware configuration of switches and routers later on.

Will also be working with projectbuilding and projectmeetings and see how these are handled and fullfilled by Cygate.


Glemminge Åker och Enteprenad



Certified Cisco Administrator


High competence, specialized education providing me with Cisco CCNA certifications and a very well planned knowledge of modern networks.

The education has given me a deep insight in all parts of switches and routers with most of the protocols that are used in todays networks. Alot of laboration time has been given providing a solid base for my future in IT.


Blekinge Institute of Technology

IT related courses such as C/C++, Digital Analysis. Learning how OSI and the TCP/IP model is built, coded and calculated using the different algorithms.