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Experienced Bookkeeper with over 15 years devoted to managing positive cash flows, utilizing customer relationship management to maximize revenue collections, analyzing expenditures and financial metrics to prevent financial problems and forecast business trends, and strong vendor management skills to maximize deductions and increase/maintain payment terms.

Work experience

Jan 2009Present


Gautier Arms Condominium Association

Volunteered for position once informed that the Association was operating in a negative cash flow condition with delinquent bills. Created a spreadsheet budget to forecast monetary requirements based on extrapolated heating expenses, expected maintenance costs, and a buffer for unexpected building repairs. Increased the maintenance fee based on forecast, and approve any capital improvements.

  • Maintenance dues are now collected and deposited to the bank on time.
  • Increase in maintenance led to a positive cash balance of $3900, after payment for two approved building repairs, and only two months at the new maintenance rate.
  • All bills are paid on time and a positive cash balance is forecast through the winter heating season.

In addition to full-time efforts to secure a new job, time is spent balancing volunteer treasurer duties with continuing to develop Excel and accounting knowledge. However, treasurer duties are minimal and are completed over the weekends. One week of time was spent creating the website.

Mar 2009Apr 2009


Natura Water, Inc.

Hired under a short term contract, to organize records being transferred from California to New York, and to manage the day to day bookkeeping to allow the Controller enough time to manage the cash flow analysis for the company. Primary importance was insuring that all customer automatic payment records were set up in order to collect rental revenue.

  • Customer account analysis led to collection of $3000 in uncollected purchase fees.
  • Proofing of customer accounts recovered over $1000 in monthly rental payments that will continue to increase the company’s monthly revenue.
  • All payable records were organized in one file location, and over 500 nationwide customer records were updated in the online merchant account for continuing payment recovery.

The contract ended in April, and since the objectives were accomplished, the contract was not renewed.

Apr 2008Jan 2009

Accounts Payable Manager

Snippies, LLC

Hired to enhance the accounting department by enabling a continuity of workflow when the Finance Manager was out sick or on vacation, to introduce more financial analysis into the company, and to scrutinize all expenses to save money.

  • Analysis during credit card reconciliations led to spending revisions that saved the company from $200-$300 per month.
  • Computer knowledge and project management skills enabled the ability to coordinate the scheduling of an office computer upgrade, and savings of approximately $400 for unnecessary outsourced technical assistance.
  • Implemented vendor document compliance and reporting system. Over 300 vendors processed with a 60% compliance rate achieved within one month of implementation.
  • Researched and implemented a monthly and quarterly reporting of financial ratios and other metrics in Excel, to enable upper management to make informed financial decisions.

The financial metric analysis led to the conclusion that the company’s expenses had exceeded a manageable amount once the economy lowered the company’s revenue intake. The CEO’s decision to downsize half of the company included the Accounts Payable Manager position.

Dec 2007Mar 2008

Assistant to Finance and Administration Director

Susan G. Komen Greater New York

Susan G. Komen contracted for a Quickbooks professional to manage day to day A/R and A/P transactions, in addition to a large number of correcting journal entries, with no training and a short workflow acclimation period. Another objective was to organize the A/P and A/R records and the daily workflow in such a way that those duties could be passed on to the Executive Assistant with a minimum of training.

  • Organized all the payable records, and updated the receivable Excel database of donations, in the 3 months contracted.
  • Handled all the day to day bookkeeping operations of the company to enable the Finance Manager to attend to her projects.
  • Re-classed all incorrectly assigned accounts in Quickbooks, using general ledger journal entries.
  • Trained the Executive Assistant in three days to perform the day to day bookkeeping functions based on the instituted simplified setup.

The original contract period was for six weeks, but the Finance Director pushed for another six weeks because she was impressed with the work accomplished and she needed more time to finish the projects she was working on.

Nov 2005Nov 2007

Accountant Assistant

U.S. Food Products International Corp.

The company’s cruise line business was expanding rapidly and I was hired to manage all of the bookkeeping and customer relationship functions for the cruise lines they serviced.

  • Managed all billing, receivables, deposits, purchase requests, customer relationship management, and inventory tracking, for all cruise line customers.
  • Created Excel spreadsheets to perform bank reconciliations, and to track gross/net profit of each cruise ship handled by the company.
  • Suggested and implemented the FoodConnex inventory tracking software to enhance Quickbooks’ functions. This software was created specifically to handle food wholesalers’ needs.

When the President lost his cruise line bid for the 2008 season, he decided to downsize the position.

Jan 1998Nov 2005

Accountant Assistant

V.J. Meats, LLC

Accepted the President’s offer of full-time employment with Food Nation’s former subsidiary company. Hired to manage all bookkeeping functions, handle customer and vendor relations, provide the President with profit/loss and sales comparison reports, and cover the cash register on occasion.

  • Worked with the President to uncover an embezzlement scheme by his partner, one month after beginning work. Projected embezzlement amounts saved were an average of $30k per week.
  • Negotiations helped keep vendors in terms and from canceling the account once payments had to be stretched when a defaulted receivable account negatively affected the cash flow of the business.
  • Strong work ethic and dedication to the job as evidenced by an average of 1 absence a year due to sickness, and having to work flexible hours, many times from 3AM to 3PM.
  • Developed a High level of trust: Given check co-signing abilities with the Warehouse Manager.
The building was sold when the lease expired, and the company’s President decided to retire from the business instead of continuing in another location.
Nov 1992Dec 1997

Accounts Payable Manager, Inventory Manager

Food Nation

Originally hired as a Billing Clerk; accuracy, speed and multitasking ability increased responsibilities to sole bookkeeper of Food Nation’s subsidiary wholesale company, and within one year advanced to include the position of Accounts Payable Manager over two personnel. Six months after being called in to reorganize the payables department, advanced to include management of inventory concurrent with managing the Accounts Payable Department and the bookkeeping duties of the subsidiary company.

  • Recovered the services of the company's 3 most important vendors who had canceled the account due to delinquent payments.
  • While managing the Accounts Payable department, oversaw manual inventory counts with 2 warehouse personnel, and managed 6 people in the Billing department, and continued to manage all the bookkeeping functions of their subsidiary company.
  • Inventory discrepancies dropped from an average of over $200k per month, to less than $5k per month; well under the industry standard of 5% discrepancies.

When the subsidiary company was sold, the new owner asked if I would like to continue as his Full-Charge Bookkeeper on a full-time basis, and I accepted his offer.


Aug 2003Aug 2006



Sylvia Briggs

Jacqueline Sam

Robert Smith

Patricia Collins



Microsoft Outlook
I haven't used Outlook for very long, however, I am very comfortable with any graphical user interface program. I have used Outlook's calendar function, created multiple folders to store and organize old emails, stored contact information, and to have multiple email accounts from different servers all running under Outlook's inbox.
Microsoft Excel
    I have used Excel at the level of using formulae to calculate future and present values, for vlookups, to create pivot tables, for sorting and filtering multiple columns of data, to make what-if profit and loss scenario spreadsheets, and to create financial ratios and of course basic functions.     I listed my proficiency at the intermediate level because I have not had many chances to use my knowledge at every job I have had, and without practice, I tend to get a little rusty until I start using my skills again.
    I have used Quickbooks since 2005 to make AP and AR entries, reconcile bank and credit card statements, make journal entries, create financial statements, create 1099's, download payroll journal entries from ADP, merge accounts, record payments and deposits, among other things.