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Work experience

School Activity Set-up

Anderson New Technology High School

Anderson New Tech sometimes has school-wide events, be it dances or an after-school party once a semester. For the last 3 years Ethan has been working to help set up any of the events that he can, showing great initiative to get work done as well as collaborating with the other workers to not only get the event set up, but in record time.


Voice Actor -WHIRL-

Cottonwood Creek Charter School

Voiced the animation's main character.


Work Ethic

Shows great initiative in completing  whatever task he was given, while still maintaining a high level of quality. Takes care and pride in doing his work.



Able to work well with a variety of people in order to finish a job. this has been demonstrated in a variety of ways from helping to set up various school events to working in teams to complete a project.



Creative Writing

Shasta Community College

As a student taking courses at Shasta College, Creative Writing helps to better literacy, critical thinking, critical analysis, and allows for more "outside the box" thinking. 


Anderson New Technology High School

While studying at Anderson new Technology High School, he was educated in Project Based Learning. (PBL) Projects are done by working in teams of 3 through 7 people and gives the students the experience that will help them with the real world, ensuring that teamwork, critical analysis and thinking are the top priority.