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Jun 2006Aug 2007

Master of Science



DR. MARTHA MEAD ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, San Antonio, TexasAdvisor: Ilsa GarciaVolunteer Tutor (Spring 2009) • Devised a 12-week tutoring plan to develop English Language Learning students’ literacy development. • Selected leveled predictable children’s book to develop English language skills as well as content knowledge in science indicated in Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for second graders. • Implement preproduction and early production literacy activities to develop comprehension strategies (i.e., making connections, asking questions, visualizing, and inferring).

SAN ANTONIO CHINESE CULTURE INSTITUTE, San AntonioAdvisor: Angela Fang, PrincipalVolunteer Chinese Teacher (2007-2009)• Developed curriculum and taught Traditional Mandarin Chinese, Level 4, a course designed to enhance students’ understanding of Chinese culture and language. • Devised a 12-week unit plan that focused on integrating four primary language skills through Chinese word recognition, radical learning, storytelling, and poems/tongue twisters. • Utilized inquiry methods and scaffolding principles to develop teaching materials on basic oral Chinese and literacy skills through reading picture books, such as Little Bear by Diane Namn (2004), Ruby’s Wish by Shirin Yim Bridges (2002), and My Mei-Mei by Ed Young (2006). • Cultivated a learning environment by instituting emergent Chinese literacy activities including literature circles, readers’ response, and think-aloud. • Provided guidance and support to students in writing their own storybooks using principles of the Language Experience Approach (LEA).

ALAMO CHINESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL, San Antonio, Texas Advisor: Pinshan Zhou, Principal Volunteer Substitute Instructor (Fall 2007)• Utilized skills as an instructor of both types of Mandarin Chinese writing, Simplified and Traditional, to teach an introductory course on language and culture using the Simplified writing system. • Encouraged understanding and awareness of patterns and radicals among Chinese characters using the inquiry method. • Increased class participation levels significantly by designing work activities centered on pairing students together to learn Chinese and improve their literacy skills.

SOLIS-COHEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaAdvisor: Tia G. Reinvald, ESL Coordinator at North East Family YMCAEnglish Tutor (2006-2007)• Customized educational programs designed to help new immigrants learn daily conversational skills. • Educated Chinese immigrants on basic literacy skills and basic English necessary to thrive in the States.



Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, presented by the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Teaching and Learning Center (TLC), San Antonio, TX. [News]


Ph.D. Fellowship, awarded by Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies, College of Education and Human Development, UT- San Antonio.


Ph.D. Fellowship, awarded by Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies, College of Education and Human Development, UT-San Antonio.

Professional Development

CENTER FOR APPLIED LINGUISTICS (CAL), Washington, D.C.Advisor: Professor Chengbin Yin Research Assistant (Jul – Aug 2008) • Assisted on a research project: K-5 Chinese FLES Program, a project in collaboration with K-12 National Foreign Language Resource Center at Iowa State University. • Developed twelve-week lesson plans for Chinese Curriculum Unit 1.A (Grade 1): Who Are Our Friends? • Designed a culturally responsive curriculum as well as cross-cultural learning activities.

Advisor: Professor Lynn Thompson Research Assistant (Jul – Aug 2008) • Served as an assistant on the project: Student Oral Proficiency Assessment (SOPA) Online Training Courses. • Investigated methods to design SOPA rubrics for the Chinese language. • Evaluated linguistic patterns to gauge students’ oral Chinese performance.

Publications & Presentations


Shih, P. Y. (2009). Review of Charmian Kenner, Becoming biliterate: Young children learning different writing systems. Bilingual Research Journal 32(1): 108-110.

C. Lynch-Brown & C. M. Tomlinson (2009). Essentials of Children’s Literature (5th ed.) (Lin, Wen-Yun & Shih, Pei-Yu, Trans.) , Psychological Publishing Co.: Taipei, Taiwan. (Original work published 2005)


Shih, P. Y. & Honor, P. (2009). Student centered learning: Stimulating communication in the Chinese language classroom, San Antonio's Second Chinese Language Teachers Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Shih, P. Y. (2008). Writing as a Social Process in a Chinese Classroom: Creating Own Storybooks, San Antonio’s First Chinese Language Teachers Conference, San Antonio, Texas.

Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Teaching Assistant

The University of Texas at San Antonio (Teaching)

•    Instructed students in two undergraduate sections of a teacher preparation course, Second Language Teaching and Learning (EC-4).•    Led pilot section with expanded field experience hours to work on English language learning students.•    Co-devised a 10-week tutoring case study that pre-service teachers apply learned Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) model to optimize English Language Learning (ELL) students’ English language proficiency.•    Organized multiple field experience debriefings where pre-service teachers share their successful lesson plans.

Sep 2007Aug 2008

Research Assistant

The University of Texas at San Antonio (Research)

•    Conducted research comparing language policy issues between the USA and Sweden, and implemented a research article database on Language Policy, Sociolinguistics, Educational Linguistics, Ethnography, and Nexus Analysis using EndNote software. (Advisor: Dr. Hult)

•    Coordinated a workshop for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) to educate members on career paths in teaching English as a second language. (Advisor: Dr. Hult)

•    Synthesized articles on sociolinguistic language awareness for teachers of the English language for the project, Sociolinguistic Awareness as a Strategy for Swedish English Teacher Training. (Advisor: Dr. Hult)•    Prepared graduate-level reading materials for the class, Listening and Speaking in a Second Language. (Advisor: Dr. Sayer)•    Synthesized issues including legitimacy, community of practice, teacher preparation, and language socialization for the project, Legitimate Peripheral Participants, Ideology, and Identity. (Advisor: Dr. Sayer)

•    Built and launched faculty websites for two professors, Dr. Sayer and Dr. Langman. (Advisor: Dr. Sayer)•    Edited a manuscript version of the electronic book Journey into Light for the Journal of Southeast Asian American Education and Advancement. (Advisor: Dr. Wright)•    Analyzed and coded transcribed interview data as a research assistant on the extended project, Multiple Language Policy and English Language Teaching. (Advisor: Dr. Hult)


Jun 2008Present

Certificate of Training

STARTALK Institute, Ames, Iowa
May 2006Present

Certificate of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Taipei, Taiwan