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Sep 2010Apr 2012


Lethbridge College


My overall goal is to be hired on with a police agency sometime after 2012.  My main thoughts are to apply for the Calgary police department, but since I have recently visited a career day program, I am a lot more open to the idea of moving to a different agency. 


Raymond Leek

I worked with Ray over the 2010 summer building decks and fences.  He is also a friend when outside of the work place.

Percy Nordin

Percy was my manager at the warehouse I worked at in Lethbridge over my school year.

Jordan Hislop

Jordan was a previous employer I had at Lids over the 2007/2008 year.



Throughout my life, in whatever career I do, I have always been good at communicating with people to reach a goal.  The place I benefited the most from having good communication skills was when I built decks and fences.  If you did not like the person you are working for you can not just loose your patience with them.  You need to learn to work with the person because you are going to be seeing them for an extended period of time.  My ability to communicate with a person is going to make me a valuable accent to any business I work for.
Driving class 5
If it has wheels and fits into the class 5 criteria I can drive it very well.  I have driven 5 ton box trucks to 3500 series trucks with trailers.  I have never been in an accident and I can back a vehicle into any spot the first time.  I can drive standard or automatic, but i prefer driving standard.
Mechanically inclined
I do not have a ticket in anything pertaining to mechanics or  the automotive industry, but I was taught to work on vehicles at a early age.  My father taught me many automotive skills like arc welding, using oxygen cetalene, along with any other piece of equipment you would find in a shop.  If it has to do with a vehicle, I can fix it.