Ryan Davis

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2004 - Present

GED tutor

southern new mexico correctional facility

while I was an inmate in prison I worked as an asistent   tuter  in lev.4. The lev.4 housed violent hardcore gangsters and inmates who were to high risk for reguler population. I excelled as a tuter since i have no gang afilitaion and could work with anyone who wanted to learn, get there ged. it was a challange being the only white jewish inmate, but I have such good people skills that i not only survived but thrived and got many diffrent people to work as a team to further there education.  The teacher came twice a week , but i stayed 24/7 and in a hi-stress enviroment i was known for keeping cool under pressure and enjoyed working with the people.

Aug 2009 - Present


Holocoust and intolerence musam of new mexico

Help run musam answer questions from vistors, set up displays.

Feb 1998 - Jan 2000

Fireteam leader

United States Marine Corps

I was A Marine In amphibious assault btn.My primary MOS was 2141,  an AAV repairman i was a crewman on the AAVR7 responisble for recovy, and repairs of AAV. I was Also a fire team leader on a security plt. in charge of the heavy weapons pltoon a Marine machinegun, squad. Responseable for provideing security for the Btn. and training the squad for MOUT ( millitery operations in urban terrain).

Aug 1997 - Feb 1998

assistent training officer

U.S Army

I was a clerk with the armys, provost marsall office. I was responseable for fileing paperwork, supervising the  Us Army MP and korean cilvialins in regersting  POV s and asstted the traing Sgt., SSGT. Casellas in training the Korean KATUSA's in weapons qual.,shooting techniques-drills, SWAT, and  MOUT.

Feb 1994 - Mar 1997


Burgers and more

I worked part time as a teen at burgers-n-more on 4th and greigoes, i started at the drive-tru but withen a year i was astent maneger, it was a small store and not many workers, but I was put in charge of sevral older people with several more years working then me. it was not fancy and it was very poorly run, and i made many improvments, to make it run smooth and fast, hence my postion. I enjoyed the challanges it had, and its short comeings, I looked to them as a challenge to find the soulution to make it work better. And i was tasked to handle the customers complaints, and am a good listener and sooth even the angerst customer.


Aug 2006 - May 2007

Eastern NMU