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My University



Summer courses in Canada, UK and Ireland since the age of 12

My Profile

• Leadership-oriented college student with strong work ethic.. 

• Creative problem-solver who excels at conflict resolution, as well as creating positive solutions.

• Exceptional interpersonal communicator who collaborates effectively with individuals at all levels.

• Disciplined and highly organized self-starter.

• Motivated, mature, discreet achiever who takes the initiative and attacks issues with originality.

• Computer-proficient performer with skills covering operating systems including Windows and Mac 

OS, as well as software applications: Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Word, and Outlook.


• Currently studying the first year of Business Administration and Law at King Carlos III University in Madrid,Spain.

• High School at Instituto Veritas, Madrid, Spain. Final grade 9 (of 10)

• Grade 8 (out of 10) on the examinations for the University access.

Work History

I started working for the first time early this year as host in the Iberia/British Airways booth at the Madrid Tourism International Trade Show. An exciting opportunity to test myself in the workplace that I enyojed very much.  

Objectives for internship

To start training myself in the corporate environment, getting used to the day to day life of an organization while beign able to help and bring my fresh approach to the company whenever appropriate.

It is my goal to work part time as summer intern each year in a different country during my University term for the next 4 years.

AVAILABILITY 2011: June 15th to August 31st


Ski. Semi proffesional level

Basketball. High School team member for 3 years. Regional league.

Tennis. amateur