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Sep 2013May 2016

High School Degree / Associates Degree

Ben Davis University

Once graduated, I have made my associates degree.



I am very verbal when need be. I am able to give speeches and communicate with others with up most respect. I do not yell at others and if I do then I will apologize for it.


I am currently taking math classes. Math comes pretty easily to me. I have problems figuring out which formulas to use at times though.


I have taken a speech class and passed with an A. I do mess up on speeches sometimes but that is only when I am not prepared. I am able to speak to big crowds and love adding humor to my speeches.


I have had little expereince in this area of code but learning it seems very simple.


I have had very little experience in this field but learning it also seems simple. I'm more acquainted with Eclipse and notepad ++ though.

Notepad ++

I have done lots of things in this. I am still learning

Text Section

Personality - I am a very open minded, Kindhearted, and Humble person. If I do not know something, I will do my best to learn more about it. I know I do not know everything about this world, but it is a world worth learning more about.

Work Ethic - I do not like working but I will do it. I do not like my work to be non perfect so I make it as accurate and perfect looking and presenting as I can. 

View of World - I do not have feelings or show much of them because I feel that they won't do anything for me. I'm the type to "not cry over spilled milk" I will clean it up and move on.

Volunteer Work

Jun 2014May 2016

BDU Assistant (P.E.)

Ben Davis University

I like to assist in P.E. during the summer bridge program at Ben Davis University. I plan to do it even when i'm not going to the school anymore. I do more than just assist in P.E. During the program I also assist my counselor, Ms.Jones, in various task such as: Giving speeches, Running Files, Giving Tours, and Lunch Duty.