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Work experience

Mar 2010Nov 2012

Maintenance of parks and gardens


Jobs forest gardener and maintenance.Our work was devoted to the maintenance of parks and gardens, performing tasks such as cleaning. planting, pruning, lawn maintenance, mowing, weeding, replanting, managing tools like brush cutter, hedge trimmer, lawn mower the pole vault. Also works as logging forest of pine, reforestation, afforestation using hand tools and also the use of chainsaws.

Feb 2004Dec 2009

Heritage furniture restoration

The boat

Furniture Restoration of heritage style, this company is dedicated and provides services through tenders and auctions in different palaces of Madrid, such as the Royal Palace, Palace of Aranjuez, El Escorial monastery cathedral churches even restorations.Our work was restoration and conservation of furniture with a historical character restoration applying different criteria to maintain the authenticity and originality of the piece. Applying different techniques in restoration as, consolidation, cleaning, integration and finishing, using techniques such as painting, french polising, integrating color, waxed, marquetry, gold, different patinas, repainted, reintegration of wood carving, woodworking and also requiring structural work in some cases.

Feb 2001Sep 2003

Heritage furniture restoration


Furniture Restoration artistic heritage bank BBVA, the function to perform was to restore furniture in our warehouse Estylo finishes giving french polishing, integration of pieces missing or broken, consolidation and restructuring of the work, integration of a new golden marquetry pieces that had lost its color etc.After finishing we also take care of the furniture piece or different branches to form part of the decoration and give a new aesthetic.

Mar 1997Oct 2000

Oriental furniture restoration


Oriental Furniture Restoration, import and export business of furniture and interior and exterior decoration.This furniture containers coming from countries like China, Indonesia, to reach Spain, presented a serious deterioration, transportation and environmental change, so most had cracks, breaks, missing parts, so we had to restore properly for subsequent sale to a new customer

Feb 1986Dec 1996

Carpenter joyner


Building custom furniture, furniture manufacturing and processing in the workshop workbench work, sanding, painting, doing different exambles.Working with industrial bandsaw machines, till thick, circular saw, edging thick, transport and montage at the customer.Installing baseboards, doors fitter, framers door, montage of kitchens, as well as different locks Repairs


Sep 2001Sep 2002

School of Restoration

Estudio de la historia del mueble en los diferentes periodos de la historia desde sus origenes como el egipcio, pasando por el barroco, romanico, neoclasico, renacentista, incluyendo diferentes periodos de la epoca.Dorado y policromia, tecnicas de acabados, diferentes patinas a la cera, oleo, envejecimiento, decape, estucados, marqueteria, dorado al agua y al aceite, diferentes tecnicas de barnizado, laca. french polishing.

Oct 1998Sep 2000

Technical specialist


Study of the theory and practice of making furniture as:Study of the cells of the wood, fiber, elastic, behavior, wood diseases, different types of wood.Practice in the manufacture of furniture, cut to size timber, studying different exambles dovetail half lap etc.Learning different hand tools like chisels, planer, industrial saws as well as machines, band saw, style, thick, circular saw, routerStudy of the different perspectives in the creation and design of furniture as pesrpectiva cavalier, conical. also the interpretation of drawings, and creating.

Technical specialist



Occupational trainer
  good communicator, teamwork, responsible, punctual, self-initiative, knowledge of meditation.


I started working in a carpentry workshop, many years, learning all the techniques and use of tools, both manual, and industrial.We did all kinds of work, take measures in the client's home, give specific budgets. Our work has been mainly elaboration and construction of furniture.Other jobs as small repairs, installation of baseboards and floating platforms, fixtures etc.After this experience as a carpenter joiner few years I worked independently. At this time I discovered the art of restoration of antique furniture and decided to devote myself and delve deeper into this subject. Study some school years of restoration, both developing and acquiring historical knowledge, and technical, and using techniques such as french polishing, color treatments, patinas, embossed wood carving, marquetry, water gilding integration of parts and different types of finish.


Advance and develop new knowledge about the restoration and conservation of furniture Estylo different, trying to apply natural techniques, and maintaining readability criteria giving a focused expressive load durability and resistance to the enjoyment of all.


English  (advanced medium)

Italian    (high advanced)